My favourite podcasts to listen to (part 2)

16th February 2018

It’s been almost two years since I share a list of my favourite podcasts here on the blog, and during this time I have discovered a lot of new shows.

Right now it seems like every man and his dog has a podcast, and I completely get the obsession. I used to listen to podcasts at work to help me get through the day, whether it be something really inspiring, or something that made me laugh, or something that really gripped me and made my day just a little more exciting.

So today I thought I would share the podcasts I’ve been enjoying over the last year or so.


As soon as I discovered that the creators of Serial had made another podcast, I subscribed immediately. And fortunately, all seven episodes where released in one go.

S-Town is about a man called John B. McLemore who wrote to This American Life (the creators of Serial), asking them to investigate a murder in the town he lives in. But there’s a massive plot twist and, well, you’ll just have to listen to find out what happens!

This podcast wasn’t what I initially expected it to be, but I absolutely loved it. It’s very easy to binge-listen to.

-> Subscribe to S-Town here


Because I loved Serial and S-Town so much, I went on the pursuit of finding more crime related podcasts, and I ended up coming across Criminal.

Criminal is a true crime podcast, described as telling “stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, or gotten caught somewhere in the middle”, with each episode featuring a different story relating to crime in one way or another.

It’s unlike any other crime podcast I have ever listened to because each episode is so different and varied. Some episodes are quite light-hearted, while others are a bit darker, but I’ve enjoyed listening to every one they’ve released so far.

-> Subscribe to Criminal here

Hashtag Authentic

Hashtag Authentic is a podcast for creatives by Sara Tasker of the blog Me & Orla. This podcast has a mixture of interviews and solo episodes with Sara, but each one is filled with helpful advice and support for online creatives, as well as inspirational stories from those who are building a business online.

This podcast is especially great for anyone who is trying to up their Instagram game as Sara is known for being an Instagram guru, and shares so much insight into her career which she has built using the app.

-> Subscribe to Hashtag Authentic here

Made Online

Made Online is a podcast created by Hayley Hall (previously known as London Beauty Queen). In each episode, Hayley interview someone who has made their career online, whether they’re a blogger, a creative, or a business owner.

The guests discuss how they got started with their career, how it has evolved, the struggles that they’ve faced, as well as their achievements. Hayley manages to select a fantastic variety of guests for her show, each with unique journeys to where they are today. I just love how inspiring and positive this podcast is!

-> Subscribe to Made Online here

The Creative Leap

The Creative Leap is a podcast hosted by Cat Byrne; the designer behind Gatto branding and web design studio. In this podcast, Cat interviews creatives who have taken the leap and turned their passion into a career.

Much like Made Online, I find this podcast incredibly inspiring. I started listening to it during the last few months at my job, and I have to say it gave me a lot of reassurance when I was considering quitting my job as Cat and her guests really focus on the challenges associated with leaving your job and the resistance that you may feel.

-> Subscribe to The Creative Leap here

Get Back to Design

The Get Back To Design is a podcast hosted by Kory Woodard (a brand and web designer) and Krista Rae (a WordPress developer) that provides practical advice for web designers who run their own business. However, I personally think that this podcast is perfect for developers as well as designers; particularly if you are a developer wanting to collaborate with a designer.

The topics discussed in this podcast include what to cover in your contract, how to manage clients, what to do when a client doesn’t pay, getting testimonials, and how to collaborate with a developer. The information shared by Kory and Krista in this podcast is so valuable!

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The ParaPod

This is a silly one, but it’s honestly one of my favourite podcasts of all time! The ParaPod is a comedy podcast hosted by Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds. Basically, Barry is very gullible and believes in all things supernatural, while Ian is the voice of reason. Each episode usually revolves around a certain topic, with Barry providing evidence and trying to convince Ian that he’s right.

There are three series of the podcast. The first is about ghosts, the second is about mysteries, and the third is about conspiracies. Sadly, there are no plans to make another series of this podcast, but they are making a movie, which I am very intrigued about.

-> Subscribe to The ParaPod here

The Adam Buxton Podcast

I discovered the Adam Buxton Podcast on Spotify when I was looking for something new to listen to. Adam Buxton is a comedian and actor, and in each episode Adam chats with fellow celebrities about their careers and and up coming projects. Not only is this podcast funny, but it’s also incredibly interesting.

My favourite episodes are the ones with Louis Theroux. I’m a big fan of Louis and his documentaries, but it was only when I listened to him on this podcast that I realised how funny he is.

-> Subscribe to The Adam Buxton Podcast here

Which podcasts are you enjoying listening to at the moment? Leave me some recommendations!

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  1. The only podcast I really listen to is My Favorite Murder. And even then, I am very behind with it. I used to listen to it on my commutes and at the gym, but now I’ve found that I’ve gone back to music at the gym, and my commutes are now much shorter so I usually end up commute-meditating or reading a book. That said, it sounds like you are into crime as well, I’m not sure if My Favorite Murder would be your kind of thing or if you’ve even tried to listen to it. But I’m hooked on it – these two women discuss various murder mysteries or unsolved murders and they are humorous about keeping yourself from getting murdered. 😆 It’s not everyone’s cup of tea because of the style… but might be worth trying, lol.

    • Holly

      My Favourite Murder sounds right up my street! I’ve subscribed on iTunes and I can’t wait to give it a listen. Thanks for the recommendation. 😊