My Christmas Traditions

8th December 2015

My Christmas Traditions

Mine and my family’s Christmas traditions.

I love Christmas, I really do, and I feel like in recent years I have come to appreciate how the festive season brings family and friends together in the depressing winter months. Going home for Christmas is such a special time for me, and as I’m not going home until December 23rd this year I think that this Christmas is going to be extra memorable.

Today I thought I would talk about some of mine and my family’s Christmas traditions, including what we get up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

My Christmas Traditions

Decorating the tree

A few years ago I started collecting Christmas decorations from around the world. It all started with a bauble that my friend Becky bought me one Christmas that has a beautiful illustration of a snow covered Liverpool on it. Since then, I’ve made it my mission in life to collect Christmas decorations from all the countries I visit. It’s slow progress, as they can be difficult to come by, but this year I picked up some from America and Italy.

Since living with Tyrone we have made it our tradition to put our tree up on December 1st because November is always such a rubbish month for us, and the bright lights of Christmas raise our spirits. Back home my parents put the tree up later in December because they have a real one. I’m gutted that I won’t be at home to put the tree up with them this year. Sometimes being an adult sucks!

My Christmas Traditions

Christmas Eve – Church and pub

In some ways I love Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. I get to see more of my family on Christmas Eve as myself, my mum and my nan go to church for the Christingle service, and usually meet up with my aunty and cousin there. As I’ve probably mentioned a million times before, I was christened but I now consider myself to be an atheist. However, I still go to church on Christmas Eve because I have been every year for as long as I can remember and it wouldn’t be Christmas without the Christingle service.

We always return to my aunt’s house for a buffet, and once we are full, my mum and I join my dad in the pub.

We usually end up bumping into the rest of my family and some of my family friends at some point in the evening. The pubs back home in Shropshire are the best because they are classic country pubs with roaring fires that make you feel super cosy on a cold evening. Everyone gets pretty drunk, and then we take a slow stroll home before getting into bed.

My Christmas Traditions

Christmas Day – Food, food and more food!

On Christmas morning we wake up and open our presents pretty much immediately. My mum pops in and out of the kitchen to cook the Christmas dinner (turkey, of course), and usually serves pastries and Buck’s Fizz for breakfast. We start as we mean to go on!

Christmas is always a lazy day for us. We watch TV, drink, eat and sleep. Just your average Christmas Day really. This year it will just be myself, my parents and one of my brothers at home for Christmas as my other brother is spending it with his partner.

My nan usually comes over either in the morning or for dinner in the evening (which is normally a buffet of leftovers), and Tyrone pops over in the evening so that we can open our presents together.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

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  1. Your Christmas traditions are lovely. I think it’s great you are still going to Church with your relatives as it’s a lovely tradition and it’s more like a family event (I am an atheist too). Can I include your post into a roundup I’m making for next week?

  2. Ella

    Aside from going to church, tolerating my mom while she bakes and sings to Christmas carols, and putting up our Christmas tree with a new theme every year; I don’t really have any of my own Christmas traditions — yet. Perhaps when I get my own place and am no longer a student, I can see myself getting more into the holidays. For the past 3 years, I’ve worked on Christmas Eve and day because it’s my opportunity to make extra cash over the holidays after I’ve written my exams. I think it’s super cool that you’ve already started collecting ornaments! I’m attempting to program the lights on our Christmas tree this year to get it to dance to carols. If I’m successful, I’ll do the outside of the house next year haha.

    • Holly

      It’s really nice to be able to create your own traditions when you live on your own and by your own rules. 🙂

      What you are doing with the lights sounds so awesome!

  3. Tess

    I think it is such a cool idea to have a tradition that involves ornaments! I never used to understand the purpose of them but in the last few years, I came to realize the bigger meaning behind them. I love your Statue of Liberty one!! Too cute! Oh goodness and yes, big big big family meals! We always do deep fried turkey… delicious!

    • Holly

      My parents still use the same decorations that they had on their Christmas tree 30 odd years ago (obviously they’ve bought some new ones too) and I always thought that was such a lovely idea.

      Deep fried turkey? Sounds amazing!

  4. My papa used to make cookies from scratch and us grandkids would decorate them, but since he passed, we stopped doing that and just fought amongst ourselves.

    Nice traditions!

  5. Jamie

    I am sorry for being late on commenting on this post, however, I do have some traditions of my own.

    As a somewhat only child (I have an older half sister and a younger half sister, but I was raised by just my dad and grandmother), I would sit by the tree and just wait until morning. I was too excited to go to bed so my dad tells me to pop in a movie. That particular movie happened to be “Mickey’s Christmas Carol.” One of my favorites. It put me to sleep, and morning came. Usually, we would get donuts the day before, as most donut stores here in California are closed on Christmas. So, while my dad and grandmother had their coffee and donuts, I would have my donuts and chocolate milk or milk. Then after we had breakfast we would open presents. It hasn’t been the same since my grandmother passed away in the year 2010. It was really hard on my father and I both.

    So, no new traditions. Until now. Since I had met Tristan two years ago (going on three January 8th), we have started our own tradition. I guess. We open our presents on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas day/morning, we help pack up all of his siblings presents that the grandparents got them and go over to his mom’s house. The first year I was with Tristan, I met his mom on her birthday/Christmas. So, it was special.

    Other than that, we don’t really have any traditions as of yet.

    • Holly

      Any tradition that featured doughnuts sounds like a good tradition! One of my favourite Christmas films is Muppets Christmas Carol!

  6. Shaw

    It’s a pity my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but there was one year we did, and it was great. We were poor at that point but we decided that we were going to have a dinner anyway, so we got honey-glazed chicken (in place of turkey), lots and lots of fruits, a small cake, and some eggs and placed them nicely on the table. It’s the people that counts.

    Here in Singapore, not many people actually put up Christmas trees at home and all, but the way we get into the mood is through decorations lined up in the streets and all the music. It’s one of my favourite holidays because of the atmosphere.

    • Holly

      I love the atmopshere too. Shopping in the city centre during the day is a hard work but it’s lovely to visit at night when it’s quieter and everything is lit up.

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