Oh Christmas Tree

1st December 2013

My last blog post was a little depressing. I was miserable and feeling like pants. So here is a picture of our first Christmas tree in our flat to lighten the mood. Our tree was kindly given to us for free so all we had to sort out were the decorations. There is a great discount shop in the city and this is where we bought baubles and the star tree topper. I think blue decorations fit the white tree nicely.

After yet another stressful week I am just about ready for going home from Christmas. I’m using my advent calendar (yeah, I’m a big kid) to count down the days until I go home, not just the days until Christmas.

It seems like I have recovered from the flu. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Tyrone. Combining that with his asthma has meant that he’s been pretty rough. Hopefully he is on the road to recovery now and we can enjoy our last few weeks in Liverpool for 2013 without any hiccups.

When I look back at the misfortunes we’ve had in recent months it has very rarely been our fault. We’ve been victims of poor customer service time and time again. Just this week I’ve had to deal with Vodafone and British Gas, both of which failed to understand my problem and kept giving me stupid answers.

It’s made me realise that there is a lot of ignorant people in this world. I see myself as being a fair person who wouldn’t attempt to make anyone else’s life miserable. Sure, we all have bad times but there is no need to take it out on other, and I’m not just talking about people who work in customer service. There are good people in this world. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough, and I seem to run in to all of those who are out there to watch the world burn.

What can I do about it? Nothing. I can carry on in life being a good, considerate person and hope that the world will change. It won’t, and I very much believe this to be a consequence of the changing generations. I’m just going to have to assume that when people are horrible that it isn’t their fault either, like it isn’t my fault how people who work in customer service keep messing me about.

Even I am shocked by this positive attitude that has overcome me!

The next few weeks are going to be better. I am determined not to let anything get me down. I only have one essay to write and that is already 3/4 done. I have got to do a piece of group work but I am planning on taking a back seat with it. I need to realise that when I do group work there are other people there to do the work. I’ve done more than my fair share already and it’s about time someone pulled their finger out. Once that is all sorted I am going to put my feet up and relax. It is nearly Christmas after all!

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  1. Anna

    Aw, sorry that you have been feeling down. But like you said, it’s almost the holidays and then you can finally take it easy. 🙂 I have been very stressed myself and honestly going back to school tomorrow after the holiday is the last thing I want to do.

    Your Christmas tree is adorable! I love the white!

    Ugh, ignorance is the worst. However, I guess you just need to accept it for what it is. Glad you can see it in a positive light! Good luck with everything, glad you’re feeling better and happy holidays! Hang in there!

    • Being positive about things is harder than I thought it would be. Fortunately I have a lot of supportive people around me to remind me not to worry.

      Thank you. 🙂 I’m glad you like the tree. We have a real Christmas tree at home so it makes a nice change to have a white one.

  2. Good luck with that essay! 🙂 I am sorry to hear you’ve been feeling like trash lately. But it is really good to stay positive! I have been the same lately. Sometimes you just can’t do anything about people who are silly or just uncooperative. I think that is one of the reasons I don’t work in customer service, I don’t think I could stand it. You have a good tolerance. 🙂 But yeah – some people just don’t get along.

    It has been a while since our family has put up a Christmas tree. I guess we’ve just been too busy, which is sad. But we do spend time together on Christmas day. This year I will be overseas with my boyfriend, so it’s the first time spending Christmas away from family.

    I want an advent calendar. XD

    • Thank you! I managed to get the essay finished before the weekend. I ended up re-writing most of it because I realised I had not address the question very well. I was so happy when I submitted it, just so I could forget about it for a while.

      I hope you have a great Christmas. I’ve always spent Christmas at home but I suppose it must be fun to spend it in another part of the world. 🙂