Little Victories | May 2017

7th June 2017

You may have noticed I didn’t share a Little Victories blog post for March or for April. Well, this was because March and April weren’t particularly great for me. I struggled to think of a single positive thing to write about.

To be honest, May was a pretty awful month as well with the passing of my nan. However, I am determined to keep this series going because I love it, and know reflecting on the little things in life can really help me with my mental health.

And when I sat down and started to think about the positive things that had happened last month, I was surprised at how many good things happened.

  • It’s been an entire year since I last had a steroid injection! Technically this happened on the 30th of April but I’m including it in this post because it’s a massive achievement for me.
  • In March I went to the hairdressers and unfortunately I didn’t have a very good experience. When I was asked for feedback I was pretty honest, and as a result the manager invited me back to give me a haircut for free. So I arranged to have my haircut with him thankfully he did an amazing job. I’m so happy with my new look. He’s just gained himself a new customer.
  • I voted in the local elections. I know a lot of people don’t bother to vote in local elections but I will always use my vote knowing that women died to give me this opportunity. Of course, I’ll be voting tomorrow too.
  • Tyrone and I went to see Brian Cox do a talk at the Echo Arena. Before the show Tyrone and I went out for Mexican food at Lucha Libre, and we tried out the Wetherspoons app which allows you to order drinks without going to the bar. Amazing!
  • I trained as a first aider for work. I worry for the well-being of my colleagues.
  • I got my eyes tested for the first time since I was about 5 years old. To my surprise, considering I spend all day every day in front of a screen, I don’t need glasses.
  • I played chauffeur and drove my parents to and from the airport. I felt so proud of myself and it made me realise just how much my driving confidence has improved in such a short space of time. My parents thanked me with perfume and sangria!
  • Tyrone and I booked a holiday! We’re off to New York at the end of August for a week and I’m so bloody excited!
  • I took my car for it’s first MOT since I bought it, and it passed.
  • I spent a lot of time with my family, and that means so much to me.
  • And finally, not a victory for me but one for Tyrone: he started his new job and he found out he’d be graduating with the 1st class degree! I am so, so proud of him, and very proud to call ourselves a first class couple!

I’m going to be honest, June hasn’t got off to the best of starts, hence why this post was published almost a week later than I had initially planned. But better late than never, am I right?!

As I’ve mentioned here on my blog before, June is my favourite month of the year, and I’m hoping that things will start to pick up after a rocky beginning. Fingers crossed!

How was May for you? Did you have any victories, big or small?

Little Victories is a monthly (or so!) series, celebrating the things that make life great, no matter how small.

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  1. Sorry again for the passing of your Nan. Hope you’re doing okay xx

    It sounds like you had lost of great experiences in May, however. I’m so happy to hear that your last steroid injection has lasted for so long, that’s great news. What was the Brian Cox talk like? I’m sure it was amazing! Congratulations to Tyrone too, you’re both doing so well!
    Hopefully June will pick up for you – I’m sure it will. I saw in an old blog post (I searched your site to see if you’d written about the Brian Cox talk =p) that you’re going to see Hans Zimmer this month? Is that still the case? I’m very envious if you are! Enjoy!

    • Holly

      Thank you, Katy. It feels easier now we’ve had the funeral, but it was a difficult couple of weeks.

      I really enjoyed watching Brian Cox. I didn’t blog about it because I didn’t really know what to say, haha! It was shorter than I was expecting it to be, and I kind of thought there would be some sort of light show or cool imagery but it was quite simple really. None the less, I enjoyed it.

      Yes! I’m off to see Hans Zimmer next weekend and I’m so excited! I think half of my office is going too! I think there are still tickets available if you fancied it. 😉

  2. I’m sorry your month didn’t start well. It’s lovely you are still focusing on the positives as much as you can. A trip, a new job, confidence to drive, it’s really great. x

  3. Amy

    Glad to hear about all these great things, Holly! I love this series, it always makes me so happy. People definitely need to celebrate the smaller victories in life.

    It’s great that the hairdressers gave you a free haircut to make up for your last one. I’m sure I’d be very apprehensive about going back after a bad experience but it seems like they proved themselves this time.

    I’m so looking forward to your New York posts. I’ve always wanted to go there! Pauline’s pics on Instagram are making me so jealous!

    Hope everything goes well!