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15th August 2013

Thank you to all of you who left comments on my previous post. I love to hear your ideas and hearing positive feedback on my article writing . I like to do something different now and then, whenever I get the inspiration.

We finally have a move in date! Saturday 17th of August Tyrone and I move in to our little flat in Liverpool. It’s all very exciting.

As it’s not student accommodation I’ve got to sort out bills and things like that. It also means that we will have to get the internet set up so I will probably be without internet for a while when we first move in. I won’t be able to blog for a while until I get it all sorted. I will have to go to the library or somewhere with wifi to get a connection (andย definitely not steal someone elses wifi). I just thought I’d let you know just in case you thought I’d disappeared.

My parents took Tyrone and I to Ikea last week and we managed to get tonnes of stuff for our flat. We got 2 desks, a bookcase, a TV stand, a coffee table, 2 duvet covers, a throw and some bits and bobs for our kitchen. How much? ยฃ100 for the lot. What an absolute bargain! I plan on taking pictures of everything when we’ve moved in and actually built all of the furniture.

In other news, One Direction have got a new song out. It’s called Baba O’Riley and it’s amazing. I can’t help think the boys have aged a little though…


Yes, of course, this isn’t One Direction at all. It’s The Who. If you are wondering what the hell I am going on about I shall explain. 1D’s new song has the exact same introduction as the iconic introduction for the song Baba O’Riley. In fact, The Who are now suing One Direction for stealing their intro without permission. Personally, I hope they take them for every penny they got. I hope they don’t get away with it.

Next time 1D, steal an introduction to a song that isn’t so bloody famous!

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  1. Cat

    That’s exciting that you move in soon and already got a bunch of furniture! I have a lot of Ikea furniture too. I like their designs and of course their prices, haha. I’ve had a few misses from them though, like our TV stand couldn’t hold up the weight of our new TV. Most have been good though. Good luck with moving in!

    I don’t remember if it was 1D, but I feel like they had another song that sounded a lot like another popular song =/

    • We made sure that the TV stand would take the weight by sitting on it in the shop. Me and my mum together weight more than the TV and it could take our weight so we bought it haha! We ended up getting a smaller TV in the end so it’s all good. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yep, that sounds like One Direction!

  2. Shot

    Good on The Who for suing them – their managers need to get off of their high horses anyway. ๐Ÿ˜› I love Ikea, is it the one in Warrington that you went to? I don’t care about the recommended age, the twisty egg chairs are brilliant. Also, their office chairs are like motorway vehicles! B)

    To be honest, as much as it seems ‘wrong’ to mooch WiFi, the people who pay for the connection should set a password. If you use unprotected WiFi I wouldn’t say it was stealing, it’s perfectly legal – although some say it’s not ethically right, so shouldn’t people just use passwords? I’ve not done it because everyone locks their WiFi by my house, but loads of people used to use my friend who lives over the road’s WiFi, so they got a password. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also, I did really like your article! I’ve only just noticed your reply since I don’t use my gravatar email! Apparently spots in different places on the face can be affected by different things. Apparently mine could be down to fatty foods, which I’ve been meaning to cut down on anyway so now I have the perfect excuse! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • We went to the one in Birmingham as from where I love in Shropshire that one is closer. Now I’m in Liverpool the Warrington one is closer. I may have to make a trip!

      Unfortunately everyone’s WiFi in this building is passworded anyway. ๐Ÿ™ I’m using my 3G at the moment. My poor phone! My poor phone bill!

  3. Amy

    I love Ikea! You can get everything there so cheap – most of the stuff in my room’s from there. Good luck moving into the flat – hope it all goes well for you!

    I hate it when bands rip-off other artists. It’s usually the ones that have never actually written their own music, who just sing along to whatever backing track they’ve been given. Really annoys me. It’s so stupid to sample a track without asking as well, especially when you’re a mainstream band. Fair enough, trying to get away with it when you’re somebody who isn’t famous, but One Direction, come on??!! How stupid!


    • Thank you. It was a pretty eventful experience and I will tell you all about it in my next blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I agree with you totally! I don’t think 1D have a lot of say in what songs they make because someone else does it for them.

  4. Liz

    SO that is a rumor. I’m not sure if you’re aware or not. Pete put it to rest @ http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/entertainment/music_nightlife/The-Whos-Pete-Townshend-slams-down-rumors-of-One-Direction-lawsuit.html

    Another thing is that it wouldn’t have been One Direction to blame but the people who manage them. Therefore, suing One Direction would be pointless and suing the people who manage them would be more likely…

    Congrats on the move in! I hope that it went well. c:

    • Personally I think Pete did the right thing by making that statement. When I originally read it when it was first posted I was really annoyed but then I realised he was being sensible. If he had said anything negative regarding 1D he would have received death threats and all sorts of horrible messages. By saying that he likes them he’s keeping the peace and protecting his reputation. He’s a smarter person that I am.

      In a way I feel sorry for 1D (I know, I can’t believe I am saying this) but it must be tough being managed in such a strict way. It seems like they don’t get much say in their careers. Perhaps without the management they wouldn’t be so successful but I guess that’s just the way it is. The music industry is a tough business. I don’t envy any musician today.

      Still, if people appreciate the classics they will listen to the originals.

      The move in went well thank you. I’m just waiting for my broadband to be set up so I can start blogging again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Yay! Glad you got a place – whereabouts are you now? I had to wait a month for my broadband, but I’ve got it now with EE and it’s actually really good!
    Love trips to Ikea! I need to go myself for a bookcase, but I haven’t got time.

    I didn’t mooch off anyone’s wifi so I was on 3G for ages, and now I’m completely out of data, it’s upsetting because it means I can’t browse in work!

    Hope everything goes well in your new flat!

    • I’m living just off Vaxhaull Road in a little block of flats. It’s near Dale Street so I’m close to my campus and the city centre. It’s expensive but still cheaper than halls.

      I’m using 3G too because everyone had passworded there WiFi. I’m surprised I haven’t used it all up yet. I get my broadband on Thursday. YAY!!!!