Leaf on Bold Street & St John’s Beacon (Liverpool)

4th November 2014


Last Monday my friend Becky came over to Liverpool to visit. She bought me oatcakes from back home (as we can’t get them in Liverpool!), for which I am forever grateful. We did a spot of shopping in the morning and then decided it was time for lunch.

For lunch I suggested Leaf; a teashop located on Bold Street. While I had never been there myself before, Leaf came highly recommended by others, and it didn’t disappoint.


There is such a huge variety of teas available, but being unadventurous we both opted for Assam Breakfast tea which came in these adorable cafetieres.


Food wise, we both ordered the pork & leek sausage sandwich which was served with a red cabbage coleslaw on the size. There was a little too much mustard on there for my liking but the sausages were delicious and the bread tasted so fresh. I’m excited to return in the near future and to work my way through the rest of the menu.


I think what I loved most about Leaf was the décor. We sat upstairs where the décor is very rustic and the lighting and glitter balls just complements the whole room beautifully.

Overall I thought lunch was great value for money (less than £6 each for the tea and sandwich), the atmosphere was lovely and the staff were very friendly. If you are ever in the city and fancy a light bite, do go visit.

After lunch we decided to do something in the city that neither of us had done before. We went up to the top of St John’s Beacon, or Radio City Tower as it’s perhaps better known. Basically, it’s a tower in the centre of town that stands 452 ft high and has the most incredible views over the city.

Liverpool from Radio City Tower

Typical Liverpool weather. See the blue cranes in the centre of the image? My flat is just hiding behind there.

Liverpool from Radio City Tower

This is the Liver Building that I bang on about so much. It’s also in my header image.

Liverpool from Radio City Tower

This is the Metropolitan cathedral. It’s sometimes referred to as the Wigwam.

Liverpool from Radio City Tower

And this (terrible) photo is of the Anglican cathedral where I will be graduating this summer!

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  1. Melissa

    Wow, I’d love to visit that place for sure! It’s looking amazing!

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