King of Pain

22nd April 2012

Going back to college wasn’t too much of a pull. Especially because my biology teacher wasn’t in all week so I didn’t have a proper lesson. I feel like our class is so behind with biology. The other classes are on to the next topic and they have completed their coursework. It’s back to teaching myself, again.

I received good marks for my ICT coursework. The marks are not moderated yet but I’m happy with the results so far. Looks like I’m on target for getting an A grade!

I took Friday off college as I was feeling pretty rough. On Thursday I felt terrible but I still went into college. When I woke up on Friday morning I felt even worse so I took the day off. I don’t take that much time off college so I think I’m entitled to some time off when I’m ill. I’m still not feeling any better now. To add to this, I have been experiencing pain in my hip all week. It started on Sunday night and has continued throughout the week. My hip doesn’t hurt when I’m moving but when I sit down or lie down, the pain kicks in. I’ve been taking really strong painkillers to help me sleep but they don’t seem to be having much affect.

I know that there is nothing more that doctors can do for my hip. For those of you who don’t know, I have congenital hip displasia (type B on the diagram) and after loads of surgery, causing great damage to my muscles, I often feel pain around my hip joint. The only way I can reduce the amount of pain I get is by exercising. I suppose when I was on holiday I did a lot more walking than usual and I’m just recovering from it. I’m hoping that the pain drifts away pretty soon and I can get back to sleeping as usual.

It’s vicious circle. I say I’m ill so people tell me to sleep. But I can’t sleep because of the pain in my hip. So the next day I feel tired and just as ill. I’m feeling rather sorry for myself.

Anyone here own a laptop? If you do, have you had to replace the battery in it?

You see, I turned on my laptop this morning and a warning message appeared which said that my battery needs replacing. I went on to the Dell website to see how much they cost and I was pretty annoyed about how much they were. I knew they were going to be expensive but Β£130 is money that I don’t have. I’m a student and I don’t have a job anymore. My previous job still haven’t paid me for 3 days work I did in December!! I can’t expect my parents to buy one for me. It’s not fair to take off them all of the time. I’ve just had to buy new ink cartridges for my printer (turns out it wasn’t broken after all).

What I wanted to know is, is it really essential to change your battery? Will my laptop just stop working if I don’t replace it? I want to save as much money as I can. Yes, I’m being tight.

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  1. Cat

    Sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well! I hope you feel better soon, and that the pain in your hip lessens =(

    In my experience, your laptop won’t stop working, but the battery life might be really short. I think it’s only important to replace it if you use the battery a lot and need it to last a while. If you keep it plugged in most of the time, it’s usually better to just remove the battery. Hope that helps!

  2. Congrats on your work in ICT and I hope you get an A grade…and it must be irritating to catch with your bio work on your own just because the lectures were cancelled!

    I hope you get better soon! not able to sit or lie down because of the pain must be so tiring and bad!
    I don’t own a laptop, but I guess, each and every gadget gives some problem or other. My computer needs a servicing. My browsers are not working properly and all! πŸ™

  3. Hyeoni

    Aww sorry to hear about your joint hip problems. πŸ™
    Hope the pain wanes soon! ><
    And I hope your biology class gets better as well.

    My sister has this really really old crappy laptop, and it doesn't last past 20 minutes on its own. The battery is dead for sure, but as long as you have that cord that plugs in you should be good to go! Just won't be as portable anymore, lol.

    I'm not sure what an ICT is but I hope you get that A!!! πŸ™‚

  4. Shiri

    Aww, the pain & not sleeping. I’ve been there. Not because of my hip though.

    Nope, I’ve never replaced the battery on my laptop, just the memory or whatever..that caused the computer to act veeery slow.

  5. Michelle

    You’ll have to keep the laptop plugged in to use it. I’ve had that happen to me before and I’ve had to replaced the battery. I suggest using ebay to find laptop batteries and such.

    If you never replaced it, your laptop will be limited to the wall.