Goodbye incredible view!

3rd April 2014

I remember how excited Tyrone and I were when we found our flat in Liverpool. I called my parents to let them know that after all the searching we’d found somewhere. Tyrone called his parents too. We walked down the street feeling like we had won the lottery. We’d found the perfect home for ourselves and we knew that we were going to be very happy living together.

Sure, we’ve had issues with getting electricity bills, final demand letters for the previous tenants, noisy neighbours, a broken toilet etc. but it’s our home and we love it.

So take a moment to imagine my complete shock today when Tyrone returned from uni with a leaflet he had picked up from the lobby in our building, informing up that right across the road from us they were building a 7 floor block of student accommodation. And what does this mean for us:

  • Loss of our amazing view of Liverpool in both directions.
  • The building blocking all the natural sunlight that pours into our flat and helps to heat it (thus reducing our electricity bills significantly).
  • Students at eye level with me, approximately 5 metres across the road.
  • Noise from the student accommodation, the exact reason why I moved out of student accommodation.
  • 40 weeks of construction work right outside my window from 7.30am every morning when I’m trying to sleep.

Just to give you an idea, this is my current view from my flat:

You might not think much of it but you can see famous sites such as the Liver Building and the Superlambanana, and the other way yu can see Radio City tower, the Metropolitan cathedral and University of Liverpool. The construction of this new student accommodation is going to take this all away from me. Not just me though, all the people living on this side of the building.

It makes you think really. Did the owner of the flat/estate agents know that this building was going to be built, hence why the rent was so cheap for this particular area of the city with such a view? If they did, I know that they don’t legal have  to tell us as renters. However, it’s pretty fucking inconsiderate! This is the first I’ve heard of this project since I moved in during August 2013. I wonder if anyone else on this side of the building has heard? Literally all there was to inform us was one flyer in the lobby! One! Not even one per flat! Tyrone picked it up and bought it up to me so I could read it. The plans aren’t very clear because the leaflet is on an A5 piece of paper so I have emailed the building company to get more details. Depending on these plans we may or may not stay here.

I’d hate to leave because I have made this place our home, and although we haven’t got a lot a money it’s perfect for us. Moving costs a lot of money and it’s an extra stress neither of us need. If we had to move we’d either have to pay more or move further out of town, which would certainly be a huge problem with mobility issues.

I’m having such a crappy time, once again. Within the space of a week I’ve found out I’m going to have to have many hip replacements in my life time, I’m limited to the work I can do in the future thanks to my disability, and my perfect view is being turned into student accommodation.

I’m incredibly unlucky. Who ever had a voodoo doll of me, please can you stop poking it with pins. I’d like a break of constant shit in my life. :_(

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  1. AnneMarie

    I’m really sorry to hear that they’re adding student accommodations across the way. Construction at horribly early hours in the morning is never fun. And not to mention the loss of that beautiful view you have (I’m a big fan of wide open spaces of sunlight like you too).

    I wish you the best! If you do decide to move, hopefully you can find a place that’s affordable and just as cozy as your current home. I hate moving too but I’m going to have to in a few years since I’ll be done with college soon. Until then, I am enjoying my days in my current obnoxiously expensive city apartment.

    • I think for now we are going to stay put, but if things get any worse we will have to move. Like myself and Tyrone have both said, we would have picked this apartment even if the building was already there. We just love it so much.

  2. Kya

    🙁 I am really sorry to hear this. It is horrible that something like that can be built and you didn’t even know. I am sure the owner of the building would have been notified.

    I am sorry that things are not that great for you at the moment. I really hope they do improve. *hug*

    • I honestly wish they had told us about it if they knew. If the owner doesn’t know then he’s going to have a hell of shock. The value of this place is just going to decrease.

  3. Cat

    Oh no, that sucks about the new student accommodations they’re building. Construction noises are the worst, especially early in the morning! I would be really annoyed, too, if something blocked my view. Plus, it’s really creepy if you look outside and just see other people’s windows…

    I hope the building won’t be so bad or you find a place that’s even better. Good luck!

    • I think the thought of students looking in at me is the weirdest thing. I’m going to have to get some blinds fitted!

  4. Chynna

    Oh no, that fucking sucks!

    I totally feel you about student accomodation. In my 3 years at university, I never once stayed in the halls. When I used to visit my friends in their halls, I hated it. It always smelt, it was always noisy and the students in there were so obnoxious.

    The fact that you weren’t told about it is really inconsiderate, as well. That is a really good view! Here’s to hoping things improve for you :*

    • You were lucky that you only had to experience it while visiting. And I’m glad I got out when I did.

      I know it’s funny but halls do smell! I use to live with a really smelly girl. Everything she cooked was smelly. It was so bad that the neighbours thought we were keeping dead people locked up in our flat!

  5. Jamie

    Hey! I’m really sorry to hear that this is happening to you guys! That is unfair!

    I remember my first apartment. I loved it! I had sunlight coming in from both the back and the front of the apartment. I knew how to keep it cool during the hot months (especially since I lived smacked dab in the desert), and hot during the winter months. My electricity bill was always below $40.00. I don’t even know how I came about this but I did.

    Anyways, my apartment was cheap too! It was in the ghetto part of the neighborhood, and I pretty much loved my neighbors (some not all), hated the area, but it was a place and roof of my head and my cats head. So no biggie if I didn’t go out at night. That kind of freaked me out. But I also had a view of the mountains, the streets and everything. I had this marvelous view, until a woman and her boyfriend moved in and played their bass music in the wee morning hours per say – 7:30 a.m. (while I’m still sleeping). People banging (Seniors) banging on the walls to make them stop their bass music (just rude if you ask me). And in your case — they’re taking away that marvelous view of your flat. That’s considered rude too!! I hope you can live there still and still be able to see a wonderful view. If not, I would consider in moving.

    • We have also experienced noisy neighbours, playing their music too loud. It seems like no one has any manners these days.

  6. Argh, that really sucks. Construction noise is the worst and then you’ll have hundreds more neighbours.

    It’s one thing we’re lucky with at our place, across the road is a pond and on the other side a park so hopefully we don’t have the problem.. hopefully.

    • All those extra neighbours is going to be a pain. I can imagine move in day when all the students arrive in September being completely chaotic. All those parents trying to park their cards on such a narrow street. I swear they don’t think these things through.

      I use to live in the countryside and I was so excited to move to a city. Now I know why everyone in the city wants to move to the countryside!

  7. If I see that voodoo doll, I’ll put it somewhere safe for you!!! That’s crazy. You’ve had some rotten luck.

    I reckon your building management must have known when they rented it out to you, but didn’t tell you for the very reason that you would consider not taking it. And that’s absolutely outrageous! What is the world coming to if you can’t trust people enough to just be truthful? If business thrives through dishonesty, we’re in a bad place. I’m really sorry for you! I can only hope that either something else comes your way, or the student accommodation is not as intrusive as you expect it to be. :/

    Soph x

    • Cheers ahaha!

      I honestly think I would have moved in here even if the building was here before I moved in, because I love this place so much. However, I really wish someone had told us so at least we wouldn’t have been so shocked!

      Most businesses are dishonest. Believe me, I’ve experienced it from SO many businesses. If fact, my next blog post is on that exact topic!

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