The 6 years of Empfire giveaway!

7th March 2017


6 years ago this month I discovered that I had enough money in my bank account to finally buy my own domain. And I purchased

The rest is history!

I thought I’d celebrating the 6th anniversary of Empfire with a little giveaway considering I’ve been promising one since 2014. I was going to do a giveaway last year for the 5th anniversary, but to be completely honest, I totally forgot. You’ll have to forgive me; this time last year I’d just moved into my house and life was as little hectic!

Anyway, 6 is kind of my lucky number. Let’s just roll with that!

The prize

I wanted to make this competition open internationally because I know most of my readers are not UK residents, so I’ve had to take into consideration what I can and cannot send abroad, as well as weight because I don’t really want to pay more for postage and packaging than I paid for the actual prize!

Therefore I decided to stick with books and stationary, and who doesn’t love books and stationary?!

I’ve picked items that I know and I love, and that I’ve featured on my blog before, and so the prize is as follows:

  • The One Line A Day journal (see my review here)
  • Some goodies from That Lame Company including:
    • An A5 notebook (“Notes and Dreams, Thoughts and Schemes”)
    • An A5 weekly planner
    • 2 packs of post in notes (“Just a lil reminder”)
    • An A5 print (Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable)
    • 2 A6 prints (“Think outside the box” and “Do more of what makes you happy”)

The 6 years of Empfire giveaway!

The 6 years of Empfire giveaway!

The 6 years of Empfire giveaway!

The 6 years of Empfire giveaway!

How to enter

1. Leave a comment on this post.

That’s it! Just remember to use an email address that you check regularly as this is how I will contact you if you win.

I will then assign each comment a number (first comment will be 1, second will be 2 and so on) and to pick a winner I will use a random number generator. I’ll make a little video of the process so you know I’m not cheating.

I’ve decided not to do a Twitter re-tweet competition or a Rafflecopter one because I really want my actual readers to have a chance at winning, and I feel like Rafflecopter/Twitter competitions attract all kinds of riff-raff  and spam.

Plus I know how much of a pain it can be following someone on social media platforms that you don’t even use or care about!

So therefore, this is the only fair and fuss-free system I could think off.

This competition is open for 2 weeks and will close at 9pm UK time on March 21st, at which point commenting will be closed on this post.

Rules and regulations

  • By leaving a comment on this post, and therefore entering this giveaway, you are deemed to have read and understood these rules and regulations.
  • You must comment on this post, and this post only!
  • You cannot enter multiple times. If you do comment multiple times on this post then only your first comment will be assigned a number.
  • Replies to comments will not be counted as entries.
  • This competition is open internationally. I will pay for postage and packing but I will not cover import charges should these be incurred (although hopefully they won’t).
  • This competition opens on the March 7th 2017 and closes at 9pm UK time on March 21st 2017.
  • I will contact the winner via email. The winner has 7 days to respond to my email and if they do not respond a new winner will be randomly selected.
  • No other prize or cash alternative is available.
  • Your email address and details will always be kept private.

Any questions, please do get in touch.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Winner!

Congratulations to Jennifer for winning! Here’s me making the winning draw. Please ignore the sound! Tyrone was Skyping with a friend in the background!.

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  1. Oohh! First comment. I love the idea of a giveaway! And stationary! I’m a sucker for stationary these days, so I really hope I win 😛
    Great idea to celebrate the day you purchased your domain!

  2. Congratulations on six years!!
    Jennifer x

  3. Amy

    Happy Anniversary to Empfire! It’s so amazing that you’ve kept it going for so long. Hopefully you’ll be around for many more!

  4. Happy anniversary! 6 years it’s such a long time, well done. xx

    I am thinking of starting The One Line A Day journal, it seems like a really great idea.

  5. Well, I was just going to comment congratulating you on six years (yayyyy!!!!) but looks like I’m entering also. 😉

    I have to agree with you that Rafflecopter is a pile of riff-raffin’ rigged poop. 😆 I just like that you used the words “riffraff and spam”. I do feel like it attracts a lot of rubbish entries. And I’ve found it odd that you just have to “visit” the Facebook page, you don’t have to Like the page or anything.

    Anyway, it seems entirely fair for one to enter by commenting on this post. 🙂

    I remember doing domain giveaways all the time! I think one day I would like to try a giveaway for some physical items as well, but shipping is certainly something to consider. It’s nice that you opened this to anyone in the world!

  6. Julia Forrest

    Lovely idea to celebrate your domain birthday! And 6 years is a great achievement! x

  7. Oh Holly! Huge congratulations on six years, what a huge achievement! It must be so great to look back over everything you’ve created and accomplished in that time. Wishing you all the best of luck for the future.

    P.S I’m totally adding your coding resources to my to-do list 😉

  8. Natalie White

    Happy anniversary! 6 years is amazing. I’ve only discovered you recently, but have you saved on my favourites now. I love the line every day book – I have a similar one where you answer a question every day.

  9. Oh my goodness, Holly!! Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! I’m impressed that you haven’t done what I have and deleted posts and restarted your blog multiple times in all those years. 😛 Whenever I see Rafflecopter draws, it’s weird how many “entries” people can get. It’s like the odds are stacked against them if they don’t use certain social media.

    I hope you have another great year of blogging!! Even if I forget to comment, I’m always stopping by. I love your posts. ♥

  10. Sam Rhodes

    You can never have too much stationary, and these are lovely! happy anniversary 🙂 xx

  11. Congratulations on your 6th year blogging anniversary! That’s a long time! 🙂

  12. I’m mad about stationery and can’t walk past Paperchase without making a purchase

  13. Laura

    Congratulations on 6 years, that’s amazing! I’m just getting started …. I mean at the moment I’m still choosing a name and reading as many tips as possible! Fingers crossed I can have a slice of your 6 year success!

    Love the giveaway! I’m becoming such a stationary fiend lately haha can’t get enough! 🙂

  14. Bianca Rogoveanu

    Thank you for the chance !

  15. Jo welsh

    Congratulations on 6 years and best wishes for the next 6!

  16. Donna Caldwell

    Happy 6th anniversary , I do love little notebooks and planners my little girl has ASD so I have to be pretty organised to keep the cogs in our life moving these would be fantastic

  17. Sarahann Tonner

    Happy Anniversary – that’s so exciting and such a huge achievement! Nothing better than watching bloggers develop and grow their blog…get as much satisfaction and happiness from it as I do with my own!

  18. This all looks so beautiful. I love a bit of stationary and typography 😀

  19. […] Don’t forget! My giveaway ends on Tuesday! It’s open internationally and all you have to do is leave a comment on that blog post. Get involved here! […]

  20. Natalie Crossan

    How exciting. Happy anniversary x

  21. Hannah

    Happy anniversary!! 🌸✨

  22. Naomi

    What a lovely idea! so cute 🌷

  23. Gemma Stiles

    Awww what a lovely idea… a very happy anniversary to you and well done on all you have achieved 🤗 💐 🥂

  24. Pauline jaconelli

    I love everything I’m such a stationery geek. The one line a day journal sounds like a fab idea so I’d love to give that a try, I love post it’s and prints. I’m currently decorating my corkboard so these would look fab there, fingers crossed. That lame company have some awesome things!

  25. Great giveaway! I bleddy love That Lame Company <3