North West Blogger Meet Up (Liverpool)

3rd March 2015

The Button Boutique Liverpool

Last weekend I attended the North West Blogger Meet Up in Liverpool, organised by Katie from Curvaceous Beauty and hosted at The Button Boutique.

I was excited to go along to meet new bloggers as well as bloggers who I’ve been chatting to for quite some time, like Anca. I have to say, it’s a very special feeling when you meet someone in real life after reading their blog for so long, and it feels like you know so much about them already.

The Button Boutique Liverpool

I met some of the bloggers (Kayleigh, Sam, Emma and Divya) before the event at the train station to show them where we needed to go. I secretly want to be a tour guide for this city. πŸ˜‰

First up we had a talk from Georgina from She Might Be Loved about running a successful blog, which was incredibly inspiring and I felt like I learnt a lot.

Following on from Georgina, we had some talks from a few brands (Stella and Dot and Tropic) about their company and products.

Tropic skin care and makeup

Stella and Dot jewellery

There was also a raffle and prizes for those who made the most hype about the event. We all went away at the end with these well-stocked goodie bags. It was such good fun having a nosey through when I got home.

NWBloggermeet goodie bag

NWBloggermeet goodie bag

NWBloggermeet goodie bag

The Blogger Programme tote bag

Food and drink items end up being consumed before I had chance to take photos because I’m a greedy woman.

I have such a lovely day meeting lots of new bloggers, who are also nice. The good news is that Katie is planning another meet up in the summer and because I enjoyed myself so much at this one I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Cat

    That looks like a really fun event! What a great way to meet up with several bloggers and learn from each other. It looks really organized too. I’ve never been to a blogger event! (I’m not even sure if there are any around here.)

    I love the look of all the cups there; so pretty πŸ™‚ Wow, that’s an awesome goodies bag too. It has so much stuff! I like that it has something from multiple places. I especially like the butterfly necklace and Lego broach. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    • Holly

      Yeah, Katie did a great job at organising the whole thing. I’d love to do something like this myself but I imagine it being so stressful!

      It was really kind of people to donate to the goodie bags. Someone at the event was saying that she thought it was the best goodie bag she had ever received from a blogging event, and she had attended loads.

  2. It sounds like such a wonderful event, so pleased you had a great time! xxx

  3. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to attend a blogger meet-up, but until then I’m settle looking at everyone else’s photos!

    • Holly

      I remember going to my first event and being terrified, but everyone is so lovely. You never end up being on your own because people just want to chat.

  4. Elena

    I also met a friend that I made thorugh my Norwegian Book Blog, and it was so strange meeting someone you had gotten to know but never met. We actually had the same math class last semester, which was a fun suprise.

    The meet up seems lovely. I like your pictures a lot. The goodie bags looks awesome, you got so much stuff. I absolutely love the lego figure!

    • Holly

      I keep finding bloggers who go to my uni and it’s so strange! I think a lot of people tend to keep their blogs quite quiet so it can be a surprise when you find out they blog!

  5. It was so lovely to meet you and thank you for your kind words! :)xx