14th September 2013

My summer holiday is coming to an end as I start back at uni on Monday. My timetable for the year doesn’t look too bad. One of my optional modules looks quite difficult as it has a high chemistry content (and we all know how I feel about chemistry) but I’m sure I’ll cope. It’s just annoying because I didn’t want to do that module in the first place. The one that I did choose was cancelled due to a lack of students picking it.

In the weeks since I last blogged (I know, I’m sorry) my parents have been to visit me and I’ve been home to visit them. Going home was lovely but I really missed Liverpool. It made me realised that I made the right decision moving out of halls and into my own flat because I feel 100% happier now. I use to hate coming back to the city despite my love for it all because of the ignorant arseholes who lived in the same halls as me. Now it’s a pleasure to come back. πŸ™‚

I’m currently waiting for my student loan and grant to go in so for the time being I’m poor. However, that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying myself. I have been spending money on comics (just a little) because I’m loving the luxury of living so close to a comic shop. I’ve started a new series that I can follow on, rather than my usual habit of buying issues from an old, discontinued series. I’m reading Li’l Gotham. Don’t judge me! I know it’s more orientated for children but I love the classic Batman characters so much and if you don’t find it cute then you have no soul.

I’ve also bought one of the 3D DC villain comics (Harley Quinn, of course) that apparently everyone is having huge difficulties getting hold of. Apparently in America the shops are lucky if they have one or two copies of each issue, if any at all. Our local shop has been brilliant in terms of their stock levels. Tyrone has got one copy each of most of the issues that have come out.Β  I’ve been looking at how much they are selling for online and I just can’t get over the prices I’m seeing. I’ve made a good investment, not that I plan on selling.

On Friday Tyrone finished his induction activities at uni early so we decided to go to the cinema in the afternoon. We went to see Rush as Ty is a Formula 1 fan and since we have been dating he has turned me into a fan too. For those of you who don’t know, Rush is the true story of two rival F1 drivers; James Hunt and Niki Lauda. If I haven’t gained your interest yet then I’ll you know that Chris Hemsworth is in it and then say no more. πŸ˜›

It’s not very often that I watch a film and don’t look at the time on my phone for the whole movie. It’s also even less often that I leave a cinema with a smile on my face saying “Wow, that was incredible!”. I really don’t have the greatest amount of patience when it comes to watching films but I honestly wished that Rush wouldn’t end. It was amazing!

*Warning – spoiler alert!*

It’s very easy when telling a story of two rivals, like Hunt and Lauda, to be bias towards one or the other. If you have ever watched Senna you will know that you end up hating Alain Prost because he is very much portrayed as the villain. However, the balance between the characters in Rush is perfect. At the beginning you are supporting James Hunt, hoping he can break into F1, while being annoyed with the fact Niki Lauda just buys his way into Ferrari. The tables are soon turned when Lauda has his accident and you are in admiration of his bravery and determination to get back to racing. At the same time you are annoyed with Hunt who continues to race and uses Lauda’s accident as a chance to win the championship.

By the end of the film you have so much respect for each of the drivers that you can’t help but feel positive and uplifted, and that’s the exact reason why I left the cinema with a pretty big grin on my face.

*End of spoilers*

I recommend watching Rush regardless of whether you are an F1 fan or not. It’s a brilliant film and one that should not be missed. And while we are on the subjects of recommendations, Senna is one documentary/film that should be watched. If you love emotional roller coasters then nothing does it better than a true F1 story.

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  1. Jessica

    I want to see Rush so bad. I think mainly because I could listen to Chris Hemsworth talk all day long…isn’t that sad? But anyways, best of luck with school!

  2. Which shop are you going to? I bloody miss my student loan already =[ all my friends from the year below me are getting theirs now…they’re all so rich! Good luck with all the chemistry bits, chemistry is so hard ><

    I haven't heard of Rush, and I haven't heard of Chris Hemsworth…I feel so uncultured!

    • World’s Apart. Sometimes Forbidden Planet, although Forbidden Planet don’t stock as much as World’s Apart.

      You haven’t heard of Chris Hemsworth? Oh man, you are missing out big time. πŸ˜›

  3. Cat

    I agree that living away from the dorms feels a lot better! I always hated how thin the walls were and how noisy everyone was. Living in an apartment was way better.

    That’s cool that you’re starting on a new comic series. I used to collect ongoing manga series, and it was exciting to get the next volume each month. I need to find another series like that. The one I’m collecting now has already ended.

    I’ve heard of Rush but haven’t seen much about it. I’ll have to look into it!

    • I’m really disappointed about how little Rush has been advertised. It’s one of the highest rating films on IMDb at the moment yet nobody has seen it. :/

  4. Amy

    I hate it when you can’t do the modules you chose at uni. I’ve chosen two this year and they clash on my timetable, so I’m assuming when I start I’m going to have to choose something else. It’s so annoying! Hopefully you manage with the module alright and don’t hate it too much!!

    My Dad wants to see Rush, but I didn’t really know what it was until now. It sounds great, so he may have someone to go with him now haha.

    • The most annoying thing about the module change is that the module that I’m now having to do has less than 20 people in the class, which means technically they shouldn’t be running that module either. It’s so frustrating!

      Oh yeah, you should definitely give Rush a go. πŸ˜€