Just trying my best

17th June 2012

I’m so glad it’s the weekend. It’s been one of those weeks.

I’ve had three exams this week and they have gone from good to bad. On Tuesday I had my ICT exam. It’s rare that I leave my exam feeling satisfied with myself. This was one of these rare moments. For once an exam went my way. I knew the answers to the majority of questions and even the ones that I wasn’t 100% on, I gave it my best shot. Wednesday was my geography exam which didn’t go my way. Basically every question I didn’t want was on that paper. I learned like 50 case studies and then the essay question didn’t give me an opportunity to use these case studies. It’s so frustrating!

Thursday I had the day off because all my lessons for a Thursday have now finished. I went to the doctors in the morning to try and find out why I’d been having pain with my under arms. It turns out that it’s just my muscles and it will get better on its own. I can say that I’ve seen an improvement in the last week or so. In the afternoon I had a driving lesson. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I’ve finally started to learn how to drive. I’ve had three lessons so far and I think it’s going okay. I’m very nervous and forgetful but I’m sure it will all come to me at some point. I want to pass before university but I’m not sure if I will. If not I’ll have to finish off when I’m there. Learning to drive in a city will be very different from learning to drive in the countryside. On my second lesson I got stuck behind a herd of cows crossing the road!

On Friday I had my biology exam. It was a resit of the one I sat in January. The one I failed. I felt like I knew the content on the course a bit better than the first time round but when I got in the exam, I just didn’t understand what the questions were asking. In biology I struggle to put the theory behind real life situations. I know what my problem is and it’s a big issue because the biology exams are based on real life scientific situations. I’m not sure if I have done much better than the first time round. All I can do is give my final biology exam my best shot. It’s next Friday so I have quite a but of free time to revise for it. And then I have to play the waiting game. Waiting until August to find out my results. Waiting to see if I’ll be moving to Liverpool this year or not.

I hate not knowing what is going on in my life. I’m the type of person who likes to be organised and who knows what’s going to happen. I just hate uncertainty. I want to prepare for university by reading text books and buying things for my accommodation, but what if it doesn’t happen? I’m going to be stuck here for another year. I will probably have to resit the year and then re-apply for university next year.

But I can’t think like that, can I? I have to look on the bright side. I have to be positive and say “Yes, I am going to university to this September.” I have my conditional place at my first choice of university, I have my accommodation and now I have confirmation of my funding. Yes, student finance finally sorted out my funding and I can afford to go and I can afford my accommodation!!

So, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed. I’m going to try my hardest on my final exam and then I’m going to enjoy my summer without having to think about the future.

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  1. Dorine

    Whew! Exams are horrid. I finished mine in May already, and it’s the holidays for me at the moment. I have another set of examinations in September or so, though, so it’s starting to be preparation time ’cause it’s a pretty important exam, though the one next year is more important.

    Good luck with your exams. I can’t relate with you because my stress is definitely lower than you (I’m going to secondary school 2 years later, and you’re going to university!). πŸ™ However, let loose and relax sometimes. Don’t let all the stress get to you!

    And you will rock at exams and get into university. I trust you. πŸ™‚

    • I’ve just finished all my exams so it’s the holidays for me too. Hooray!! Good luck with your exams in September.

      Hehe thank you. πŸ™‚ I really hope I get in. I’m desperate to go now!

  2. Cat

    I hope you’re having a better week! 3 exams in one week sounds so stressful. I always hated it when I studied something so much, and it didn’t show up on the exam at all.

    haha, I can’t imagine waiting for a herd of cows to cross while I’m driving! I live in an area surrounded by highways, so I had to learn how to drive on those right away. Kind of crazy for a first time driver!

    Good luck with your exams and applying for university! I’m a very organized person, too, when it comes to events in my life, but things usually work out eventually, even if they don’t go as planned πŸ™‚