Liebster Award (2)

11th November 2014

Liebster Award

I was nominated for the Liebster award by Tracy.

I’ve done this before (hence the number 2 in the title) but I’m sure the rules alter every time I look. For instance, I’m sure you didn’t have to nominate 11 people before [1. I just looked back to the last time I did this and I only had to nominate 5 people.] or give 11 facts about yourself. Anyway, here goes.

– Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
– Answer the 11 questions given to you from the blogger.
– Give 11 facts about yourself.
– Nominate 11 blogs you think are deserving of the award (less than 200 followers).
– Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.
– Give 11 questions to them to answer.

Facts about me:

  • I’m so organised, sometimes it scares me.
  • My favourite album of all time is Quadrophenia.
  • I saw The Dark Knight 4 times at the cinema. It’s still my favourite film.
  • I suffer horrifically with motion sickness, both while travelling and playing games.
  • I support Everton and have done all my life.
  • I’ve never been to a night club.
  • I’m a huge fan of Harley Quinn.
  • I don’t have any piercings. Not even my ears are pierced.
  • I’m one of three children.
  • I have a fear of Barry Manilow.
  • I hate Starbucks, Jack Wills and Hollister. Funnily enough, they were all brands that I use to love.

1. What made you decided to blog?

It was natural progression really. I started out making websites providing graphics and tutorials. Originally I used the blog section just to report updates, and eventually I started to talk about my life.

2. What is your favourite thing to do in the colder months?

Sleep. No seriously, I hate winter. I wish I could hibernate.

3. Name your favourite bath/shower products that you are using at the moment.

I really like the Soap and Glory shower gel Clean On Me.

4. What is your favourite season and why?

Summer. I love the sunshine, the heat and the long night.

5. What is your current job and what would your dream job be?

I am currently a blogger for a student marketing/communications company, as well as being a full-time student.

I don’t know what my dream job is anymore. I guess I’d like to run my own business.

6. What did you want to be when you grow up opposed to what you are currently doing?

Please don’t laugh, but I always wanted to be a dolphin trainer. It took me a while but I eventually realised it was an impossible dream, and that’s why I studied geography at university instead of marine biology or zoology.

7. What is more important to you hair care or skin care and why?

Skin care is more important to me as I have super sensitive skin and acne.

8. If you could have the chance to have your perfect body, hair and skin care, the full package but have a horrible personality for a week only, what would you choose?

I don’t really understand this question, but I’d never change the way my body looks so I’d keep it the same and also keep my personality.

9. How long have you been a blogger for?

5 years or so.

10. Where would you like to see yourself in two years time?

Either working or post graduate study.

11. is a new blog, if you had to pass on one bit of advice you have gained blogging ,what would it be?

Here’s my solid advice to bloggers:

Do what you want. Write about what interests you. Take all blogging advice with a pinch of salt, because what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you.

My 11 questions to you:

1. What’s your favourite holiday destination?
2. Who would be your dream date?
3. What’s your favourite album of all time?
4. What’s your favourite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)?
5. What’s your biggest fear?
6. What’s your favourite movie?
7. How do you stay motivated as a blogger?
8. What’s your greatest achievment in life?
9. Who is your favourite fictional character?
10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
11. Which month is your favourite, and why?

I nominate Cat, Melissa, Erin, Jenny, Uglyfish, Susanne, Kimm, Nancy, Elena, Alice B and Krissy.

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  1. Congrats on getting nominated to the Liebster award for the second time!

    You had nominated me in your last Liebster post… and I had totally forgotten what it is mostly because I had done that post on my old domain before it expired! πŸ™

    • Holly

      It was quite a while ago that I was nominated. I think was nominated again a few months back but I completely forgot!

  2. Cat

    I feel like a lot of these things change as they go and people add things. I don’t remember the 11 facts thing being part of the Liebster award. Congrats on being nominated again though!

    I also don’t have any piercings since I never really got into the earrings thing. My blogging experience is similar to yours. I was using the updates section of a site as a blog until I realized I should have an actual blog.

    I think it’d be cool to be a dolphin trainer! Dolphins are amazing creatures, and it’d be cool to work with them. I also like your advice on well, to take advice with a pinch of salt. Everyone blogs differently, and that’s what makes the blogging world so interesting.

    Thanks for nominating me again! I really need to get around to answering questions from this. I have a draft saved with a few sets of Liebster award questions and haven’t published it yet!

    • Holly

      I honestly don’t think I’d suit earrings. I’d probably forget to wear them too!

      Thanks! And no problem. πŸ™‚

  3. Susanne

    Hey! Thanks for nominating me! I can never follow the rules but I like to answer the questions and share stuff about myself. I simply don’t know so many bloggers that I think should have the award (I don’t think I even read 11 blogs regularly) or who would want the award.
    However, find my post at (broken link)