Little Victories | February 2017

2nd March 2017

I don’t know, February wasn’t great for me. I’m happy to see the back of it and to move onwards and upwards.

Anyway, this series is all about positivity, so let’s crack on with this month’s Little Victories. It’s going to be short and sweet!

  • We bought tickets to see Hans Zimmer in June! I’m so excited as it’s been a few years since I last went to a concert and both Tyrone and I are big fans of Hans Zimmer. I mean, The Dark Knight score! YASSS!
  • I went to see The Kinks musical, Sunny Afternoon with Becky, and had pizza at Crust in Liverpool because it was National Pizza Day.
  • Tyrone and I had our second date night of the year at Chimichanga and all of the Mexican food.
  • I managed to keep up with going swimming and I’m still loving it.
  • Remember how I perfected making brownies last month? Well I’ve now improved the recipe by adding salted caramel sauce to them. LIFE CHANGING!
  • We celebrated our 1 years anniversary in this house. And what a year it’s been!
  • I booked an appointment to get new retainer braces made next month. I’ve only been putting it off for about 5 years!
  • I made American style pancakes for the first time on Pancake Day. Success!

I’m welcoming March with open arms and I’m really hoping it’s a happy, productive and not-too-stressful month for me.

How was February for you? Did you have any victories, big or small?

Little Victories is a monthly series, celebrating the things that make life great, no matter how small.

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  1. Yes, I love this post a lot because it’s true that celebrating the little victories in life makes life a bit better. Always be proud of the small things for they are the big things in the end <3

  2. Susanne

    My greatest victory since a long time happened today when I finally, after days of attempts and failures, managed to create a photo gallery with grid layout and Lightbox that actually WORKS, for the small CMS I want to use instead of WordPress. Yay!

    • Holly

      Code related victories are the most satisfying victories of all. Well done on getting that working! I recently worked on something very similar at work.

  3. Yes! Being positive is good! I too am trying my best to be positive whenever things are less than shiny.
    My February wasn’t too eventful. I did introduce the BF to my parent’s though. It went really well and I’m glad they like him. I’m working on a few fun projects this month and then I have a convention in April plus I get to meet the BF’s parents in April as well. Until then, I’m hoping March goes smoothly.

    • Holly

      Introducing your partner to your parents is a real achievement! I remember how nervous I was about my parents meeting Tyrone for the first time but fortunately they liked him.

  4. Sometimes, the smallest victories are always big. <3

  5. You sound SO HAPPY in this post 😄😄 Congratulations on one year in your new home! Holy crap, how has it been that long? We met like almost a whole eight months ago too. 😭💖

    I am laughing at the retainer thing because I pretty much waited until mine were rotten and until I was too lazy to wear it and my teeth moved again, before I thought hmmmm maybe I should get these replaced? 😂 I grind my teeth at night so the holes in them were, to say the least, purely disgusting. Haha.

    Keep on swimming! 😛 🙂

    • Holly

      I know right?! I remember this time last year we were chatting about your trip to Europe. Crazy!

      Mine have holes in and there’s a giant crack down the middle of the bottom one which has been there for about three years. It’s beyond me how it hasn’t split into two!

  6. I love this post 🙂 letting us remember our little victories. And swimmingggg! I miss swimming, I should try to get back to it 🙂

    • Holly

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it. Swimming is so good! I find it really helps my mental health.

  7. Cat

    Sorry to hear that February wasn’t a good month for you, but at least there are positive things you can look back on! Salted caramel with brownies sound soooo good. I also remember when you wrote about finding your house. I can’t believe it’s been a year already!

    February was kind of stressful for me, but I think my main victories was being productive with a few of my hobbies. That always feels good 🙂 I hope March will be a better month for you!

  8. You sound mighty happy for an allegedly not so great month, haha. Good on you for the positivity!