Liverpool Blogger Battle

6th October 2015

Liverpool Blogger Battle

This is a collaboration post.

Talented Talkers got in touch and asked me if I would like to join in with their Liverpool Blogger Battle, in collaboration with Travelodge. Essentially, myself and another Liverpool based blogger (Jemma from Dorkface) are going head-to-head in a battle to share the best places in Liverpool, and so in this post I will be sharing 3 of my favourite places in the city; one of which will be a restaurant/cafe, one will be a pub/bar, and one will be an attraction.

Now, I’m pretty proud of this city I call home. I’ve been living here for over three years now and before moving here I visited frequently when my dad bought me up to watch Everton matches. I’m hoping to use my local knowledge to win this battle and in the process share with you some wonderful places in my city that you might like to visit some day.

LEAF on Bold Street

For the restaurant/cafe category, I’ve chosen LEAF.

Liverpool Blogger Battle - LEAF on Bold Street

If you fancy a light bite to eat in the city centre, Bold Street is the place to go. I’ve tried quite a few restaurants and cafes along this street but LEAF is a firm favourite.

LEAF specialises in tea, hence the name, but also serves delicious food. In fact, it’s recently been named as one of the top brunch spots in the UK. The sandwich in the photo above is pork & leek sausage with mustard and caramelised onion, and I can tell you it was delicious!

Oh and the decor is just beautiful. I highly recommend sitting upstairs for a view of this ceiling…

Liverpool Blogger Battle - LEAF on Bold Street


For the pub/bar category I’ve chosen Shenanigans.

Liverpool Blogger Battle - Shenanigans

There are a lot of great pubs in the city centre of Liverpool, and I’ve been in a lot of them, so this was a difficult choice.

I almost said the Cavern, but that’s a bit of an obvious choice. So instead, I’m going to let you in on a little secret and talk about the best Irish pub in the city.

Shenanigans is located on Tithebarn Street and is easy to spot. Shenanigans was once apart of a row of terraces with the other buildings being knocked down and turned into a car park, so there it stands, all lonely and green.

The pub is just as quirky on the inside as it is on the outside. Random bikes and prams hanging from the ceiling, and an old fashioned bath tub turned into a seat, all make Shenanigans a strange but homely place to be. There’s barely any space to move inside, especially if Celtic are playing, but it all contributes to it’s wonderful atmosphere.

Radio City Tower

For the attraction category I’ve chosen the Radio City Tower.

Liverpool Blogger Battle - Radio City Tower

The Radio City Tower, or St Johns Beacon as it’s also known, is a tower than stands in the centre of Liverpool. It was originally a ventilation shaft for the the St Johns shopping centre below. A rotating restaurant was then added to the top, but after being left abandoned for many years this was eventually converted into the home of Radio City radio station.

It took me until my third year of university to realise that you could actually visit the top of Radio City tower. For just £5 (for adults) you visit the viewing deck and see the stunning views over the city. My favourite thing about Radio City Tower is the fact you can see all of famous sights of Liverpool in one place; the two cathedrals, the Mersey, the Liver Building, and so much more.

Liverpool Blogger Battle - Radio City Tower

P.S. Sorry for the dingy photos. Liverpool isn’t always this grey and miserable. Promise!

This post was written in collaboration with Talented Talkers and Travelodge. I was provided with a restaurant voucher in return for writing this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I haven’t been to the Radio City tower, I have to put it on my list. Lovely selection, I like Leaf too x

  2. I hope you win the battle! Haha!

    ‘It took me until my third year of university to realise that you could actually visit the top of Radio City tower’ – I feel this way about some things in Sydney too. Sometimes I have zero idea that something exists or that a certain place is actually open to the public, and I feel like an idiot because I’ve lived here all my life. 😛 That is probably not as forgivable as living somewhere for 3+ years like you have.

    And I’ll definitely be trawling through all your blog posts for Liverpool stuff! Might have to arrange to stay there for longer! 😉

    • Holly

      Thank you!

      There are so many places that I’ve not visited in Liverpool. I’ve never been to Strawberry Fields despite it being so close to where I live. It’s my favourite Beatles song!

      I should have really put all my Liverpool posts in one category to make life easier for visitors. I’ll have to sort that out. 🙂

  3. Amy

    Good luck with the battle!

    That pub looks so cute. I love how it’s decorated too. The coolest pub we have is one that’s shaped like a boat (you sit on top of the boat if you go outside and the actually have the steering wheel and everything).

    i think I’d be terrified at the top of that tower. How high up is it?

    • Holly

      Haha, thanks!

      That sounds like a pretty cool pub. The tower is 138m high, which isn’t too bad. But then I’ve been up the Empire State Building which is almost three times higher!

  4. Leaf is my mum’s favourite place to eat, with the decor, swanky sandwiches and plentiful teas to keep my dad happy – but how have I never heard of Shenanigans? I’m popping to work in a minute, but I’ll have to make a little detour to see it! The bath tub seat sounds very interesting. I remember when I was a child, I used to call the Radio City Tower the Tatty Tower, because I thought it was ugly, but now I think it’s pretty impressive! I think it was a restaurant when I went, I don’t remember it that well. I can’t wait to read Jemma’s post too!

    • Holly

      I hope you found it! It’s my local pub so I feel quite lucky to have an amazing pub right on my doorstep.

      Haha, the tatty tower! I would have loved to have visited it when it was a restaurant.

  5. Elena

    This post is so much fun, and really made me want to visit Liverpool! If I ever do I’ll be sure to check out these places. The view from the Radio City Tower is stunning.

  6. I had no idea you could go to the top of the radio tower! And so cheaply too. Putting that on my to do list for when I’m next in Liverpool. Leaf looks great too : )