I can see for miles and miles

25th September 2012

I feel like my first week of university, with lessons in full swing, was a success. Despite feeling tired in the vast majority of them, I am keeping on top of the work and hopefully I will continue to do so throughout the year. πŸ™‚

My university building is very tall. Part of it is known as the ‘tower’ and it’s 12 floors high. On Fridays I have a lecture for the module Environment, Society and Sustainability in a room on the 8th floor. I am therefore banning myself from sitting at the back of the room by a window as last lesson I spent 2 hours looking at the view. And what a view it is. You can see the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Anglican Cathedral, the Radio City tower, as well as the rest of the city. I know not everyone would find this view pretty, but I do.

I had a great weekend as Tyrone came to stay. We are currently in a long distance relationship, but we are fortunate that the distance isn’t too great and that he can easily get a train to come and see me. We Skype every night so it doesn’t even feel like we are apart. Anyway, I met him at Lime Street Station on Saturday morning. I showed him around my accommodation and then we went into town for some shopping and some lunch. We went out again later in the day for a meal at Pizza Hut. I love having all these great places right on my doorstep. πŸ˜›

On Sunday we went to a comic fair. It was only small but I really enjoyed looking through the collections and feeling like a real nerd. On one of the stalls a guy had a collection of autographs. I know it’s not really related to comics but I had a good look through and I managed to find Pete Townshend’s autograph on a photograph of him. It was Β£15 so I had to buy it, even though I’m on a budget. I know it is genuine because the collector has all the letters that were send with the autographs from the celebrities.

At another stall I was looking through the Batman comics and the owner asked me if I was interested in anything particular. I told him that I was a Harley Quinn fan, and so anything related to her would be good. He pulled out a selection of comics from the Harley Quinn comic series. They were all in amazing condition and in plastic bags to protect them. He told me he had just got hold of the collection and that I was going to have first pick. He also said that he was going to a larger comic fair soon and he knew that they would sell out straight away. I knew that was true because it’s difficult to get your hands on Harley Quinn stuff.

Tyrone offered to buy me a load of them so I felt like a very lucky girl. I ended up with 9 issues including the first, the second and the last. To be honest they weren’t too expensive for what they are. I’m not buying them to sell on. I’m buying them for my collection and I take great pleasure in reading them. Owning original copies is just amazing *nerdy moment*. 8)

Today I have the day off, and I’m very grateful for it as I have fresher’s flu. I feel awful! I’m having a lazy day and staying in bed, hoping that I will feel better for tomorrow’s lectures. Fortunately for the next three weeks I have Thursday’s off, so at least if I’m still feeling ill I can stay in bed again.

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  1. The university I’m close by too has some tall buildings but not anything really tall. I think the tallest structures it has might be the car garages. πŸ™‚

    I know what you mean about falling behind. I’m trying to not keep such a hard grip on my schedule that I crack. I kind of did that yesterday. oops.

    I have never gotten into comics and video games. But batman I loooove. I think it was you quite a while ago that had some batman link on your site. Like to a fanlisting or something. I remember being sort of happy to see another batman lover online. πŸ™‚
    I can definitely see the jazz in collecting comic books that mean a lot. If my town has a comic fair I should go to check it out.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Cat

    Wow, that’s nice that your classrooms have nice views! We had some tall buildings at my college, but they didn’t look down at anything interesting.

    That’s great that you and Tyrone aren’t too far apart. Long distance relationships can be tough. I was fortunate, too, that my husband was only an hour away when we were living in different cities. It kind of sucks when you can’t see each other often!

    Ooh, sounds like you got some awesome stuff at the comic fair πŸ™‚ I love owning things just to collect too. I really don’t have interest in selling my stuff, though it kind of builds up, haha.

  3. Those views are amazing! I would be so distracted if I was in class and I could clearly see that. At my university, our tallest buildings are like four stories, and while we’re close to downtown Kansas City, there’s really not much to see but the rest of the campus. Which is nice, but is nothing compared to that view!

    It’s good to hear that your first week of class went well! We started in August so a fourth of our semester is already over – which is a huge relief. Good luck with keeping up with all of your classes during the rest of the year!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend with your boyfriend! Comics are one of those things I wish I was more interested in or had been when I was growing up. One of my brothers is really into comics so I might have to steal some of them and read them. πŸ˜›