Sea and Sand

13th March 2013

I’ve been a little busy recently. At the end of February I went on a five day residential field trip to the Lake District with university. I was dreading it and I literally couldn’t think of anything worse. It was tiring, cold and doing fieldwork was just generally miserable. However, the few hours of free time we had in the evenings was great fun and I got to know a lot more people on my course. A trip like this should have been done at the start of the year so that everyone could get to know each other, but now at least I can look forward to the rest of the years at university.

Speaking of the rest of the years, I have been given the options for my optional modules next year. We have two core modules (both physical geography) and we have to choose 3 from the options given. I know that most people on my course will be choosing physical geography modules (we are doing a BSc after all) but I really do love human geography. Of course, I don’t want to totally give up on physical geography so I will choose one physical module (Volcanoes, earthquakes and society) and two human (Valuing the environment and Globalisation & Development).

On Saturday I went to Goodison Park for the first time in over 10 years. Goodison is the home of Everton football club and now I live in Liverpool it’s literally down the road from me. My parents and my brother Dean got the train into Liverpool in the morning. My mum wondered off to the shops and we found our way to the ground and to a pub. I decided not too drink too much considering I’d end up needing to pee for the whole match and getting out of those long rows of seats in the ground isn’t an easy task. I’d bought the tickets in advance from a ticket sales office in the city centre, so after a quick look around the club shop we went into the ground and found our seats. I’d made a good choice when choosing the location of the seats.

Unfortunately Everton lost. πŸ™ Although, to be fair, we played terribly and Wigan deservedly won. For me it didn’t put a downer on the day. I was just happy to finally back at Goodison after so long. We met up with my mum again after the match and went out for an early Mother’s day lunch.

In less than two weeks I shall be moving home for the summer. Hooray! No more sleepless nights in student accommodation. And hopefully, no more student accommodation ever! Tyrone and I are still on the look out for a flat next year. We hope to move in at the end of August. I’m moving home early because the majority of my lectures finish a week before the Easter holidays, and because on Good Friday I am flying out to Portugal.

Yes, it came as a shock to me too. I was speaking to my mum the other week on Skype and she was just like “We’re going to Portugal. Can you move home earlier?”. You should have seen my face. I will still be going to Portugal in the summer but this holiday will be a great break from all the work I have been doing at university. I have tonnes of coursework to get done before I go and two exams to do when I get back (I will be commuting in for these exams). The thought of going to Portugal has given me so much motivation to get work done early. I sat down for 6 hours in front of my laptop on Sunday and worked solid for the whole time on my essay on actors within society (not actors as in film stars, unfortunately :P).

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  1. Cat

    I’m glad there were some positives to the field trip at least! That’s too bad that your team lost, but it sounds like you still had a good time at Goodison πŸ™‚

    Ooh, two Portugal trips sound fun. It’s nice to get away for a bit, even if you’re busy. Have to make sure you don’t get too stressed out! Have fun!

  2. Bhairavi

    It’s good you got to make friends on your field trip… I had the same problem last year when I hardly had any friends in college but this year I happened to make a lot of friends! hehe

    I hope you have a lot of fun at Portugal!:D πŸ˜€