My care routine for hands and feet

2nd July 2014

Hands and feet care

I was a nail biter for nearly 18 years. I only stopped before starting university. It wasn’t that I wanted to bite them; I just did it without even thinking. It’s a real problem, but people think it’s something that you can give up at the click of a finger. Well, no, it isn’t.

When I did finally give up biting my nails, after many previous failed attempts, I noticed that my nails were in a horrific state. They wouldn’t grow properly because they were too weak, and constantly kept snapping off. I think this made the process of giving up even more difficult. I always felt downhearted because my nails wouldn’t grow.

Anyway, here I am, two years on with nails that I’m pretty satisfied with. They still break more often than they should put I blame that are a hard life of housework! In this post I am going to share with you not only the way I take of my hands and nails, but also the way I look after my feet. I will also share some tips for giving up the nail biting.


I have to admit, I have super soft hands. I use a hand cream by Soap and Glory called “Hand Food”.

Hand Food

I moisturiser my hands using this pretty much every day. I also rub it into my nails which helps to soften up the cuticles, allowing them to be pushed back easily. The smell is glorious as it is made with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.

For taking care of your nails I highly recommend Sally Hansen products. I’m particularly a fan of their clear nail polishes that I often wear when I’m not wearing any coloured polish. I find they also work well as base and top coats.

I’m currently using Super Shine which is technically a top coat. However, as I mentioned above, I often wear it on its own to protect my nails and give them a bit of shine. I also use it as a base coat.

Nail polish

I’m letting you into a secret here. I use to wear this for work when I worked in a supermarket. When you work with food you aren’t allowed to wear nail polish but my nails got so tatty without it. So I wore clear polish, and nobody noticed.

For nail biters!

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails is a fantastic clear polish that I recommend for those trying to give up biting their nails. It improves the strength of your nails so they don’t break as much.

But, if you need some real help, you could try Stop & Grow (available from Boots). It’s basically a polish that you paint on, and whenever you put your fingers in your mouth you get a foul taste. The benefit of this is that it doesn’t look like a polish (i.e. not shiny) so men can get away with wearing it too.

The downside of it, and the reason why I stopped using it, is that even when you put your fingers in your mouth to get a piece of food out of your teeth, for example, you still get the foul taste. It’s gets a bit annoying after a while.


Our poor feet take a really beating with all that walking we do, not to mention other exercises. It’s important that we look after them.

Personally, I like to fill up a bowl of warm water, add a little shower gel in and then leave my feet to soak while watching TV.

I don’t moisturise my feet quite as much as my hands; perhaps every two to three days. I use Heel Genius, another great product my Soap and Glory. It’s great at cooling and soothing your feet, so I highly recommend using it when you’ve been on your feet all day. It has a refreshing minty smell which instantly gets rid of most nasty smelling odours.

Foot cream

Similarly to when I use Hand Food on my hands, I rub Heel Genius into my toes, helping to push the cuticles back. Soaking your feet in warm water prior to doing this also helps to soften up the skin around your nails, and makes the whole process a lot less painful.

P.S. I used my new camera for this post. It’s a beast!

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  1. nice tips, Holly… I really need to start taking care of my feet and now that rains have hit the city, feet need extra care! Thanks for this informative post!

  2. Christa

    Ooh! New digs for that new camera. Photos look gorgeous, Holly! In any case– I’m admittedly still a nail biter. Haven’t gotten out of the habit. The only thing that’s worked for me is (admittedly) having fake nails. But even then, I’m sort of a headcase as with gel nails (without tips,) I still manage to damage my nails. I’ll have to take your advice and maybe use that Stop and Grow stuff– I think there’s similar polish here in the states!


    • Holly

      I always considered giving false nails a try in an attempt to stop biting my nails. But I could just imagine me trying to bite them anyway haha! I was really that persistent. I even kept biting my nails when I had fixed braces. Now that is really bad!

  3. Amy

    I don’t think I’ve ever bitten my nails (well, not since I was really little anyway). It was always my sister in my house who had that habit, until she wanted to paint her nails, so stopped biting them so they’d look nice.

    These products look great anyway. I could do with getting some sort of hand cream. Work absolutely wrecks my hands!

    I want to paint my nails now!

    • Holly

      Ah, you are one of the lucky ones!

      When I worked in a supermarket my nails kept breaking and my hands were so dry. Hand Food really helped to sort them problem. 🙂

  4. Rachel

    Great tips! I used to use that foul tasting thing to stop myself biting my nails years ago, and it worked, except now I have an even worse habit of picking at the skin. It really is *horrid*.

  5. Cat

    I’ll have to check out these products! I should take care of my feet more because I wear flip flops all the time, which isn’t really great for them. I use a PedEgg to smooth them out once in a while, but I probably should be using a moisturizer too. I should get into the habit of moisturizing my hands every day! The hand cream you use sounds good 🙂

    • Holly

      I’ve got just a basic foot file while helps to get rid of dry skin but the moisturiser makes me feel really soft.