10 things I love about my new home

17th May 2016

10 things I love about my new home

It’s been a good few months since I moved into my house, and I think we’ve settled pretty quickly. We are finally putting art work on the walls, working on the garden, and just making it as homely as possible.

Today I thought I would talk about a few of my favourite things about my new home. Some are obvious; the type of things you expect someone who has lived in a flat for many years to say. And so are, well, a bit obscure, but I’ll try and explain my madness!

1. The garden

After being trapped inside for two summers I was fed up. If it was a warm, sunny day we would have to venture into town or to a park, and when my health was bad this wasn’t always possible. I missed having a garden so much.

I would have been happy with any sort of outdoor space but fortunately the garden that came with the house is quite spacious. I’ve already spent a few weekends out of my deck chair, reading a book and drinking beer, and it’s been truly wonderful. It’s definitely my favourite part of our home.

2. The driveway

When we lived in the flat our building had a car park, but it cost nearly Β£100 a month just to park your car there. City centre life, eh?

Now we have a driveway that is big enough to fit two cars on which is huge incentive for Tyrone and I to get driving. As you know, I’ve started learning to drive so I should be able to pass my test before the end of year and buy myself a car.

And having a car means FREEDOM!

3. The light

I love natural light. Ever since I lived in a dingy student flat in my first year of university that looked out on to a brick wall and had no natural life, I’ve been become quite the fan of it.

Not only does it make it easier to take blog photos (what a cliche I am) but it’s also easier to pluck my eyebrows and apply makeup!

But really, natural light is just beautiful. It’s so calming.

4. The bath

This might seem a little weird but I do love a good bath.

The bath in the flat was huge, which seemed wonderful at first, but I soon discovered that big baths are expensive to fill, difficult to clean, and hard to sit up and read in. We now have a P shaped bath which is smaller but a lot more practical.

5. The washing line

It’s worrying to think that I got excited about a washing line but hey, that’s what happens when you live in a flat for 3 years.

It’s wonderful to be able to hang our clothes outside to dry. Now we can dry our clothes in a day, not a week, our clothes smell fresher and our towels aren’t so hard that it’s like drying yourself on a cheese grater.

10 things I love about my new home

6. The neighbours

The main reason we moved from our flat into a house was because we had problematic neighbours. Moving into a semi-detached house meant that we would only have one attached neighbour, yet we were still worried about them being noisy.

Fortunately, our neighbours are lovely. They have two young children so they appreciate the quiet too, which works out perfectly for us. They’ve also been really helpful since we’ve moved in, for instance checking that we knew where the water was, checking we were paying the correct council tax, even putting our bins out for us when we’ve been away.

Having nice neighbours makes all the difference.

7. The electricity

Yep, a weird one, I know, but bare with me!

Our old flat had really dodgy electricity. A lot of the electrical systems were old, even though the flat was only built in 2008. The hot water switch would spark every time you turned it on, as would the toaster. Bulbs would blow constantly. And perhaps most notably, turning the oven on would turn the TV on.

It was a death trap really, and our letting agency didn’t care.

So yes, it’s nice to not get electrocuted every time I want a piece of toast.

8. The space

I don’t think I realised how little space we had in the flat until we moved into the house.

Our house isn’t even that big but I feels so spacious compared to the flat. It’s nice to have a separate dinning room and living room, and an extra bedroom. It means I finally have a wide space for me to practice yoga instead of doing it wedged in between my bed and the wall.

9. The location

I was apprehensive about moving across the water to the Wirral, and I think a part of me wishes I still lived on the same side of the river as Liverpool, but right now I’m making the most of the location of our house.

I love being close to the beach and to the countryside. I love that the house is close to a train station, but not too close that we can hear it. I love having a whole new area to explore.

10. The view.

The view speaks for itself really…

10 things I love about my new home

I can see all of the city’s famous landmarks and every the home of my beloved Everton, and to me, it’s the most beautiful view in the world.

What are your favourite things about your home?

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  1. I’m going to miss my house so much now we are moving into a flat, luckily though we will have a nice balcony over looking the canal basin so I will have a nice view! I’m glad you’re so much happier in the house, your flat sounded like a nightmare! x x x

    • Holly

      I wish we had rented a flat with a balcony. It would have made such a difference. It sounds like you will have a lovely view too.

      I hope you love your new flat. I’m sure it will take a while to get use to being in a flat after being in a house but I’m also confident you’ll have better neighbours than I did!!

  2. Seeing the positivity in any new setting is one of the best things to do. Having a garden gives you lots of opportunities to grow healthy greens or scenes (with flowers). Natural light is great because the setting for photography is kicked up a notch. Glad to hear that your neighbors are much nicer than the previous ones! Hope you’ll find more positivity within your new place!

    • Holly

      Yes! I’ve planted some flowers and I really want to grow some vegetables too.

      Photography is a dream in this house. The windows are so deep that they kind of act like light boxes.

  3. So pleased to hear you’re loving the new house & you have nice neighbours. Didn’t know you supported Everton, we do too.

    • Holly

      Haha yes! My dad brought me up to support Everton and brought me to a lot of matches when I was younger. It’s how I came to fall in love with Liverpool. πŸ™‚

  4. Having a car means freedom…. that was the thing that first caught my eye!! i totally totally agree!

    I loved the list that you have made about your new house! Since I have moved houses recently too, I could relate, since I have been comparing my new house with the old one all the time!

    The most important thing is that the reason you changed houses in the first place is now resolved and plus your new house is making you more happy that the previous one. This is more that enough for you to love the new place, right?

    • Holly

      So true! I moved because I wanted be happier and fortunately it has worked out very well for us. πŸ™‚

  5. I’m so glad that your so settled and happy! I’m sadly in an in between stage and living with my parents. I’m dreaming like crazy about my first apartment though- soon!