Travel Diary | Baltic Cruise | Oslo, Norway

28th August 2018

After our first day at sea, the first port of call on our Baltic cruise was Oslo, the capital of Norway.

Now you might remember that I’ve been to Norway before with work (you can read more about that trip in this post) and although we flew out to Oslo we didn’t actually visit the city centre.

I was excited to visit Oslo even though a few of my old colleges who lived there said it wasn’t that interesting, and that I should visit somewhere like Bergen instead. Well, I guess I’ll just have to book a Fjord cruise next time. 😉

We docked within walking distance of the city centre. The views from the boat were stunning, even on a cloudy day like the day we visited.

From the ship we could see Oslo City Hall which I think is one of the most recognisable buildings in Oslo…

We were also docked right beside a castle called Akershus Fortress…

We didn’t really have any plans for our day in Oslo. Tyrone and I just like to wonder and see where we end up. But one thing I did want to see was the big Freia sign/clock. You can find this on one of the main shopping streets in Oslo; Karl Johans Gate.

Freia is one of my favourite chocolate brands. At my last job, when ever our Norwegian colleagues came to visit they would bring us this chocolate. I ended up buying quite a few bars on this trip and it cost me a small fortune!

We continued to walk along Karl Johans Gate but we discovered that many of the shops didn’t open until 10am on weekdays (we were there on a Monday). You Norwegians have got that right!

The building in the photo below is called the Sorting Building which I believe is home to the parliament of Norway.

At the one end of Karl Johans Gate there is a big square in front on the train station, and in this square you will find a statue of a tiger.

Apparently this tiger was a gift to the city to celebrate its 1000th anniversary in 2000, and Olso has the nickname “The Tiger City”.

Close to this square is a huge shopping centre which contained about a 10 H&M stores. Well probably not quite 10 but seriously, I’ve never seen so many branches of H&M in one place! I was more interested in browsing the beautiful homeware stores. Tyrone and I both love Scandinavian style so we were in our element. I wanted everything!

We also popped into a few tourist shops on the hunt for Christmas decorations (I always try to collect decorations when I travel) and we actually managed to find a Christmas shop in the basement of one of these tourist shops.

The last place we visited in Oslo was Aker Brygge. This is an area close to the harbour with lots of beautiful restaurants. From here you can take boat trip around Oslo’s Fjords. If I ever get the chance to go back to Oslo then this is something I would definitely do.

All in all I really enjoyed Oslo. I felt like there wasn’t that much to see there, especially in comparison to the other cities we visited on our trip but I think it’s worth a visit.

The next stop on our cruise was Gothenburg in Sweden (and you can now read the post about that here).

And if you haven’t checked out the first post in this series all about the cruise ship we stayed on, you can read that here.

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  1. Your mention of the amount of chocolate you bought reminded me of my trip to Germany, to Ritter Sport. I went there twice and both times I bought a few kilos of chocolate (I’m not exaggerating). I would have loved to visit Akershus Fortress, it looks so impressive.

    Love your photos. The tiger statue looks nice. I love the look of the castle,

    • Holly

      Haha! That’s amazing! We’ve already worked our way through all of our chocolate sadly. At least it gives us an excuse to go back. 😉

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