Howdy from Liverpool

10th September 2012

On Saturday I moved into my student accommodation here in Liverpool. It was a pretty mad day and I was shattered by the end of it.

I moved in about 12 noon and my parents helped me carry all my stuff to my room. As none of my flat mates had turned up, we decided to go for lunch at my favourite restaurant on the docks. Shortly after we returned to my flat, one of my flat mates arrived. Her name is Sharon and we’ve been getting on really well. Like me, she prefers pubs to clubs, so on the first night we had Super Noodles for our dinner and then we went hunting for pubs.

Turns out there is a really nice Irish pub literally across the road from where we live. Drinks are reasonably cheap and it’s a really nice atmosphere in there. It’s such a quirky little place. After drinks, we went on the hunt for another pub. There are loads around where we live but a lot of them stop serving at 11pm. So after a walk around we headed back and we went to bed.

On Sunday I got up pretty late but as Sharon hasn’t been to Liverpool before, I offered to show her around. We needed to do some food shopping so we headed for Tesco. One of the famous landmarks in Liverpool is the Radio City tower. We discovered that near the bottom of the tower is a Tesco so we just followed the tower haha! We walked through the city centre and popped into shops along the way. I showed Sharon Mathews Street and the world famous Cavern Club. In fact, we ended up going in for a drink. It’s such an amazing atmosphere in there. There was a guy preforming songs by The Beatles in there so we stayed and listened until he finished. We will be definitely be going there again! 😀

By the time we got back to our flat, a new room mate had turned up. There are four bedrooms in our flat, each with an en suite, and we share a kitchen and living area. So we are still missing one flat mate and wondering where she is! Last night Sharon cooked enchiladas for dinner and I helped prepare some of the food. We had a bottle of wine and ate doughnuts while we watched a film. Once the film had finished we headed out to the Irish pub again. 😛

I think I’ve settled in quite well. Obviously it’s quite scary living so far away from home with new people but it’s going better than expected. This morning I cleaned the kitchen and my toilet so I’m feeling pretty domesticated. Enrolment is on Wednesday so I’m just going to enjoy my free time while I can. My room is still a bit of a mess but once I am sorted I’ll take pictures or make a video of it or something. 🙂

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  1. Cat

    I’m glad things are going well! That’s great that you get along with Sharon 🙂 I hope it goes well with the other roommates too. Having good roommates make such a big difference. I had a bad roommate once, and it made things so troublesome, sigh.

    I hope you’ll post pics of your new place!