It’s the little things

12th April 2016

Morning sunshine

Around this time last year I wrote a Weekend Blog post about how easy it is to forget about the simple things that make life truly great.

In the last few months I have really started to appreciate the little things in life, even the most average, mundane things about life. Today I thought I’d share some with you…

I love how the light pours in through the side window of our house and peeps through the bedroom door on the weekends. It’s so lovely to wake up like this.

I also love that it is now still light when I leave work. It always feels like a drag the weekend the clocks go forward but I’m oh so grateful to welcome in the longer days.

Cup of tea in the garden

I love having a cup of tea in the morning. I have one every morning, without fail. Most mornings it’s rushed, and I drink it down quickly as I get ready for work. But on the weekends I take the time to enjoy every sip while I wake up.

This weekend I even sat out on my patio to drink my tea as the weather was so lovely.


I love buying flowers for the house. When I moved into the house my mum bought me a vase (because I hadn’t owned one previously) and a beautiful bunch of flowers. Now I like to pick up a fresh bunch every other week on my way home from work and display them in our living room window. I’m also excited to see the flowers we planted in the garden grow.

Cracker-bread and sweet chilli dip

I love discovering new food dishes and I’m currently loving snacking. I started up my Graze box subscription again because I had a load of discount codes, and although I probably won’t continue with it for much longer it is helping me to think up new ideas for snacks.

I’m currently enjoying cracker-bread with a sweet chilli dip. It’s so cheap and easy to prepare.

Baking ingredients

Chocolate cookies

I love baking on a Sunday afternoon. It makes me feel about 20 years older than I actually am but I just find it so therapeutic. Last weekend I baked my favourite chocolate cookies. I just love the way it makes the house smell.

Liverpool sunset

I love the view from our spare room (my office), particularly when the sunset creates beautiful colours in the sky. It makes Liverpool look more dreamy, if that’s even possible.

Tell me what really simple things about life you love!

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  1. Joy

    The little things are always so dreamy! The light coming from that window looks like heaven.

    I adore how so many of your favorite little things involve your new home at the moment. It’s super sweet.

    Those cookies, though! They look fantastic!

  2. Longer days is definitely the best part of this half of the year. I feel more motivated, feel like I can do more in the evening, and it isn’t cold anymore that I need to lug around a thick coat everyday.

    I love baking! I have so much baking equipment. I go in and out of the phase tho, I was in a cookie baking phase few weeks back. Talking about cookie baking, I really want to do make some this weekend.

  3. Aww, I love your post. I think all the things you’ve mentioned are wonderful. xx

    I plan to reply to the email today, I had no idea yesterday when I’m available, so I kept postponing it. πŸ™‚

  4. Chynna

    I have the same lantern in silver! Gotta love IKEA πŸ™‚ Baking is so therapeutic, though. I love baking and if I had more time on my hands I would definitely be baking more. What a lovely view you have!

    I love this post! I definitely enjoy that the days are longer now and it means I can spend more time in the beer garden, haha.

  5. Loved the way you listed down these little things!
    A very nice and simple post.

    Now that we are going to shift to a new house soon, I keep noticing a few things here and there about this house that I am going to so miss!

  6. All those things sounds lovely. Me, I enjoy having framed pictures on my walls. They make me smile every time I look at the; plus, bare walls make me sad.

  7. Brandy

    I’ll admit, I love the Spring and Summer for that very reason – the fact that the days seem longer due to the longer sunlight. It’s pretty depressing getting off work when it’s dark at 5-6pm.

  8. Amy

    This is a lovely post. All of these sound great.

    I love coming out of work when it’s light. It’s nice to get home and still feel like I have some of the day left. And it’s also nice to do my lonely 15 minute walk to the bus stop when it’s light. Not a fan of walking in the dark.

    I subscribed to Graze for one box, then my payment method wasn’t accepted by them which was weird. (They didn’t used to take Maestro, which was annoying). I now have the right card, and keep wanting them whenever I see people at work with them, but I think it’s an added expense I don’t need right now. I love getting to try the new things though!

    I love getting into fresh bed sheets, I love it when Andy brings me something home (just chocolate or a nice surprise, it’s lovely). I’m sure there are many more as well!

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