Monthly round-up (July)

1st August 2014

July was a month full of lovely weather and days out to enjoy it. I attended a same sex wedding (which was beautiful), started my physiotherapy treatment, and bought my tickets to see The Who in concert for a second time in December.

In terms of the blog, I got quite creative.

Scrapbook and doughnuts

I showed you how I displayed my photographs in a blank scrapbook and shared a link to a great recipe for baked doughnuts.

Southport and New Brighton

I shared photographs from adventures around Merseyside, including trips to Southport and New Brighton.

Facebook pet peeves

I loved reading all responses to my post on Facebook pet peeves. It seems we all get annoyed with it/people on it from time to time. πŸ˜›

I hope you all had a lovely July. Here’s to a great August!

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  1. I remembered all of these things from July! Hopefully baked donuts will be a recurring thing ;). They look extra yummy with the toppings and less oil! Hope August will be great for you~

  2. Cat

    haha, I remember all of these entries too πŸ™‚ Looking forward to what you post in August!

  3. Jamie

    Good bye July, hello August! I’ve enjoyed the entries that I’ve read so far. Especially the entries that you’ve posted in July. I can’t wait to see what August entries you will have in stored for us.

  4. All those posts were totally memorable! Happy August, Holly!

  5. Ruby

    Oh my gosh, I loved catching up on your posts! Such wonderful photos and yes…yes…yes to all those FaceBook peeves. If only there was a universal FaceBook etiquette that the whole world would follow…
    Happy August! πŸ˜€