Travel Diary | Baltic Cruise | Gothenburg, Sweden

4th September 2018

The next port of call on our Baltic cruise after Oslo was Gothenburg in Sweden.

We docked quite far out of the city centre (right by the Volvo museum) so we had to get a shuttle bus from the ship into the city. I didn’t see a single IKEA on our journey!

As with Oslo, we didn’t have a plan for Gothenburg. In fact, I really didn’t know anything about Gothenburg before visiting. Of course I now know that it’s the second largest city in Sweden and the fifth largest city in the Nordic countries. It’s located on the west coast of Sweden whereas Stockholm, the capital, is located on the east coast.

Feeling clueless, we wondered off down a street that looked like it would lead us somewhere interesting!

We ended up finding a park called Trädgårdsföreningen, which translates to the Garden Society of Gothenburg. It’s a park with a beautiful park with a palm house in the middle of it.

This crazy plant lady was very happy…

After walking around the palm house and park we headed to what looked like one of the main shopping areas in the city.

We popped into quite a few homeware stores because, as I established in my last post, I love Scandinavian style! My favourite shop was called Lagerhaus which, in all honesty, I thought was some sort of pub! 😂 I bought a mug that says “Get Shit Done” on it, a cute cactus jewellery stand and notepad and altogether it came to £6! What a bargain!

We also stumbled across a cool comic book shop because it doesn’t matter where we are in the world, we will always find a comic book shop! It was full of novelty features include a lift that was painted like a TARDIS. It even made the sound the TARDIS makes when moving!

After checking out the shops we walked up a steep hill and discovered a viewing point with fantastic views over the city. After catching our breath we walked back down the hill to browse even more gorgeous homeware shops!

Gothenburg really took me by surprise. As I said, I didn’t know anything about the city before we visited, but I really enjoyed the short time we spent there.

Gothenburg wasn’t our only day in Sweden on our cruise. In the second week we visited Stockholm, but of course I will talk more about that in a separate posts (spoiler: I want to move there!).

Stay tuned for the next post in this series which is all about Tallinn in Estonia!

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  1. The greenhouse is gorgeous. Gothenburg looks really lovely too. It’s great you’ve visited it on a sunny day, everything is beautiful.

  2. Gothenburg is an amazing city, I’m glad you liked your stay there! 😀 Personally, I actually prefer it over Stockholm. Stockholm is nice too, but Gothenburg has this strange quirky feel to it that I really love.
    And that comic book shop is the best! They have a sister shop in Stockholm, maybe you visited that too? 🙂

    • Holly

      Yes, I really liked the vibe of Gothenburg!

      It’s funny you should say that! We did visit the comic book shop in Stockholm too, haha!

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  4. I’m so glad that you had a great time in Gothenburg! I’ve not heard of it until reading your post and now I want to visit it too – it looks like a beautiful place. 🤗I totally laughed out loud at “didn’t see a single IKEA” haha, that would’ve been what I would be thinking! I actually like stumbling to a place I didn’t know of before and learning about it along the way, it’s always really rewarding knowing a bit more than you did! 😊

    “Crazy plant lady” is what I’m slowly becoming these days 😂

    Thanks for sharing Holly! Hope you have a fab weekend!

    • Holly

      Haha! The good news is I found an Ikea in the centre of Stockholm so at least I managed to fulfill my dream of visiting an Ikea its home country! 😂

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  6. The palm house is so cool, isn’t it?! I didn’t actually visit it until July this year, and totally loved it!
    Sweden is crazy about home decor shops because of the incredible trends of renovating your house/home styling/similar, after all the TV shows that have been in recent years. Now people seem to renovate for the sake of renovation, not because they need it. Anyway, the good thing is that there are loads of nice home decor shops. Lagerhaus is lovely if you want to spend as little as possible and they have some good stuff there.
    I look forward to reading about your visit to Stockholm.. I agree, it’s a lovely city. I don’t like big cities, but there are a few exceptions, one of them is Stockholm (and I now have a new favourite in Edinburgh).

    • Holly

      Yes, I loved the palm house! We have one in Liverpool but I’ve never got round to visiting it.

      Lagerhaus was incredible. I’m just sad they don’t ship to the UK!