How I organise my blogging process

24th September 2015

How I organise my blogging process

I’m a bit of an organisation freak, but you are probably aware of that already. One of my most popular blog posts of all time is my How to be a super organised student post which has been repinned on Pinterest over 70 times.

Because you all seem to enjoy my organisation posts so much I thought I would write one about how I organise my blogging process. I know there are a lot of posts out there about being an organised blogger, but I feel like my system quite different to anything I’ve seen before.

I have tried a lot of organisation systems; everything from spreadsheets to Google Calendar, and even a good old fashioned diary. However, I think I have found the perfect system for me. It’s not going to be ideal for everyone but I thought I’d share anyway to provide some inspiration for those who feel like they need some organisation for their blogging process.

Let me introduce you to Trello

I use a website called Trello. You may have heard of it before but I was only introduced to it when I started my new job. Instantly when I saw it I knew I could utilise it for organising my blog (because I’m sad like that).

Trello can be used to create boards, and within these boards you can create lists, and within these lists you can create cards. I’m going to break this down and explain what I use boards, lists and cards for.


So far I just have one board called “Blog” which is obviously for my blog. I may end up using Trello to organise other aspects of my life, but so far I’m just using it for my blog.

How I organise my blogging process


I have a few lists within my Blog board:

Post ideas – This is where I keep all my blog post ideas. If I get an idea for a potential post I will add a card with the name of that post to this board. This way, if I’m wondering what to blog about, I can easily turn to this list for inspiration.

A list for each month – I have a list for each month of the year. I use these lists to plan out which posts will be published that particular month.

Checklists – I love a good to do list, and there is nothing more rewarding that ticking things off as you go along. So far I have a monthly checklist and a daily social media checklist, which are both pretty self explanatory.

How I organise my blogging process


Now I’m going to go into a little more detail on how I utilise cards.

As I’ve already mentioned, I use cards for post ideas simply by writing the name of the title. However, once you’ve added a card it is possible to add a description, and in some situations this is very handy. Trello makes it super easy to drag and drop cards, so when I decided to start working on a post I can drag it into the appropriate monthly list.

How I organise my blogging process

(Don’t get too excited. Some of these posts might not happen. It’s simply for general ideas.)

Within each monthly list I have cards for each blog post. As well as the post title I also make a note of the date I am planning on publishing it. Within these cards you can create checklists, and so for each post there is a general blogging to do list. I can tick this off as I go along.

How I organise my blogging process

There is also calendar card. As you can add attachments to cards, including via your Google Drive, I have attached a Google Document which features a calendar for the month. Once the attachment is added, I can click to view and edit the calendar document. I just like having a calendar for visual purposes, but I don’t keep it as up to date as the rest of my blog board on Trello.

How I organise my blogging process

I also use checklists cards in the checklists list, because well, that’s what it’s for!

I’m still discovering new ways to use Trello, and I’m constantly adding new lists and cards. So far, I think it’s the perfect tool for blog organisation for me.

I always use to be the type of blogger to write and publish posts all in the same day, but I’ve soon realised that this just isn’t possible with working. I need to be organised.

If do ever feel the need I might cut down the number of posts I publish each week then I will, but so far I’m still enjoying myself. In the words of Heath Ledger:

“I only do this because I’m having fun. The day I stop having fun, I’ll just walk away.”

Do have a system for blogging? Or do you just write and post when ever?

P.S. After I took this screenshots I changed my Trello background to blue. It just fits my blog better!

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  1. Awesome! I used Trello a lot back in 2010 and it seems common for a lot of companies to use it for organising all their tasks. Now I don’t use it much anymore but all the companies I have worked for use it somehow. Most of us use Jira now because it works and connects with other products by Atlassian, like for code reviews or wikis. 🙂

    I use Wunderlist to organise my blog topics. It’s simple and has the same features you use, but because it’s simple it doesn’t have some of the more complex tasks that Trello has. You can put notes on each task, as well as making comments (even if it is your own task). You can assign the tasks to others if you have a shared list. Wunderlist also has checkboxes for ‘sub tasks’. You can assign due dates, and the part I like is hashtags. I use #topic to mark all my topic/post ideas in my ‘Hey Georgie’ list. 😀

    I used to write a post and publish it in the same day, and sometimes I still do. :/ I use my calendar to mark out posts like my interviews, Fashion Fridays, and when I plan to publish a certain post. I can put due dates on Wunderlist tasks and use the calendar URL, but I prefer to make events in my calendar so I can move them around if I like. I just ‘star’ tasks that have topics I want to write super soon.

    I’m also planning to write a post about how I organise my blog, sorta like a blogging ‘tips’ thing but done my way haha.

    • Holly

      I’d never heard of it before, probably because I’ve never worked in an environment where projects need to be managed!

      I’m not sure if I’ve tried Wunderlust. I’ve definetly heard of it but I’ll take a look some time.

      I can’t wait to read your post!

  2. Oh my. I think this would be perfect for uni! I’m such a terrible student when it comes to organization. Thanks for sharing this! I think it’ll come in handy!

  3. Krystal

    Thanks for this amazing post, it’s very inspiring.

    I’ve been meaning to get really organised with my blog post as I tend to slack a lot. At the moment I’m writing my ideas in a notebook, but I really should go digital with it.

    I’ve used Trello before at work, but I never thought about using it for organising blog post. I should give that a short. Thanks for the wonderful idea.

    • Holly

      No problem. 🙂 I’m glad you liked it.

      Some people like working on paper, some people like going digital. We all have different preferences. I’ve been trying to go more digital just so I have access to my blog plan when I’m on the go. It’s much easier than carrying around a notebook.

  4. Your blogging process is pretty nice and organized! It’s neat in a way that you can look in the future and see what you can post later on as well as posts for this month. I’m glad to see that you’re utilizing the app as much as you can.

    I use a simple calendar printout and blog post idea template in a small binder. I usually use it when I don’t have time and want to post.

  5. Nice blog post, Holly!
    I used Wunderlist at times to note down what all I have to blog about, but as i always say in my blog, i find it really hard to manage my blog as per the schedule! 🙁
    I even stick to the old paper pen method to write down my thoughts which later become blogs.

    I’ll go through Trello too! 😀

    • Holly

      I see that Wunderlust is quite popular, but the last time I tried it I didn’t get on very well with it. I just realised I forgot to schedule my newsletter, so I need to set up a reminder for that on Trello!

  6. Trello is really great when it comes to organizing your daily activities. It has nice features unlike other softwares. I’ve used it before but I switched to Wunderlist. Maybe because it’s a lot simpler than Trello. 😉
    Good vibes, Fox
    check out my latest Vlog

  7. I currently use just a reminders app on my phone to keep all of my blog post ideas, that way when I’m on the go and think of something I can easily add it to my list. I normally don’t write and publish a post in the same day. I tend to write it and then come back to edit it and schedule it. I really like this idea though – I’ve never heard of Trello before, but I’ve been wanting to come up with a more organized system so I will have to look into this. 🙂

    • Holly

      I used to use my reminder app too, but then I stopped using my phone as much and I ended up forgetting about it!

  8. Emily

    I love Trello! I use it all the time at work. I am still a sucker for pen and paper but I save so many trees using this instead!

    I am newish to blogging so I might set up a list for this too now. Great post 🙂

    Em x

    • Holly

      I hope using Trello helps. When you start blogging it can be a little overwhelming, so having a system can really help.

  9. Andrea Thompson

    Great post. I’ve just signed up to Trello and created my first set of boards etc. using your steps. will see how I get on with it!