Look at me try

4th November 2012

If there is one subject I hate more than Chemistry, it’s Statistics. I hate it with a passion and I have done ever since GCSE.

So I’m pretty sure you could guess how annoyed I was when I found out one of my modules for the year would be based entirely on statistics. And that our group work would be marked based on how active we were within our groups…on Facebook.

Yes, I have a Facebook account, but it doesn’t mean I like it. I believe it causes more problems than it’s worth. You only have to watch the Jeremy Kyle show to see that. Now I have to spend half of my day on there, checking my Facebook group to make sure I haven’t missed any work that has been set. I’m coping but that’s not to say I agree with this method of teaching. It’s a joke!

Life doesn’t revolve around Facebook.

Anyway, I have been trying hard with this module, even though I hate it. I kind of want to prove to myself that I can do statistics, and that statistics can be interesting.

Well, it can’t, but it was worth a try.

For example, a couple of weeks ago we were told to make a frequency histogram using random objects we could find around the house. For instance, my lecturer made a video showing how we used the height of the heel on a selection of high heel shoes to make categories for a histogram. Now, I haven’t got much stuff lying around my flat. I left a lot of my stuff at home. The only thing I thought I could use was my comics. I have only really started my comic collection since starting university. I decided to make categories based on the price of the comics in pounds and laid out the comics on my floor in the form of a histogram. Then I took a picture and uploaded it to the Facebook group.

Turns out it was a pretty good idea as I made it into the lecture the week after. See…

Mine is the one on the right, if you couldn’t tell. Clearly they all have Harley Quinn on the front. πŸ˜›

However, I only got to see this lecture yesterday when my lecturer uploaded it to Blackboard. You see, I walked out of this lecture early as it was the day I had my card details stolen and I was so worried I ran out and ran to the bank. And I missed my moment of fame.

I may not be good at statistics, and I may hate it, but at least I made it fun by linking it to Batman. πŸ˜€

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  1. I hate statistics too… I had it in my first year of graduation… but as we can take only two subjects in the second year… i dropped stats instead of the usual maths… I love maths!!
    I totally agree with you about Facebook… Life really doesn’t revolve around it…
    I totally loved ur idea of histogram…
    And How r u, Holly?

  2. Cat

    I’m opposite! I actually really liked statistics πŸ™‚ I think that’s odd that they used Facebook for the group work. I mean, shouldn’t they be discouraging the Facebook addiction that so many people have? I don’t use my Facebook that much either.

    I like how you made a histogram with your comics. I thought that was clever!

  3. Hiro

    A class… On Facebook?
    I feel like there must be a setting where you can be e-mailed every time someone posts in a certain group, but not for anything else.

    I didn’t like Statistics 100. Had I known I was required to take Stat, I would’ve just taken Stat AP in high school to get rid of it! But nope. I had to take it during college, and it was such a groan-inducing class. I wish they could have found a more exciting way of teaching it to make it more practical for my life… But no such luck for a 100 class taught by TA’s…! Maybe if I’d taken upper level stat classes, they would’ve been more interesting…

  4. Argh, I hate stats with a passion. I failed my stats exam and hence failed the entire course because I failed that and science. Thankfully I can still go to uni because I’m over 20… Anyhow. Ew. Stats. I feel your pain.

    Also, Facebook is really un-professional! I can’t belive a teacher is condoning that as a method of teaching. Your uni is allowing it? That’s crazy!

  5. Britney

    Hey I just wanted to let you know that I completely agree with the page you wrote about treating all web-owners fairly! πŸ™‚
    Also, I think it’s cool that you’re studying BSc. in Geography because I’m hoping to do that next year combined with Biology!
    I took a statistics class in high school and when I was in it, my teacher said that it was a lot of the same content you learned in Stats in university. I have a friend taking stats now and it’s true. I kind of really liked that course so I’m hoping I will like it when I have to take it in second year.

  6. Jojo

    That’s amazing! I could never do anything statistics-related, so props to you. My little brother is actually studying Maths With Statistics at university. I had a look at one of his textbooks and it blew my mind. It looked so complicated!
    Anyway, that’s so cool that you managed to link it to Batman πŸ˜‰ but too bad that you missed your moment of fame but it looks like you’re doing really well at the moment, I’m sure you will have other moments of fame to come.

  7. Krystal

    You use facebook for university communication?? Wow…times have moved on. Facebook just got popular during my years at university. We only used it for social life though because it wasn’t so business/group focus back then.

    Your presentation looks so awesome and creative. Looks far more interesting some boring charts and graph.

  8. Brandee

    You’re completely right – all facebook does is cause problems and drama. I rarely go on facebook anymore.

    Your comic book histogram idea is very original! I like it πŸ™‚ What kinds of comic books do you read? What series is your favorite?