Just do it

19th April 2017

The title of this post makes it feels like it’s an advert for Nike. It’s not. But a non-sponsored fitness post is coming to the blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled if that’s your thing!

On a Sunday, I make time to look over my diary and plan out the up coming week. I’ll make myself a little (read: impossibly massive) to-do list including many tasks that have rolled over from the previous week.

You see, I have a bad habit of putting things off. Whether it be making a phone call, sending an email, running some errands or arranging an appointment, unless I have to do it that day at that exact moment, chances are I’ll just push it to another day.

Rather than just doing it and getting it over and done with I’ll drag it out as much as possible until it becomes a burden.

This is one of the reasons it took me 5 years to get myself new retainers made!

But I always feel better once I’ve done whatever it is I needed to do. It’s like I can actually feel the pressure being relieved. And once it’s done I can stop worrying about it. Well, most of the time I can.

This is what anxiety does to me. It stops me from taking actions that can help me to feel less anxious. It’s a vicious circle.

As I write this I can think of several phone calls I need to make, tasks I need to start, conversations I need to have, all of which are making me feel terrible because they’re constantly on my mind. I just need to rip off the plaster, as they say.

Ironically I’m also the type of person who peels off their plasters oh so slowly.

I have a journal and in that journal I have these “brain dumps” where I list out all of my worries at that present moment. 90% of the time their actions I can take to alleviate the anxiety of these problems.

At the time of writing these “brain dumps”, the issues I write down will be consuming my life and my happiness, but then a couple of months later when I re-read my old journal entries I see these issues as being so insignificant. I wonder why I worried so much at the time and why I put off taking action for so long.

It makes me realise how stupid my anxiety can be at times.

So this is a reminder to myself. Just do it. That phone call you need to make won’t be as bad as you think it will. That task you need to start could have an amazing outcome. The pain from that conversation you need to have will only be temporary.

“This too shall pass.”

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  1. You’re not alone when it comes to putting things off. I know I like to push things for another day when I feel like it’s not *important* enough or I’m super lazy.

    It’s great that you had new retainers made. It’s better to use retainers rather than going through the braces process again. Having a to-do list is a good way to have a visual on what needs to be done. You’re right about things not being as bad as we thought. The sooner you get the task done, the less time you’d be dreading ;).

    • Holly

      I’m glad to hear I’m not alone. 😊

      Yes, I definitely wouldn’t want to go through having braces again!

  2. I haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety and when I was diagnosed with depression I couldn’t remember how high I was on the anxiety scale. But I experience anxiety from time to time and it only takes a quick little bit of progress to make me stop worrying. Sometimes Nick will tell me to actually write out all the things I am anxious about and will make me realise that it’s actually not a lot at all. And a lot of it is manageable as well, if only I would make a move on something!

    I am pretty sure I understand the feeling of putting things off because you’re spending too much time thinking about all those things, while you get filled with dread. 😩

    I also feel like it’s far different from just procrastinating – there are actual worries and concerns involved! *hug*