We bought a house!

30th June 2017

I’ve been keeping a big of a secret from you guys, but today I can finally share it with you…

We bought a house!

I feel like this might explain a lot; particularly why I’ve not been so active on my blog and on social media this year.

I decided to keep it on the low down because I was so nervous about the whole house buying process as it was all very new to us. I guess I didn’t want to jinx it, or get my hopes up unnecessarily. So I decided to keep it a secret and not talk about it online.

And to be honest, everything was fine up until this week when it emerged that the seller’s solicitors told the seller that they could complete on Friday (i.e. receive the money from me so I’m the official owner) but not move out of the house until Saturday, which is actually a breach of contract. So essentially I would own a house but someone else would still be living in it! Hell no!

Then, the seller wouldn’t respond when I tried to find out when I could pick the keys up. The estate agent was an online one so it’s not like I could pick them up from a shop.

Anyway, we got it sorted in the end. My solicitor said she had never had to deal with anything like this in her entire career, and the seller’s solicitor apparently had to escorted out of their own office after having a mental breakdown over the case.

If you’re a new reader here, hello, I’m Holly, and this sort of bad luck is commonplace in my life.

So yes, it’s all sorted now and I got the keys today! It’s ours!

Having kept it on the low down online for three months, I now feel desperate to talk about the house!

The house is on the Wirral, not too far away from where we’re living at the moment. I always thought we’d move back to the Liverpool side of the Mersey to buy a house, but in the end we decided to stay on the Wirral because we love it so much.

We love the beaches and the quaint little towns, we love how easy and quick it is to get back to Shropshire when ever we like, and now that Tyrone works on the Wirral it made sense to stay. Sure, I have to commute into Liverpool but I don’t mind it. And anyway, I hope to be self-employed at some point in the future so I won’t need to worry about the commute anyway.

It’s a beautiful house on Bidston Hill with a garden that gets the sunshine all afternoon and evening, and we can just about see the sea from our bedroom window. Although the house isn’t very old, and it’s in a good condition, we’re hoping to do some DIY to make it our home, so maybe you’ll see some home related blog posts in the future.

Buying this house was a slow process. We actually put the offer in back in March! Do you remember in my very first Weekend Blog of the year I mentioned we had been to view a house? Well, that was the house we ended up buying! So yeah, it’s been going on for a while! But everything got moving all of a sudden last week and now it’s really happening.

The house is officially ours as of today, but we will be slowly moving in over the next couple of weeks. I learned my lesson last time we moved. Doing it all in one day is too stressful and exhausting!

Of course, I am incredibly sad to be leaving the house we currently live in. I’m probably going to ugly cry several times over the next few weeks because, honestly, this house has been our saviour. Long time readers might remember the hell-ish situation we were in before we moved to the house, and I can’t begin to explain how our lives have been transformed since moving here.

Oh, and obviously I’m going to miss THAT view.

There might be a lack of blog posts while we move because 1) we’re going to be busy and 2) we’re might not have internet for a while. Also, the new house doesn’t have a fibre internet connection yet so I’m not sure how we’re going to cope!

But everything will work out in the end. I hope this is the best decision we’ve ever made.

Right now, it’s time to celebrate!

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  1. Joy

    Oh my word! Congratulations on such an exciting accomplishment! I can’t wait to see what you two do with the new home.

    I know from experience that buying a home comes with so much stress. It took us 6 months to find a house because the market was so competitive and we were heartbroken but funny enough, the house we ended up buying was the first house we saw. It was originally too far out of our budget but six months down the line, the priced dropped and it was like a match made in heaven.

    I’m wishing you many years and memories in your own home! ❤️

    • Holly

      Thank you, Joy!

      It can be so hard finding a house. Although this was the first house we went to see, we had actually been looking at houses online for quite a few months before. And it was funny because we kept overlooking the house we ended up buying! I guess it pays to go and have a look around even if might not seem like the perfect house in the pictures.

  2. Ahhhh Holly, I am firstly incredibly happy for you and proud of you, I know you worked hard for this and it must’ve have been easy but you powered through it and now you’ve got it! Although it was a long and stressful process, it sounds like it’s a great location for Tyrone and a great environment for both of you <3

    I am really looking forward to posts about your house, I always find your blog posts super relatable and useful (and no doubt always look back at them – empfire is indeed bookmarked!! :P) I think sharing your experience would help not only me in the future when I want to buy a house myself but loads of others!

    Congratulations Holly! Celebrate it like a boss! 👑

    • Holly

      Thank you, Pauline!

      I’ve learned so much about buying a house, and even after just a few days of decorating I feel like I’ve learned a lot about that too, so I’m sure I will have lots to share on the blog!

  3. Elise

    congrats on the new house! leaving a house – a home – you have known for years is def not gonna be easy but a new house holds a lot of amazing opportunities and adventures. i’m so so happy for you! i hope one day i can have a place of my own too.

    • Holly

      Thank you, Elise!

      I’ve cried so many times already about leaving the old house, but the more we work on the new one, the more excited I am to move in.

  4. Cat

    Congrats on the house! That’s such exciting news! I’m glad the issue with the seller’s solicitor was worked out. That’s ridiculous that they thought it’d be ok to take your money but not move out yet.

    Aahh, that sounds lovely to have a house with a lot of sunshine and has a view of the sea. I hope you’ll share some photos after you get settled! I think that’s a good idea to slowly move in. We did the same thing for our past couple of places, and it definitely made it less stressful. We moved a bit over each day, and then at the end, we hired movers for the furniture and big pieces.

    Good luck with everything!

    • Holly

      Thank you, Cat!

      I know, right! And they’ve been really petty about it too. They even took the recycling bins (which should belong to the house) with them, and left a load of crap that we don’t want. So yeah, I hope I never have to see them/speak to them again!

      I’m sure I’ll share some pictures. I’m kind of documenting all the renovation work and moving process on Instagram stories, so I’m saving the pictures to share on my blog too.

  5. Susanne

    Wow, Holly, congratulations!! That’s such great news!
    Buying a house is one of the best things you do in life, in my opinion. The feeling of actually owning your home, it’s fantastic. Although you may take a loan to pay for it, what you pay is for something you OWN. I’m so glad for you!

    • Holly

      Thank you, Susanne!

      I’ve always wanted to own my own house so it feels great. I’m just excited to be able to decorate it (we’ve already started!) and make it our own.

  6. Amy

    Congratulations, Holly! I’m so glad that you’ve finally got the keys ready to move in!

    I can’t believe the seller even suggested something so ridiculous. That’s just rude. I definitely wouldn’t have been handing over any money either.

    I can’t wait to own my own house. I’d love to be able to paint and attach things to walls. Renting is so restrictive! I’ve been looking at your Instagram renovation pics and it’s really making me want to get a move on with my saving.

    Good luck getting everything sorted. Hopefully it won’t be as stressful as last year’s move!

    • Holly

      Thank you, Amy!

      I know right?! I didn’t want to hand over the money and then not be able to go in my house because someone else was living there. Madness!!

      I keep forgetting that I actually own the house. I see something I don’t like, then I realise that I can actually do something about it, and change it.

      Yeah I waste most of my free time on Pinterest looking at interior inspiration!

  7. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you. It’s an exciting time. xx
    You bought the first house we saw too (I’m talking about our current home). We saw it in March, but it took us much longer to finalize the papers, especially as we had to change the solicitors mid way through because the first ones, recommended by the agency, didn’t do anything for a couple of months. We had the papers in September, meanwhile, we were paying rent and the house was empty. It was frustrating, but we could do nothing about it.
    I can’t wait to see your home updates.

    • Holly

      Thank you, Anca!

      Oh, what a nightmare! Fortunately I ended up with a really good solicitor. I did a lot of research before buying a house and a lot of websites recommended not going with the solicitor that the estate agent suggests. I read a lot of reviews before choosing my solicitor and it really paid off. I had a good relationship with them, and I’m even considering going back to them to get a Will wrote.

      I wasn’t too sure why ours was taking so long but now I know it’s because the sellers were buying a new build, so they had to wait for it to be finished. They could have told us!

  8. Wow congrats on getting your own house! That’s indeed an achievement.

    Glad that the hiccups got resolved in the end too!

  9. Ahhh, congratulations you two!!! This is such a huge thing to celebrate! Hopefully the move goes smoothly. I can’t wait to see what pictures you share, and the DIY projects you’re planning! Knock some holes into walls, or just knock down the walls if you want–it’s yours!

    • Holly

      Thank you, Coryl!

      We had a few issues with the move but we’re in now! There’s still a lot to sort out but we’re getting there.

      We’ve actually got a few ideas that involve knocking down walls, so watch this space!

  10. Awesome! I had forgotten to leave a comment!

    Congrats on your purchase of your own house. It is a huge thing! I hope you get the house sorted soon!

  11. […] weeks have been completely crazy. The day after we picked up the keys (i.e. the day after I shared my last blog post) we started decorating the new house, and we spent the next two weeks working our arses […]

  12. Congratulations on the new place!

  13. Chynna

    SO SO HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE A HOUSE NOW. I know I mentioned it in my other comment, but I am incredibly proud!

    I am so sorry you had to deal with all of that BS, but at least now you have a house that you can call your own <3