So this is it

27th May 2013

I’ve finally finished the new layout. I am please with the overall look of it and in particular the way it looks on my iPad but the responsiveness on the layout is pretty poor and I have no idea how it will be on your computer, so let me know if it’s bloody awful! One of these days I will actually sit down and code a layout that I am 100% happy with, but until I get some motivation to do that I’m afraid you are stuck with this.

I would love to sit down one day and read loads of coding tutorials and get back into web design but I now prefer the blogging side of things and I just need somewhere to blog. I have quite a few ideas on how I can my website look pretty but I have seriously lost interest in the coding side of things. I think I need to partner up with someone who can code. Maybe Tyrone when he starts his degree in IT and Multimedia Computing and learns to code!

I will try to work on the layout and improve it where I can so expect errors and stuff when you visit haha!!

My parents arrived back safely from their cruise around Greece, even though they were delayed 5 hours coming back. I was happy to have them back as the house has been lonely on my own. Tyrone came over to stay a couple of nights so I wasn’t on my own all the time. Plus, work kept me occupied and I regularly had my family on the phone, ringing up to check I was okay. I swear the fact that I lived in Liverpool on my own for 6 months never occurred to them. Ah we’ll, it’s nice to know that I have people who care about me.

On their travels around the Greek Islands, my parents stopped at Santorini. I’d love to go to Santorini because I’m a geographer and it’s a volcanic island. So, knowing that they would be visiting the island, I kindly asked my parents to bring me back some volcanic rock. They didn’t disappoint. I now have a beautiful piece of volcanic rock which I believe is gabbro and contains the mineral olivine (this is probably not the case, I’m useless at geology!). They also bought be back an ‘I love Greece’ pen and an adorable Christmas bauble with images of Greece on it. I know it’s nowhere near Christmas but I love this present. It kind of goes with the bauble Becky bought me for Christmas with Liverpool on it. I think this has started off a theme. I’m going to (attempt to) collect Christmas decorations from all over the world so that I can have a geography themed Christmas tree hehe. πŸ˜›

This weekend there is a music festival taking place in our town. I wasn’t really planning on going but then we got free tickets because my brother designed the posters for the festival. It lasts for three days and today is the final day, although I’m not going today because I have some time off from work and I want to have a bit of time to myself.

Last weekend I went to Chester Zoo with Tyrone. Here are some pictures I took.



Edit: I’ve just realised the ‘Reply’ buttons in the comments section isn’t working. I’m not sure why so I’ve installed a plugin for the time being. It’s not great but I’m working on it. πŸ™‚

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  1. Cat

    This new layout looks great! I like the simplicity and open feel it has πŸ™‚

    I’m glad your parents got home safely and that was nice of them to get you a volcanic rock! I liked looking at your zoo photos too. I still love going to zoos and aquariums. I guess I just like looking at animals, haha. The red panda is so cute!

    • Thank you. πŸ™‚ I’m so happy to hear positive comments about the layout.

      Volcanic rock is an odd present to get excited about but my first year of university has turned me in to a rock lover.

      I just like looking at animals too. I can’t help but wonder what they must be thinking, haha!

  2. shot

    Your new layout is great – I don’t see any problems with responsiveness on my computer! I like the colours and fonts!

    What type of music was at the festival? I’ve not been to one before, but I would love to one day. Nice photographs – I love going to Chester Zoo – the cheetahs are my favourite. The butterfly house is really weird, and I hate the bat house cause’ it stinks. You got some great closeups of the animals, though! 8)

    • Thank you. πŸ™‚ I’m happy to hear the layout is looking fine for everyone else too. I always worry that it will look fine on my computer but awful on everyone else’s!

      The festival was mainly rock music with a bit of pop. One of the three days was entirely dedicated to blues and jazz music.

      Chester Zoo is brillaint! I’ve not been in the butterfly house because I’m kind of scared of butterflies. I find them really creepy for some strange reason. I love the bat house even though it stinks. My favourite animals have got to be the orangutans.

  3. Bhairavi

    The layout looks great! I still can’t make a decent layout *sob sob! Your layout looks great on my PC… I loved those zoo pictures! I’ve not been in a zoo for such a LONG time. There aren’t any great zoos nearby because most of the zoo animals have been taken to sanctuaries! I’ve been to a couple of sanctuaries 3-4 years back but that’s all!

    Btw, I am loving the Alex cross series. They are really good!

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it. πŸ™‚

      The Alex Cross series if the best series of books I have ever read. The books are so addictive it’s unbelievable!

  4. Nice theme! The footer is a bit funny for me, it’s along every ‘bottom’ of the page.. as a I scroll. Not sure how to explain it,but I can see the blog and that’s the important thing!

    I’ve just done mine, too. It’s nowhere NEAR as nice as yours. It’s so simple and basic. In regards to your comment colors, are they alternate for every second comment? Or have you added an admin class for your email? Because I couldn’t figure out how to do it! I pinched someone elses comments.php (It was up for download.. I didn’t ACTUALLY steal it! Haha!). It appears it’s already implimented, I just have to do the css for it. BAH I hate css.

    People laughed when I took my boyfriend to the zoo! Are you guys on school holidays at the moment? I have exams (starting Friday, argh) then I get pretty much a 3 week holiday from it ALL! I’m so exicted to take a break.. Maybe I’ll ask my partner if we can visit the zoo, too! I don’t care how old I am.. I love animals!

    • Umm…it’s suppose to be a fixed footer haha! It’s part of the theme. Don’t worry, it isn’t broken or anything.

      The comments aren’t alternative colours but the replies to a comment are in a different colour. I could give you the tutorial I used to do it and I think it also explains how to make the comments show with alternative colour backgrounds. πŸ™‚ It’s here: It was very useful and it fixed the problem of the missing ‘reply’ button.

      I have finished uni for the summer (well, I technically finished in March :P) and my boyfriend has recently finished college. He starts uni in September. The zoo is great no matter how old you are!

      Good luck with the exams!