A review of January & February 2020

2nd March 2020

At the start of this year, I decided I wanted to bring back monthly reviews to my blog. But then January was a complete whirlwind of a month and I didn’t get a chance to write a review at the end of last month.

So here I am with a double whammy monthly review post for you! Here’s what I go up to in January and February…

I turned 26

Yes, I’m another year older. 25 was fine but 26 feels a little too old for my liking!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I’m not a big fan of my birthday. It’s too close to Christmas and it’s usually too cold to do anything exciting. I want a summer birthday so I can go to a theme park or something!

But I had a nice day regardless. I received lots of lovely presents and Tyrone and I went out for a meal at one of my favourite restaurants in Liverpool, Mowgli.

Looking back, my birthday feels so long ago. So much so I almost forgot to include it here! January is always such a long month!

We redecorated the living

I really want to make some serious progress with the home renovations this year, and I was determined to get the living room sorted out in January.

We actually painted the living room the weekend we got the keys to our house because it was a horrible green colour and we just couldn’t tolerate it. But we always knew that wasn’t going to be the end of the work because we wanted the ceiling re-plastered to remove the artex and we wanted the fireplace ripped out.

My dad ripped the fireplace out for us back in October 2018 and we put up with a massive hole in our living room wall for over a year. Don’t ask me how, we just did! But enough was enough and I arranged for the plasterer to come over in January to finally cover it up, as well as sort out the ceiling.

Once the plaster had dried we spent an entire weekend painting the ceiling and walls which was exhausting. We still need to do a bit of sanding because it’s not perfect (painting ceilings is hard!) and we need to repaint the skirting boards because they’ve got yellow since we last painted them, but we’re getting there.

I read 4 books

As I mentioned in my 2020 goals post, I’m trying to read more books this year, but I’m also banning myself from buying any new books.

Throughout January and February, I managed to finish four books, and I started a 5th, so I feel like I’m on track to hitting my goal of reading 20 books. Here’s what I read:

Lost Girls by Angela Marsden – My friend Cat recommended the Kim Stone series to me after I mentioned my love for fast-paced thrillers. I think this was the 3rd book in the Kim Stone series and it was just as amazing as the rest.

Harley Quinn: Mad Love by Paul Dini and Pat Cadigan – This book is the novel version of my favourite comic book story. Tyrone bought me this book for my birthday and ended up reading it so quickly. It was a nice easy read, especially as I knew most of the story already, but I did feel like the novel filled in a few gaps within the original comic book story.

Normal People by Sally Rooney – In January, I joined the local library, and I borrowed a copy of Normal People as I’d heard a lot about it. In all honesty, it’s not the type of book I would normally read, and I didn’t really enjoy it that much. I feel like nothing actually happen, and I didn’t like any of the characters. I mean, I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something new, but I think I’ll stick with thrillers and self-help books for now!

Alex Cross, Run by James Patterson – As I say, I love thrillers, and the series that got me into thrillers in the first place was the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. It had been a while since I last read a book from this series, but this book reminded me of why I enjoy reading them so much. Fast-paced and super easy to read despite the subject often being quite dark.

We went to Barcelona for the F1 pre-season testing (again!)

Last February we went to Barcelona to watch the Formula 1 pre-season testing and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to go again this year. We went for 4 days this time instead of 5, but next time I think we could probably do it in 3 days.

I just love being in Barcelona so much. It’s the most beautiful city, and getting to see some F1 cars while you’re there is a bonus!

We stayed at the exact same hotel as last time because we liked it so much, but this time we paid a little extra for an upgrade and ended up with a balcony room with a view of the Sagrada Familia. We really made the most out of that balcony, sitting on there each night with a glass of cheap Sangria, admiring the Sagrada lit up in the distance. It was amazing.

I probably won’t write a separate blog post about this trip because it would literally be a copy and paste of last years post! But if you fancy reading that post, you can find it here.

I worked…a lot!

Work has been crazy busy the last couple of months. As always, I’m not complaining; I’m so grateful to be in this situation. But it has been hard work and I do feel pretty exhausted.

As well as working on lots of exciting theme development projects, Cat and I launched a new pre-made theme over at Snug Designs. My plan was to take Fridays off client work in 2020 and have a day solely focused on Snug but to be honest, that’s not really got to plan. But I’m hoping that the changes I’m making to my business this year, I’ll be able to get those Fridays free of client work again.

I mentioned in my 2020 goals post that one change I want to make to my business is bringing on a team member. Well, we’ve set a date! And I’m so excited about it!

I’ve realised that I just don’t have the time or energy to do the things that I need to do to move this business forward and that for well over a year now I’ve been stuck in a cycle of client work and emails, unable to work “on” my business rather than just “in” my business. And bringing on another developer is massively going to help. I can’t wait to share more with you!

How was January and February for you?

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