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29th July 2013

Good news! As most of you already know from Twitter or from reading other people’s comments on my previous post, Tyrone and I have found a flat in Liverpool to live in for the next few years at university. It was only the 4th flat that we looked at but we knew it was the one. It’s perfect! When I walked in it was almost like that moment from the Sex and the City movie when Carrie walks into the penthouse and says “Hello, I live here”. I say ‘almost’ because quite obviously I can’t afford ‘Heaven on 5th’ on a student loan.

The flat is below our budget, furnished, it has beautiful views of the city and it’s close to the uni. It’s really modern inside too. Ty took a few pictures which I shall post below. Of course, it will look a lot better once we have made it more homely. I am so excited it’s unbelievable! Most of all I am looking forward to being able to sleep well in comparison to living in halls where everyone else is inconsiderate and noisy.

On Saturday my parents and I caught the train over to Manchester to see my brother Adam. It had been his birthday the week before but he’d been away in Blackpool so it was a belated birthday celebration. We met up with Adam and his boyfriend Mitchell and they took us for lunch at the most incredible burger restaurant I have ever been to. I ordered a bacon and cheese burger than featured ‘baconaise’. I know, it sounds delicious. The bun that the burger was in was brioche and it has three burgers. It was one of the tastiest meals I have ever had.

Afterwards Adam and Mitchell showed us around the more arty area of Manchester that I have never been to before. I found a few really nice record shops but to say that the vinyls were overpriced is an understatement. I recently bought Tommy by The Who in perfect condition for Β£10. In the shop in Manchester it was Β£70!!

In other news, my Instagram account got hacked. The hacker changed my bio and URL but only managed to post one picture. I only realised when I received a message saying that Tiffany had liked a photo of mine, but when I looked at the photo I had never seen it before. I then looked at my profile and my URL and bio had been changed. I’ve changed my password to something more complicated (I’ll be lucky if I can remember it) and now I will just hope for the best. I hate the idea of someone accessing something of mine.

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  1. Cat

    Your flat looks great! I’m glad you found one under your budget and at a good location. Congrats on the great find!

    Yum, I love a good burger. You can’t really go wrong with a bacon cheeseburger πŸ™‚ Happy belated Birthday to your brother!

    I saw that your Instagram was hacked! When that happened, I noticed another person on my feed with the same hacked profile, and I know a friend had his hacked earlier too. I guess it’s been happening more often, which is annoying =/

    • Thank you. I still have to pinch myself when I look at the pictures. We were really lucky.

      I’m glad to hear that I wasn’t the only one to get my account hacked. It was so weird and annoying!

  2. Umi

    Your flat looks great! I hope you guys would have a great time at the university. Just dropping by! πŸ™‚