Make your own Graze style snacks

27th January 2015

Make your own graze snacks

I ordered my first Graze box in the summer thanks to a voucher for my first box for free (You know the one!). I loved the concept and the products inside, but I never ordered again due to the price. £3.99 isn’t a lot of money, but when you put it into perspective it quickly adds up if ordering a box once a week (Over £200 a year!).

I wondered, could I make Graze style snacks myself at a cheaper price?

So, I went to Aldi and bought some nuts, sultanas and chocolate buttons to make a snack inspired by the “touch of chocolate” range at Graze.

I put a handful of each into a small plastic container, resisting the temptation to make it 90% chocolate.

The combination I picked tasted delicious, I found myself snacking on it all day while working at my desk. I wasn’t aiming to make a completely healthy snack, but I guess this is a little healthier than the double chocolate chip cookies I made this weekend.

So the price:

  • Nuts = 56p
  • Sultanas =  84p
  • Chocolate buttons = 33p
  • TOTAL = £1.73

Plus, the bags of nuts and sultanas are pretty big so I will easily be able to get a ton of snack boxes out of them. I’d say at least 10 boxes. And the containers I use are double the depth of a Graze one.

I plan on buying some more containers so that I can pre-make a load ready to grab when I need. I can imagine they will be really practical to take to a lecture with me so I can have something to munch on in the break.

I’d also like to find a way to make other Graze style snacks, like their dips and dippers or their flapjacks. I’m looking forward to experimenting.

Do you like Graze boxes? Would you ever attempt to make your own Graze style snacks?

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  1. Agent Q

    This looks good. My goodness, I’d probably chow down on this regardless of what I put…healthy or not healthy. It’s not only what I eat, but also how much I eat that I should consider when packing my food. Fortunately, graze boxes will keep us full enough to not impulsively indulge in unhealthy stuff we get from vending machines. 😛

    • Holly

      I’ve found that this really helps with my chocolate cravings. I’m still getting the chcolate but nowhere near as much.

  2. I think Graze is quite expensive as there are only a few nuts and I do eat a lot. But I’ve made my own mix of nuts for busy days, very handy. I’m going to steal your idea and put them in a box like you did and not in plastic bags like I did so far 🙂

    • Holly

      I think it might be more difficult to make the other Graze snacks so cheaply but I’m up for the challenge!

  3. Cat

    Yum, that looks like a tasty snack, and it looks easy to bring around with you too! That’s awesome that you save so much money by doing it yourself. I remember the Graze craze a while ago, but I never tried it out. I don’t snack much to begin with, so I felt like it would have gone to waste on me. (Plus, my work provides free snacks!)

  4. Ella

    I like the concept, but unfortunately I’d have to make my own just because the only type of nuts I can eat are almonds. Due to my allergies, I’ve avoided food boxes because 9 out of 10 times I’ll be disappointed. Right now, I’m trying to find some healthy foods and snacks because the boyfriend and I want to lose weight. It’s even more challenging now that he got braces and a tooth pulled. (I can’t catch a break here!)

    • Holly

      In that case, making your own is a lot better.

      Ugh, I totally understand the brace issue. I had to stop eating a lot of hard foods when I had mine on.

  5. Nicole

    They sell bags of mix like that at my school. I love the flavors a little too much.. I find it a bit hard to pace myself with it, and it’s a big bag so the calories add up.

    Anyway, I think it’s good that you are going to pre-make batches because that would probably help you save money, time, and help you control portions.

    I would like to make my own graze type boxes / bags.. I look forward to your ideas.