Liverpool: it’s better than you might think

7th June 2016

Liverpool: it's better than you might think

It’s 2016 yet some (uneducated) people still think Liverpool is the scummy city portrayed in Harry Enfields’s Scousers sketch. It still seems to have a bad reputation which does not reflect the true identity of the city and its people at all.

Even when I decided to move to Liverpool in 2012 I still received comments from people like “Why would you want to move there? It’s so rough.”.

I often find myself defending the city I love so much, telling people that they should pay a visit sometime and see for themselves just what I mean.

And I also tell people that I used to think like they do. I grew up in the countryside and I was led to believe that Liverpool was unsafe. It’s why we would pay a 10 year old kid, who was a complete stranger, £5 to look after our car when we went to watch the match at Goodison.

I heard jokes like…

Q.What’s the difference between Batman and a Scouser?
A.Batman can go anywhere without Robin.

…and thought that Liverpool was riddled with crime. I also thought that Scousers were scary people who were “out to get you”.

I could not have been more wrong, and I’m ashamed that I once let people’s opinions of a place influence my opinions.

I think my views of Liverpool changed in 2008 when I first visited the city centre for the first time. As I mentioned previously, my only experience of Liverpool before this had been attending football matches at Goodison Park.

I instantly felt a connection to the city. I thought the architecture was beautiful, especially Albert Dock, and I thought the people were so friendly and positive. I fell in love with the city and it was a pleasure to visit time and time again.

Liverpool soon became our favourite city to visit, and it wasn’t long before I had made my mind up about moving there for university. In fact, I was so determined to move to Liverpool that I applied to three universities in the city. And I’m sure you are all aware that my love for Liverpool did not fade when I moved here as I decided to stick around permanently after I graduated.

Technically I no longer live in Liverpool since moving to the outskirts, but I still class it as my home. The spirit of Liverpool travels for many miles beyond the heart of the city. 

It’s a city full of culture, history, passion and the friendliest people on the planet.

Still not convinced that Liverpool is better than you think? Well, let me provide you with some facts about Liverpool that might just change your mind…

  • Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Liverpool is a UNESCO City of Music.
  • In 2008, Liverpool was European Capital of Culture.
  • Liverpool has the most listed buildings in the UK outside of London.
  • In 2014, Rough Guides named third city in the world to visit in 2014.
  • In 2015, the Royal Town Planning Institute named Liverpool waterfront the “greatest place” in England.
  • In 2016, Liverpool was named the second happiest city to work in in the UK.
  • In 2016, Liverpool was named as one of the top three friendliest cities to work in in the UK.
  • Liverpool has lower crime rates than London, Manchester and Birmingham.
  • Movies including Fast and Furious, Sherlock Holmes, Captain America and Harry Potter have been filmed here.
  • We have not one but two amazing cathedrals.
  • Liverpool is the most successful footballing city in England being home to Everton and Liverpool.
  • It’s the home of The Beatles. ‘nough said.

Shall I continue? Because I could. Allll day!

They say “Don’t judge a book by its cover” and I really do think Liverpool is judge on a daily basis unfairly. Over the years I’ve changed many people’s opinions on the city by simply telling them to visit and check it out for themselves, and I love nothing more than when these people come back to me to tell me I was right.

I mean, I’ve managed to convinced the wonderful Georgie of Hey Georgie, who lives in Australia, to stop off here on her trip to Europe!

So, what are your opinions on Liverpool? And if you haven’t visited, get yourself here ASAP!

You can read all my posts about Liverpool here.

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  1. Cat

    I feel like people need to really visit a place before they judge it. I love Austin, even though it took me a while to like it after moving here. Unfortunately, Texas has a bad reputation, but I think Austin is a wonderful city. I think that’s great that you fell in love with Liverpool and are still in love with it! I have to admit I didn’t know much about Liverpool, so most of what I learned is from your blog 🙂

    That’s exciting that you’re going to meet Georgie, by the way!

    • Holly

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about Austin. It’s somewhere I would love to visit some day when I return to America.

  2. I get angry about people thinking this about any city, it’s usually Londoners who are anti Brum, L’Pool and MCR. Come see our cities before you make judgement! I loved visiting Liverpool loads as a student, it was so close and I had mates at uni there. So many fond memories 🙂 Leeds is also massively underrated for how awesome it is!

    • Holly

      I visited Birmingham a lot when I was a child, because my brother went to the hospital there, and I remember when they re-built the bullring and how much it changed the city. I went back again in November after they reopened the station and I was so impressed. I also like Leeds. I’ve only been once for work but I’d love to visit again.

  3. Awesome post!

    Wow I didn’t know so many awesome movies have been filmed in Liverpool!
    From all your Liverpool posts I have felt like it truly is an amazing city and if I ever come to England I’ll sure visit it!

  4. I admit, when I ended up going to uni in Liverpool I was wary- I had been there as a tourist and it was lovely, but I wasn’t sure about going there daily. but yeah, it’s a great city. the waterfront is one of my favourite places- I loved to take a walk along the Mersey after lectures to get some air- and I love the free city museum, and the free organ recitals, and how there’s always a Beatles cover band playing somewhere. (really, there’s always something happening and something to to do!) it’s a vibrant place that’s clearly putting a lot of effort into it and it’s great. 🙂 on saying that – don’t knock Manchester haha I think every city has its dodgy bits to be honest and statistics may be skewed cos of that…

  5. All cities have their good and bad side and their good and bad areas, but it’s unfortunate when people have unwarranted preconceptions and prejudices. I didn’t know Liverpool had a reputation for being unsafe. Actually, I didn’t know much about Liverpool at all before reading your post, but now I’m intrigued. It sounds like a very interesting city, might have to put it on my list of places to visit in the UK 🙂

  6. I have liked Liverpool so far! I have to admit I didn’t fall in love with it the way you did, but I’m thoroughly glad I paid Liverpool a visit. I am glad I visited somewhere that basically ‘isn’t London’. I said to Nick that London is bound to be touristy as hell and, Liverpool, despite the Beatles related attractions, doesn’t seem like that. It seems very comfortable, laid back and ‘homey’, and that’s what I tend to like about a city.

    I’m surprised people said that Liverpool is unsafe. I was probably naive but I assumed that crime was very low (compared to London anyway) and I could carry my bag without worrying about someone snatching it. And you didn’t mention to be wary of it so I thought it must be OK. 🙂 I am probably going to be more wary in London for thieves and bag-snatchers.

    And I noticed people are friendly and patient in Liverpool! You don’t get that a lot.

    • Holly

      When I first brought Tyrone to Liverpool he hated it, and I know a part of him didn’t want me to move here. But once he started visiting me in my first year of university I think he started to change his mind. It definitely feels more homely than Manchester and London. It’s just less hectic.

      I’ve honestly never felt unsafe in Liverpool (I would have warned you if I thought it was unsafe 😉 ). I used to walk home from nights out on my own, and it’s funny because I would never dream of doing that back in my home town. But that’s country living for you, haha.

      I’ve never felt unsafe in London though either. And when ever I’ve been to Italy I’ve felt safe too, so you should be fine. 🙂

  7. I lived here for 4+ years and I had no idea Liverpool has the most listed buildings in the UK outside of London.
    I wasn’t aware by the crime rate either. I’m usually not too bothered about this sort of things, even in the safest city there is crime.

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