Spa day at Hill Valley Hotel

21st August 2014

Image from Wiki Commons

First of all, the picture isn’t of me, but more about that below.

Yesterday I visited Hill Valley Hotel, near Whitchurch, with my mum for a spa day.

We started the day with a tour of the spa, and although we’d been there last year it was good to get familiar with the layout again.

A locker was provided, filled with towels, robes and slippers. Unfortunately the changing room for the spa was tiny, and at one point there was around 10 women in there. Needless to say, it was a tight squeeze. We ended up using the normal changing room for the gym and swimming pool as there were more spacious.

We had an hour before lunch to spare so we had a swim and spent a little time in the sauna. The pool was so warm compared to our local swimming pool.

As part of the spa day package that we booked, afternoon tea was included, along with as much tea coffee and water as you liked throughout the day. This was all self-service in the spa lounge.

The spa lounge was also where afternoon tea was served. As it is specifically for spa visitors you can stay in your robes all day without having to mingle with the other hotel guests.

Afternoon tea consisted on a selection of finger sandwiches with a side salad, scones with cream and jam, cakes, and meringues filled with fresh cream.

After a leisurely lunch we returned to the spa and spent some time in the tranquillity room before our treatment. This is a dark room, lit only by candles, filled with beds and chairs for you to relax on.

We had both booked in for a deep tissue back massage. I had this treatment on my last visit to this spa and I enjoyed it so much that I chose it again. The therapist started with a “welcome touch” which involves rubbing your feet with hot towels. Then she proceeded with my massage using the most beautiful smelling oils. The treatment lasted around 30 minutes.

Following our treatments we spent a little more time in the tranquillity room before having our final swim of the day.

I didn’t take my phone with my to the spa, hence why I have to pictures. A spa day is all about relaxation and forgetting about the outside world, so leaving your phone at home is important. However, everyone else at the spa disagreed and sat around on their phones all of the time.

It was a little bit annoying lying in the tranquillity room, which is supposed to be dark, and everyone has their phones on lighting up the room. One woman even took her phone charger into the tranquility room and stayed plugged into the wall all day. Seriously, you can’t be that desperate to be on your phone all day.

Overall we ha a lovely relaxing day at the spa, which ended with my mum asking if we really had to leave. The whole day cost just £35 each, which is great value considering it’s normally £40 for the massage on its own.

Stock image from Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Ella

    That sounds like a lovely experience for a great price! I’ve always been weary to go to a spa. The afternoon tea would be enough incentive for me to go though. 😛 It was difficult enough to start seeing a massage therapist because I didn’t think I would enjoy the feeling of being touched.

    Ugh, I don’t want to start a rant about phones here, but people really need to unplug/put it away to enjoy the full experience when they are out. I’ve just began to accept it now though. I’m almost certain that people just ignore the no cell phone signs nowadays — if those signs still even exist.

    • Holly

      I don’t mind people touching me, which sounds a bit odd, haha! It’s probably because I’m always attending hospital and physiotherapy appointments, and being touched by doctors and nurses.