I love paella!

5th October 2012

Last weekend I went home. I caught a train after my lecture of Friday morning and I spent the weekend with my family and Tyrone.

I can’t explain how good it was to sleep in my own bed again. I can’t believe how quickly I fell asleep. Living in student accommodation is noisy so I don’t normally sleep until around 1am here. I hate sleeping at such a stupid time. I wake up in the mornings and I struggle to stay awake throughout the lectures.

I spent Saturday with Tyrone and in the evening we met up with my family at a pub for a meal. It was good to have a catch up with everyone and eat a proper meal! I loved going home for my mum’s cooking, and on Friday and Sunday she cooked for me. Then it was back to putting frozen food on a baking tray and putting it in the oven. Ah, student life.

Speaking of food, last night my flat mates, Sharon, Emily and her boyfriend (Darren), and myself, decided to go out for a meal in the evening. We didn’t know where we were going to eat at first but after a while of walking around the city centre we found a tapas restaurant called La Viña. It looked really popular and after looking at the menu we decided to give it ago.

We shared a jug of sangria, although to be honest we could have done with one each. I love the taste of sangria. It always makes me feel like I’m abroad. For our meal we ordered paella. We had a traditional seafood paella for two and a vegetable paella for two. I’m a big lover of seafood so I loved the mussels and prawns. Oh god, it was so good! Not particularly cheap but incredibly tasty. We ended up ordering a bottle of wine to share while we were enjoying the food. We also ordered deserts. Not a good decision when on a budget but it was the most amazing desert I have ever tasted. I had something called Fondant de Chocolate. It was heaven. Once again, not cheap, but totally worth it.

Overall I had a great night, with great food and great company. I’m really lucky to have such nice flat mates who have similar interests to me. 🙂

I have decided that I would like an iPad. Okay, I’ve always wanted an iPad, but I have come to a decision that I am going to save up some money to put towards an iPad 2 which I will receive for Christmas. Why not the latest iPad? Honestly, having the latest version of something doesn’t bother me that much. My iPod is not the latest generation, my phone is certainly not the latest model, and neither is my camera.

The main purpose of my iPad will be to make notes on during lectures. I’d take my laptop but its battery life is approximately 30 minutes, and there is nowhere to charge it during the lectures. Plus, my laptop is pretty heavy to carry around all day. An iPad will be much more practical.

But now for the big decision…do I get it in white or black?

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  1. I TOTALLY know how you feel about living in halls! I often stay at my partners house if I have the word the next day, but for me that’s only a 12 minute drive away!

    Sounds like you’ve really connected with your flat mates, you’re really lucky! I haven’t really. I’m really shy!

    Have a great week!

  2. Ohh I forgot to mention, I think an Ipad would be so distracting for uni! I wanted a tablet too, to take notes on, but my partner said it would be to distracting (plus I couldn’t actually afford one!), and he’s so right, even though I’m just doing a foundation course before I start my degree, I still get distracted by my cell phone!

    Writing helps absorb the information more, though. But everyone has their own preference!

  3. Cat

    Yum, that restaurant sounds good! I don’t think I’ve actually had paella, though it’s something I’ve been wanting to try. I’m a big fan of seafood too 🙂

    The first couple years in college, going home and being in my own room and bed again felt good. The longer I was away, the more my own apartment felt like home though, haha.

    I’ve been wanting an iPad too! I’m not sure if I’ll get one though because I have a cheap netbook that’s easy to carry around. An iPad sounds really useful for taking to class though 🙂