Monthly Review | May 2016

2nd June 2016

Monthly Review | May 2016

I thought I would mix things up with the format of this monthly review. I have been using these monthly reviews as places to track my goals for the year, but in May I decided to give up on 2 out of 3 of my goals for the years.

Firstly, I gave up on my 365 Instagram Challenge. I just wasn’t enjoying doing it. In fact, I found it quite stressful. There would be days when nothing interesting happened, and I frequently found myself freaking out at 11pm because I hadn’t taken a photo to share. And then I’d end up sharing a photo I wasn’t happy with.

So yeah, I just stopped.

Secondly, I gave up on my savings goal for the year. I wanted to save £5,000 by the end of the year, but when I made this goal I didn’t expect to have to move house and buy a ton of furniture and a yearly rail pass.

As I result, I’ve spent pretty much everything I’ve saved this year, and only now is it clear that I won’t be able to meeting my savings goal. Of course, I will continue to save but I’ll just be saving what ever I can afford to save, and not trying to hit a target.

What happened in May…

The only goal that I am on track to meet this year is passing my driving test. I passed my theory test in May, which means I can now book my practical test, and with any luck I’ll be driving by August (I’m thinking more like September).

At the beginning of the month I went to Oxford for the day in order to see a doctor for my legal case. I felt absolutely exhausted when I got back, but I did have a lovely few hours exploring the city, and you can see my photos from the day in this post.

I managed to bag myself tickets to see The Who for a 3rd time. I was pretty surprised to find out that they were coming back to Liverpool again considering that their Who Hits 50 tour was suppose to be their last, but I can’t complain. Roll on September!

I spent a week of May working down south and it really wasn’t a good experience. I was actually quite looking forward to it so I was disappointed that I came back feeling drained and like I never want to volunteer for anything ever again. But on the plus side I eat a lot of lovely food that week and tried some local beers, so it wasn’t all terrible.

In June…

I’m really excited for June as there are two major things happening.

First is Georgie’s visit! If you follow Georgie then you will know that she’s coming to Europe in June, and she’s paying a visit to Liverpool. So we are going to meet up for dinner one evening and I’m incredibly excited about meeting her in person.

Second is my summer holiday. Yes, I finally booked one. Tyrone and I are going to Lanzarote at the end of the month! Roll of 7 days of all inclusive booze and hardcore geology.

More on that in this weeks Weekend Blog.

How way may for you? Do you have any plan for June?

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  1. I once tried to make a savings goal and it just didn’t work for me to come to a certain number. I found that it was best when I didn’t worry about how much I was spending. I think you are probably already in the habit now – so you will probably subconsciously be making better purchases and buying only what you need, putting the rest in savings, etc. For me it definitely means less stress over ‘oh my god I can’t put aside $500 this week because I had to buy five birthday presents this month’. Sometimes you need to spend money on things and some weeks/months will be far better than others. I’ve actually started looking at my credit acrd bill more often: I use it for most of my spendings these days, and each month I try to make sure the bill is at least a bit smaller than the previous time, but don’t get too hung up on the actual amounts.

    Every time I have tried an every-day challenge (even just monthly) I also have the same sort of panic at 11pm – ‘oh man I haven’t blogged I NEED TO BLOG’. If it doesn’t come naturally then there’s no point forcing it. We have such busy daily lives and even back when I had a photoblog, I struggled to take a photo a day. I just remembered that quite a few people take a selfie a day so they can do a time lapse after a year. Selfies are pretty easy compared to trying to take photos of something interesting, haha.

    OMG I am so excited to meet you! It is the furthest I will have travelled, and the furthest I’ve met someone! And you’re one of those bloggers I’ve known for many years as well which makes it super special. I am obviously going to blog about us meeting haha!!!! 🙂 <3

    • Holly

      This is so true! For instance, March and June are always expensive months for me because of Mothers Day, Fathers Day and lots of birthdays. I find online banking really helps me to keep a track of my spending. The app is so helpful too.

      Yes, I’m going to blog too, haha! I’ll bring my camera to get some snaps! I’m so excited. 😀

  2. Ah that’s a shame about the 365, I think I found it easy to stick too because I used it as a mega thesis distraction last year! I am finding my #100dayofhappy a little harder, but I have 7 days left so I just have to finish it now 😉
    I always fail at savings goals, it’s hard in the job I’m in now as I pretty much break even every month. Hopefully my new job and it’s quite hefty pay rise will help me a bit. I’d love to be driving by Christmas!

    • Holly

      Good luck with finishing your #100dayofhappy challenge. 100 days is probably more realistic for me!

  3. There’s not point doing something if it stresses you out! You managed half the year, and I think that’s a fantastic achievement! It was nice seeing the little snippets of your day, but if it was stressing you out then it’s not worth it. Savings are always tough. I used to try and save a huge portion of my wages, and while it worked on double shows when I was earning a lot more, I’m struggling to keep up now, so now I’d just like to save a percentage rather than an actual goal. Also, as you said, circumstances change and your savings can be spent in minutes – though you spent it on very good things! At least you know you can save, should you start again!
    Very glad to hear you’ll get to see The Who again, and yay for Georgie visiting! I’ve read her blog for a long time, I hope you have a lovely meet up!

    • Holly

      I totally get what you mean. It’s disheartening when you save a certain amount every month for so long and then suddenly you can’t match that.

      I know things like a washing machine and a fridge freezer are good, sensible investments but they’re so boring, haha! It’s not quite as satisfying as spending that amount of money on a holiday, for example.

  4. I think it’s better to let go of a goal you don’t enjoy doing. I am doing the 365 and I love it, I only share the pictures I want to remember, I don’t particularly look for interesting pictures. If I will stop loving it, I will stop the challenge too, what’s the point.
    It’s hard to save money when you have so many things to buy for the new home. Don’t worry about that either. I think is more important to be careful with the everyday expenses.
    June sounds very exciting and fun.

    • Holly

      Good luck with completing the challenge! I’m enjoying following along with you on Instagram.