A review of 2016 – my life

22nd December 2016

A review of 2016 - my life

I knew 2016 was going to be a strange year. It was my first full year of being a real adult. No education, no student loans, no 4 month long summer holidays.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I thought it was going to be a pretty mundane year. Oh how wrong I was.

The start of the year wasn’t exactly great. I was suffering terribly with anxiety, we had to move house, my mum had heart surgery and lots of people (I’m not just talking celebrities) passed on.

But you know what, things did start to pick up, and 2016 wasn’t the write-off I thought it was going to be.

Here are some of the highlights of 2016 for me:

Moving to a house

We chose to move from our flat in Liverpool city centre to a house on the Wirral because we were in a horrible situation that was making us both so unhappy. And although the incidences that led us to move were negative, I can say with confidence that, in the end, the move was a positive experience and that life has changed for the better since we moved.

Read about why we moved, and the things I love about my new home.

Meeting Georgie

I’ve been reading Georgie’s blog for over 5 years, so when I found out she was coming all the way from Australia to the UK, and was coming to Liverpool, I knew we had to meet up.

It was a pretty surreal experience, but so awesome and definetly one of the highlights of my year.

Read the post here.

Going to Lanzarote

For our summer holiday this year, Tyrone and I booked a last minute get away to the island of Lanzarote. I’d never been to the Canary Islands before so I was excited to visit somewhere new and to see some real life volcanic activity after studying natural hazards for so many years.

Apart from loosing two days of the holiday due to food poisoning, we did have a lovely break.

Read my two posts about my trip here and here.

Winning my legal case

After 4 long years of fighting to prove that I was the victim of medical negligence, in August I received an email from my solicitor informing me that the defendants had admitted liability for everything.

In that moment I felt so much relief and joy. I cannot even begin to describe how difficult the last 4 years have been while I have been pursuing this legal case. No amount of money will change what I have been through, but just finding out that someone else was to blame means absolutely everything to me.

I hope to see my legal case come to a complete close in early 2017.

Read my post about my win here.

Going to Norway

When the director of the company you work for invites you and your team mates to his holiday home in Norway, and pays for everything, it’s very difficult to say no.

So in August we flew out to Oslo to spend the weekend on the most gorgeous island in Oslo Fjord, and it was honestly what on of the best weekends of my life.

Read about my trip to Norway here.

Passing my driving test

In April I started learning to drive again after a 4 year break from lessons. My instructor thought I was a natural and after 5 months I took my test. And I passed first time!

Read about my learning to drive story here.

Buying my first car

On October 1st I bought my first car; a red Suzuki Splash called Jimmy. His number plate features the letters DR so I named him after the song Dr Jimmy.

Owning a car has completely changed my life. I feel like I have so much more freedom, and driving means that I’m not doing as much walking and therefore I’m not having as much hip pain. Win!

Read the post here.

Getting promoted

To my complete and utter surprise, in October I got promoted at work to a fully fledged web developer. No more being a junior!

Read about my promotion here.

What were the highlights of 2016 for you?

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  1. This post is full of amazeballs. Reading your blog I watched / read about all the exciting and life-changing things that happened to you *as it happened*, but when you sum it up it sounds like fireworks, like a collection of really huge achievements. I’m so overjoyed with this! I remember reading about you having to move and it was a really shit time, but then you found a place you loved, even though it was on the other side, decorated your home, and even get to work from home sometimes, which in turn is great to give your hip some rest, and you won that case (!!!!) and then you got a promotion at work…! All these things link together, even you getting a car, and then of course going to Norway, and it sounds like I’m listing everything in your post now. :p But it’s just wonderful how a relatively small series of events link together and have made your 2016 overall a very great one. 🙂

    And you met me too, so that’s cool 😉 😉 hahaha!

  2. I’ve had a pretty similar year this year to you. I’m on my placement year and it’s given me a taster of what it feels like to work full time and not have the luxurious long summer and Christmas holidays – only 28 days a year of real breaks (excluding 1 week off during Christmas) – how strange! 😛

    I really enjoyed reading through your highlights. I remember reading each blog post separately when you posted them! Looking at the list, it seems like you’ve achieved a lot this year and you should be proud of yourself! I know anxiety sucks and really overwhelms me sometimes but you have to sometimes cling on to the awesomeness that you are capable of doing despite the horrible feeling anxiety brings! So proud of you Holly! Your promotion and your job have actually inspired me this year to potentially look down a path that isn’t related to my degree. You’re an awesome example of someone doing great in that area 🙂

    I’ve been reading Georgie’s blog since I was like 8/9 years old – haha! It must’ve been awesome meeting her, she’s also a true inspiration 😛

  3. Cat

    Congrats on your achievements in 2016! You’ve done so much and had so many big changes in your life 🙂 It’s been fun keeping up with them on your blog. Though the start of the year wasn’t great, I’m glad the rest of it was. That’s awesome that you met Georgie and were able to take a couple trips! I hope 2017 will be a good year for you too!