Meeting Georgie

9th June 2016

Meeting Georgie

Something pretty special happened on Tuesday.

I met Georgie. Like, in person. In real life.

And it was awesome!

I’m not sure how long I’ve been reading and commenting on Georgie’s blog but it has got to be at least 5 years. I feel like we’ve stuck together as blogging has evolved over the years and as many of the bloggers we’ve loved have disappeared from the internet.

Georgie has been a pretty big inspiration for me over the years. Not only have I always loved her writing style, I also admire her web development skills and seeing her build WordPress themes over the years definitely influenced me to improve my coding skills. And now I’m a developer too!

So when Georgie told me she was coming to the UK with her boyfriend Nick, and was paying a visit to Liverpool I knew we had to meet up.

Meeting someone you’ve spoken to online for many years is quite nerve-racking. My initial thoughts are always “What if in person I’m not anything like the person I am on my blog?”. But I think it all went really well and I thoroughly enjoyed our meet up.

We met up outside the Apple shop where Georgie was getting her phone sorted. We hugged and spoke about how weird it was to finally meet. Once Tyrone turned up we took Georgie and Nick to a very British place for drinks; Wetherspoons!

For dinner we went to Free State Kitchen. I’d been there with work a few weeks ago and I thought it would be nice to sit out in their garden if the weather was nice. Unfortunately it was a little overcast so we sat inside, but the food was excellent and the company was even better.

We talked about the differences between England and Australia, and all the stereotypes, like us Brits drinking tea and eating fish and chips, and the Aussies having lots of barbecues and drinking Fosters.

I can honestly say we learned a lot!

My favourite part of the night was taking Georgie and Nick to Tesco (a British supermarket) and seeing their reactions to the food and the prices. I think I’ll be sending care packages of Wine Gums to Australia in the future!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Georgie and Nick for stopping off in Liverpool on your trip to Europe. I guess it’s a little out of the way and not as well known as places like London and Paris but it meant so much to me that you gave us the opportunity to meet. You’re both very lovely people!

Next time we meet it will be in Australia, yeah?!

Have you ever met any of your blog friends in real life?

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  1. I’ve learned so much about Liverpool just from your blog, it would have been rude of me not to visit, especially when I’ll be in the same country anyway! I had such a great time and I’m glad you did too. It’s always heartwarming knowing that I still have a few blog friends from many years ago and we’re still staying true to ourselves and the way blogging ‘used to be’.

    I always feel a bit weird about meeting people I’ve talked to online, hoping I don’t seem like a totally different person. But meeting you was exciting and I think we were very ourselves. 😛

    I’m going to load my suitcase with wine gums! It’s crazy how hard they are to find in Australia and then how expensive they are when you do.

    Massive hugs! Hope to see you in Australia next time. We’ll show you some drop bears HAHA!

  2. Jamie

    Even though Georgie and I are no longer friends, I still think that it was super nice of her to go out of their way to meet up with you and Tyrone. One day, when Tristan and I get a chance to travel, we all should meet each other.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t met any blogging friends, but I have met a friend from an Anime chat-room who found out that I also live in California and was having an Anime party. Prior to the Anime party I had asked my friend if it would be okay to meet up at the mall first than go to her party. Of course, she said it was okay as she understood that it would be somewhat nerve-racking to meet her and her husband and the other people that was going to be there. So, my best friend Gloria and I went to meet up with her at the mall and had a wonderful time there and at the Anime party, which we’ve attended quite a few times.

    Not only did I meet one non-blogging friend, I had accidentally dialed Michelle of I honestly think I had taken my phone out from my pocket, pushed the button that turns on the phone and hit the call button. I heard Michelle say “Hello,” a few times before I nervously answered. It was pretty cool to talk to her on the phone. It was an accident, but it led to a pretty cool conversation.

    Other than meeting the non-blogging friend, I haven’t met any of the bloggers. Hopefully, that will change one day. I would definitely like to meet you, Michelle, Cat, Ella, and a few others.

  3. Cat

    That’s so cool that you met Georgie in person! I’d like to visit Australia one day and would love to meet her if I do 🙂 I’m also hoping work will send me to the UK again. I didn’t get a chance to meet up with anyone last time!

    I get nervous every time I meet an online friend in person for the first time. I’m always afraid that I’m boring in real life, and we’ll run out of things to talk about, haha. I’ve met a few blog friends in person since they also live in Texas, which are Michelle, Agent Q, and Ongaku.

  4. I have been looking forward to this post from both of you! It’s so awesome that you got to meet Georgie who has been your friend for so many years, even though it was a friendship over the internet! I would love to meet so many of my blogging friends, including you and Georgie and I really hope I can travel around the world meeting all you wonderful people!

  5. Aww, it sounds wonderful. I think next time you have to go to Australia 🙂 xx

  6. I’m so happy and jealous that you and Georgie finally met up 😀 It’s great you guys met up and I’m glad you showed her around Liverpool 🙂

  7. […] of my week of meeting up with Georgie, and I wrote a post all about the meet up which you can read here. I’m really enjoying following along with the rest of her European adventures on Instagram […]

  8. It’s fantastic that you guys met up and had such a great time 🙂

    I’ve met up with quite a few people from online over the years, the biggest being my fiance. We met 9 years ago in World of Warcraft and while it was terrifying meeting him, it was one of the best things to ever happen to me. We also have a great guild and have regular guild meet ups. So far we’ve been to Munich, Budapest and Prague with them.

  9. I loved seeing you two meeting each other! I was looking forward to reading this and seeing the picture! :’) Georgie has been an inspiration towards me and a lot of other people for years too, I remember getting advice from her about everything on my blog posts from relationships to school work. She’s awesome and such a great presence to be around online and I bet offline too!

    I’m glad you had fun, we should all arrange a blogging meet up picnic one day, that’d be so cool! Nancy (colorfulistic) and Chynna (invisible child) recently met up too, it’s so cool that everyone’s meeting people we’ve been talking to for years.

    I’ve never met up with anyone from online before, I think the closest would be talking to freshers online on Facebook first then meeting up to help them around the city haha!

  10. […] Georgie stopped in Liverpool on her European trip and so we got to meet up, which was definitely one of the highlights of the month. You can read all about that here. […]