Let’s dance

24th June 2012

I think it’s pretty weird to say this but I’m no longer a college student. On Friday I finished my two year A level course at college.

My last exam was on Friday morning and it was a biology one. I preferred the final section of the course as the content was related to the human body, and that interests me. Although not all of the questions went my way and I almost missed out two pages when they stuck together, I think I did pretty well. Or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself. Now all my exams are over, all I can do is sit and wait until the results come out in August. Talk about tension!

The thing is I no longer have to revise for anything. It’s weird as I have spent the majority of my time from September onwards studying for progress tests and the real exams. Now I have the time to do the things that I wanted to do when I was revising. I’m just relaxing at the moment, watching some TV and playing some games. I had this strange craving to play Sims when I was studying and now I can waste hour after hour on my laptop building amazing houses. πŸ˜€

On a Friday afternoon I would normally have two and half hours of lessons, but as my exams had finished I didn’t have to go. This left me with a lot of time on my hands, stuck in college with no revision or college work that needed to be done. I found a computer in the library and I finished transferring all of my tutorials over from Imperfect Angel. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages but you know, exams. So you will no longer be linked to a page that doesn’t exist (hopefully). Some of the images were lost when I was transferring the tutorials (blame tinypic) but I have plenty of time to fix that.

I got a reply back from the waitress job I applied for. The email said that I wasn’t going to be offered the job because I don’t have the appropriate experience of working in a busy tearoom. Yeah, I might not have worked in a tearoom before but I can work in busy conditions. It’s my speciality! I worked in a large chain store over two Christmas periods. Being one of the only decent shops in the town where I live, it was always busy during December. Oh yes, I can cope with busy. I was a little disappointed but it’s not my first job rejection. I’ve had many. So many.

On Thursday it was my friend Becca’s 18th birthday and yesterday she had a party. The party was also for her brother’s 21st birthday. There was a lot of people there and it was nice to catch up with some of my friend I haven’t spoke to in a while. It was a lot of fun. I don’t get the chance to go to many parties (how sad) but I really enjoy just letting my hair down. I had a few drinks, not many, and then I was up dancing with everyone else. Time to show people what I can do after spending hours in front of my mirror with my iPod on.

The result; I rock at the YMCA. πŸ˜›

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  1. Cat

    Congrats on finishing your college course! I hope the results are good πŸ™‚ I remember how good it felt after exams, not having to spend time doing school work or studying anymore. It’s always nice to have a bunch of free time.

    I’m sorry to hear about the job rejection though πŸ™ I think it’s annoying when they say you don’t have the experience for it. How will you ever get experience if you don’t get a chance to do it? I hope you’ll find another job though!

  2. Congrats on finishing college!!!
    Transferring stuff the sites can be really slow at times… that has happened with me many times.
    rejections really suck… I hope you get the job you desire for… all the best for that, Holly.
    What is YMCA?
    Are you having your summer vactions now?

  3. Congrats on finishing! Now you just have to wait for the results… I’m sure time will go fast and I’m sure you did well. I’m currently studying and working… I just cannot wait to be done! lol
    Sorry about the job rejection… they really should have hired you even though you don’t have specific experience in what they want, like you said, you have experience in being in busy environments. Oh well, I hope you get something. In the mean time, enjoy the time you have to relax and do things you could not do due to having to study. πŸ™‚

  4. I will be in college for more than 10 years more. Huhuhu. Congrats <3

  5. That’s quite a while to wait for the finals results! Dx

    My favorite part about Sims has always been the house building part, too. πŸ˜› I unfortunately have misplaced the game (even the first oneD: ), so I lack the ability to play it. It really sucks, because I’d so love to be building houses right now and creating drama among my fictional peoples in my own little Sims world. xD

    Sorry about the job rejection. :L For some reason employers often turn down people who haven’t had the kind of experience/background they desired. I don’t know why. Walmart took a chance at hiring me even though my first job had been about four and a half years prior and at a fast food restaurant called Sonic.

  6. Shiri

    Congratulations! I know how you feel πŸ™‚

  7. Sorry about your job interview… how the hell does anyone get hired to work in a tearoom if they need experience working in a tearoom first? That sounds like a flawed system… lol. Good luck with future interviews! And congrats on graduating!