Handy websites & resources page

17th November 2015

Handy websites and resources page

Over the years I have discovered and used a lot of websites that have been extremely helpful for running a blog and developing websites.

I’ve had these websites bookmarked for years and I never thought about sharing them with you all until now. When my best friend started a blog I felt like I had so many resources I wanted to share with her, but I couldn’t remember then all off the top of my head.

So, I have a compiled a list of websites, software and blogs that you might find useful, especially if you are a fellow blogger or web developer.

You can find the list right here, or hover over the Resources link in the main navigation and click Websites & Resources. This drop down is also where you will be able to find the Learn to Code tutorials.

I’ll be updating this list when ever I discover any new resources, or if you guys let me know of any resources you love and think I should add to the list.


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  1. Jamie

    There is one thing that you’re missing from that list. That’s Visual Studio. I am actually working on that with my web development projects and it is just awesome. I believe it to be better than DreamWeaver. I believe this is the website http://dreamspark.com . One of the many quirks of being a college student, you get things for free (most of the time). I am not sure how you guys did things in Liverpool as I know every college is different.

    I really like those links. Actually, two people recommended me that I should try out codeacademy.com. I was telling them how envious I am of my web development professor (not to mention that he’s on the darn good lookin’ side), but he’s had years of experience. What do you as a web developer? I believe you said you were a front-end web developer? What was your major? I don’t think I ever did ask you that. I’m actually majoring in Internet Authoring, and will be getting two certificates in the mean time for web development. I’m so excited. Oh yeah, how much is your advertising?

    • Holly

      Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll be sure to check it out. I don’t use web development software myself as I hard code everything.

      In the UK we can get discounts on a lot of software if you are a student but some students (IT/computing degrees) can get software for free.

      I’m a front-end developer and I build tourism websites. I studied geography at university which has no relevance at all but I was able to sell my web development skills in the interview and that’s how I got the job. I was very lucky!

      My advertising is free. Just send me over a 350 by 100 pixels link button and I’ll pop it in the sidebar. πŸ™‚

  2. Kaye

    This is a great list, thanks.
    Having just started work on a new blog, I’ve found this really helpful.

    Bookmarked for future reference.