Grey’s Anatomy

14th May 2012

It’s amazing how a new layout has motivated me to blog more. I think it has improved the look of my website as a whole. Success? I think so. πŸ˜€

Last week was short and sweet at college. Having the Monday off improved the week significantly. I’m desperately hoping that when I start university I get a Monday off.

And yes, I am going to university, no matter where I stand financially. I’m not going to let money get in the way of me achieving my dream. Yes, I’ll be in a lot of debt but at least I stand a better chance of getting a well paid job when I complete my course.

I had two progress tests the week before last, one in biology and one in ICT. I scored great results on both. I got a B in biology and an A in ICT. It’s a shame that they don’t account for anything. I hope I can get those grades at the end of the year but I doubt I will get a B in biology. I only got a C last year and this year is a lot harder. :/

I’ve never really got in to watching a TV series before. I suppose I like Frasier and I have the first 3 seasons on DVD and I also watched Friends when it was on, but now it’s moved to Sky (cries!). Anyway, the other morning I was eating my breakfast and Grey’s Anatomy came on. I’ve never seen it before so I knew nothing about it. I don’t even know which season the episode was from but because I live in England, I’m guessing we are way behind the rest of the rest of world. So I was lazy and didn’t bother to change the channel, and you know what, I loved it! I got so in to the show even though I really didn’t have a clue what was going on with the characters. πŸ˜›

Later on in the day I went on Youtube and found the first the very first episode. I watched it, and I again, I really enjoyed it. It’s not my sort of show at all. I hate hospitals, I’ve spent too much time in them, so I really don’t understand why I like it.

I’m very busy revising at the moment. I have three weeks left of college and then a week off. After that week I start my final A level exams. Yes, I’m so nervous. I’m trying to put as much time in to revision as possible without overloading my brain. I have a lot of free time at college on my own now. My friends are starting to finish lessons now and I will be stuck in college everyday until the exams. It sucks, but I guess being on my own will mean that I have plenty of time to find a table in the library and get stuck into my revision. I don’t have the same distractions in college that I have at home. I’d much rather be with my friends though.

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  1. Seriously, your site looks awesome, Holly!
    Why did you have a Monday off? It was a holiday for something?
    Congrats for your great grades! You m,ust be so happy!
    I don’t exactly understand your whole grades system and exam pattern… can you explain it to me?

    I’ve always watched at least one Daily soap, or a tv serial… for many years I was stuck with Marathi shows, then I start watching Disney shows, Hannah Montana and all, which I really liked, also I’ve watch one and only one Hindi show, Pyaar ki ye ek kahani… it wasn’t bad!

    Currently I’m watching one english show, Castle. And I’m gonna watch Junior Masterchef Australia which is starting in India this Friday! I’m like always watching TV… but I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy before… I guess, I’m like you, I don’t like hostipals!

    Well, anyway, how are you doing? I’ve messed up Sweet Desire!!! I’m trying to get it back on track!!! :/

  2. Cat

    Congrats on your good grades, and good luck on your exams!

    I don’t really follow TV series either. I watch a lot of shows that don’t follow a story, so I can just watch any random episode that’s on, instead of making sure I watch in order. I haven’t seen Grey’s Anatomy, though it does seem to be really popular!

  3. Justin

    Yeah, well, this layout is pretty flawless. It looks so perfect… makes me want to blog more too. Haha.

    Good luck with your grades!! I’m rooting for ya! Is this your final year? I’m not really sure what A level exams are, but it sounds pretty serious.

    I’ve never watched Frasier, Friends (well, maybe one episode), or Grey’s Anatomy. But yeah I know what it’s like to find a show that really excites you. Right now, my favorite show is Fringe… it’s a pretty weird show, but that’s why I love it.

  4. Hey Holly, I feel like I’ve been away forever. I missed your move to this site.
    I know what you mean about being busy. I hope you get those good grades.
    I wish I had paced myself better this semester but it was my first time taking a college course so hopefully I’ll know better next time. I’m not much into Grey’s Anatomy. Even though I’m older I don’t like all the drama in most shows like that. I like the show Emergency though. It is an 80s show about paramedics.

  5. Dorine

    Wow, sounds busy! I like your new layout though, especially the drawing on the sidebar. Lovely.

    I don’t really watch TV series. Okay, fine, I do, but mostly it’s because I’m seriously bored. Some of the Chinese drama shows in Singapore are quite nice and interesting and gets you wanting to watch it more though. I don’t watch American/British/all other countries’ TV series a lot, but occasionally, when my brother’s watching How I Met Your Mother, I watch with him.

    I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy before, but it seems popular. I used to watch America’s Next Top Model on Star World or something, then the next show would be Grey’s Anatomy, but I still didn’t watch it. What is it about?