My favourite planner from Muji

14th January 2016

Muji planner

At the beginning of a new year my inner organisation freak comes out and I start planning for the year ahead. Ever since starting university, a diary has been a must have item for me and I use them religiously to plan out my life. While I use a digital calendar at work, I just can’t bring myself to using one in my personal life and so it is paper and pen all the way for me.

As sad as this might sound, selecting a diary is a pretty important process for me, and this year I have fallen in love with the one I have chosen. So much so, I started using it at the beginning of December when the diary actually starts.

You may have heard of Muji in the blogging world because of their famous beauty storage solutions. I certainly had, being the organisation freak that I am, so when I discovered that Birmingham had a Muji store when I visited the city back in November, I had to pay a visit. And yes, it was organisation heaven!

While I resisted purchasing any storage items (only because it would have meant carrying it home on the train) I did end up purchasing this 2016 diary/planner (similar here). I’d been eyeing up a diary with a very similar page layout from Moleskine for sometime, so when I found this one in Muji for a fraction of the price I knew I had to have it.

Muji planner

This is what a weekly view looks like in the diary. One half of the spread is a weekly diary and the other half is blank square paper. The reason why I wanted a diary in this format is because I write and use to-do lists all of the time. However, in previous years I had used a separate notebook for to-do list, and obviously having two separate books for organisation was a bit of a pain. I wanted a way of combining my diary and my to-do list book into one, and this page layout allows me to this perfectly.

I also love the fact it has squared paper so I can easily draw tick-boxes for that extra satisfaction!

Muji planner

As well as the weekly view, there is also a monthly planner for each month of the year in the front of the diary. I really love being able to see my plans this way.

Are you a fellow organisation freak? Do you prefer a digital or a paper-based diary/planner?

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  1. Sean

    My fiancee has a paper based planner, I use Google Calendar at times, but I can’t get used to going into it, I need to find something I can set alerts to.

  2. Amy

    I love organisers. I have a Paperchase one that I get refills for every year and I love it. I have note pages in the back of the diary but the individual days are large enough to write almost in anyway.

    Yours is so lovely! I love the idea of having the note pages next to the week – that’s so useful!

  3. I become an organising freak too in the month of January. I cannot maintain a planner so I stick to a notebook to help me keep a track of the work to be done!

  4. Shaw

    That’s a nice planner. I like it simple and neat, because I tend to complicate things. It may sound weird, but planning and adding stuff into the calendar makes me feel good – it allows me to look forward to the good things and seem more productive than I am. But when it comes to things I really don’t care about, my friends know I’m the messiest person around. I use my phone for all the organising I do because it’s almost always with me.