One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

10th March 2016

One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

Last month I picked up the One Line A Day journal. Growing up I always started the new year with a new diary and all the motivation that comes with it.

“I am going to write in this every single day this year. Promise.”

Then it would get to February and I’d lose interest.

When I look back at these diaries and find that some days all I wrote was “Went to school. It was boring.” I feel annoyed with myself for not writing more so that I can remember exactly what happened that day. It might have been a boring day at school but I bet something interesting, even something small, happened.

I think the problem was that if I didn’t have a lot to write then I felt like I was failing, which is why I would eventually just give up.

One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

The One Line A Day journal eliminates this issue as you don’t have to write a lot.

Each page features one date and 5 section; 5 sections for 5 years. For each section there is a space to write the year and 5 lines, so technically it’s 5 Lines A Day. There isn’t a great deal of line spacing so you do need small handwriting.

The idea is that you right just one or two sentence each day for 5 years. It’s perfect for people like me who aren’t great with words, don’t have a lot of free time on their hands but want to keep a daily record of their lives.

One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

So, when the 4th of March 2017 rolls around I can look at my journal and know exactly what I was doing a year ago on that day (which was handing in the keys to my flat).

I also love the challenge it brings with it; not just writing in it every day but also learning to compress an entire day into just a few short sentences. I’m definetly one of those point who takes years to get to the point.

I really hope I can keep up with it until 2021, when I’m 27 (WHAT?!!!) so that I can continue to look back and remember the last 5 years of my life.

Do you keep a diary or journal? Have you tried out One Line A Day?

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try one of these, but I also know very well that I would never keep up with it. I do keep a journal, but my consistency isn’t perfect. I pretty much only write when I’m stressed out because I know that it will relieve my stress. And then they’re just rambling rants about whatever is irking me. But that’s what works for me, heh. And it is still very fascinating to look back on what was bothering me when I was 17 or whatever age I happen to turn back to. (I may not be consistent in a daily sense, but I have consistently had journals since a very young age, heh.)

    • Holly

      I have a separate journal that I use just for writing down all my worries, because I feel like once they are out of my mind and on a piece of paper it feel a little better.

  2. I love this idea, it’s similar to a picture a day, but different too. I would like to start one, but I might forget to write in it. πŸ™‚

    • Holly

      I make sure I keep it on my bedside table, next to my alarm clock, and this helps me to remember to write it!

  3. Amy

    I’d love to get one of these. I used to do diaries up until I was about 14 (and unsuccessful diaries during uni, I think I wrote in one like 4 times in 3 years). This sounds like it’s a lot easier though, and it would be nice to remember what I did. I’m sad that I can’t remember half of the stuff that happened in 6th form now. Statuses keep coming up on my ‘On this Day’ on Facebook, and I have no idea what half of them are about.

    Good luck completing it! I want one now!

  4. Shaw

    Sounds like a challenge! There might be days here and there left blank for whatever reason – too busy, forgot, not having the book around. Of course, when you look back after a while, I imagine it’s going to be so satisfying. That’s how it felt like to me when I blogged back in the school days.

    I never had a diary or journal, but I do have a very personal blog that only people who know me in real life know about; that’s where I rant about all sorts of stuff and talk about my life in too much detail. That’s probably not the same as a diary, but that’s as close as I got.

  5. My life is too uneventful to do something like this, which is why I do’t really talk about my everyday life on my blog. What am I going to say? “I woke up and web surfed all day. Also, I had a doughnut.” Yeah, doesn’t sound all that exciting.

    • Holly

      Sometimes it’s hard to think of exciting things that happen in a normal, average day, but sometimes you just have to be creative. See for me the doughnut would be the highlight of my dad because I love them! Sometimes I just write things like “It was still light when I got home from work.”. It’s the little things.

  6. Just like you I get all motivated to maintain a journal on the 1st on Jan and then in a couple of weeks the interest wanes. I like your idea of One Line A Day but I don’t think I will be quite punctual with it either!

    • Holly

      I keep it by my alarm clock so that when I go to bed and switch on my alarm I remember to write in it. πŸ˜‰

  7. Najwa

    I have the same issue…
    i eventually bought a small journal to write something every day..
    but until now, i haven’t write a thing!

    your memory book sounds like a good idea

    • Holly

      It can be really tough to get motivated. Fortunately it only takes me a minute to write in my One Line A Day journal for the day, which I can always make time for just before I go to bed.

  8. This is really cute and would definitely be awesome to look back on. I’m also a bit useless with diaries but I just bought a gratitude journal which has lines for 3 things which make you happy each day. It’s been really nice so far as I have been able to look back and remember what I’ve been doing on each day!

    • Holly

      I started my own gratitude journal a few years ago when I was really depressed but I found it hard to be positive and would only end up writing down one thing! I’m trying to be positive in my One Line A Day journal but sometimes I do write about the negative aspects of life.

  9. That’s a good side project to have πŸ™‚ I started using myself, and I’ve been using that quite diligently. I started off this year by keeping notes in a notebook, but I feel that it’s so much easier to do it on the computer. I type faster than I write, so it’s just better for me.

    Good luck with this! I hope you can keep it up until 2021 πŸ™‚

    • Holly

      I just took a look at that sight and it looks pretty interesting. When it comes to diaries I prefer them to be paper based, for some strange reason!