Little Victories July & August 2018 | empfire.info

And just like that, the summer of ’18 is (pretty much) over.

Although I’m sad that the weather has taken a turn for the worse and that autumn is rapidly approaching, I’m also grateful for such an incredible summer.

The weather was glorious, England did alright at the World Cup, I went to two incredible concerts, Tyrone sailed around the Baltic for two weeks, and we actually managed to have three barbecues. Yes, three!

After our first day at sea, the first port of call on our Baltic cruise was Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Now you might remember that I’ve been to Norway before with work (you can read more about that trip in this post) and although we flew out to Oslo we didn’t actually visit the city centre.

I was excited to visit Oslo even though a few of my old colleges who lived there said it wasn’t that interesting, and that I should visit somewhere like Bergen instead. Well, I guess I’ll just have to book a Fjord cruise next time. 😉

It’s time for a brand new Travel Diary series!

This new series is going to be all about the Baltic cruise I have just returned from. I’ll be writing blog posts for each port of call but I wanted to kick off this series with a post about the cruise ship we stayed on, our itinerary and a little bit about going on a cruise from the UK, which was a whole new experience for us.