Giant Spectacular in Liverpool

30th July 2014

Xolo the dog

Last weekend we had some giant puppets in Liverpool. Three giant puppets walked through the streets of Liverpool to mark the centenary of the first World War. There was a little girl and her dog (Xolo) and her grandma (who I didn’t get to see).

Xolo the dog

Here is Xolo looking straight at me. I know this is going to sound crazy but the giants were so life-like. Their movements were so fluid, just like they were real. The dog would pant with his tongue out, and his ears and tail would move.

Xolo the dog

Finding somewhere to watch the parade was madness. We were originally going to watch it by the docks, but we arrived there over two hours early and the amount of people waiting there already was ridiculous. In the end, we moved up towards Dale Street (closer to our flat) where we managed to get in the second row of the crowd. We didn’t get to see the Grandma as she was on a separate route.

The Little Girl

And this is the Little Girl. Just to give you an idea, the grandma was a lot taller than the girl. Many people have said to me that the giants look scary. I can totally understand that just from looking at a picture, but up close they are nothing more than amazing and beautiful. People found it emotional, which I can imagine it would be when the giants were reunited. The girl and the grandma even hugged!

The Little Girl

The Little Girl

The Little Girl

If the giants were to return (this was their second time in Liverpool) and you were interested in visiting for them, I’d highly advice avoiding public transport on the day. We were lucky in that we could walk 5 minutes down the road to watch the parade, but public transport was badly managed in the city and people had to wait for over an hour just to get into the train station. I read one story in which a woman arrived at the train station at 8pm and didn’t get home until after 2am because of the trains!

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  1. The story behind the giant puppets is interesting. Especially with it focusing on the centenary of world war one. I’m a bit curious as to why the three characters are involved.

    Xolo sounds cute with his tongue out and everything! The coordination of all of these puppets sounds really complicated :o. It’s great that you found a nice place to watch the giants march :).

    I could imagine the streets and transportation services being clogged up. At least you were closer to your flat in this situation :).

    • Holly

      I have no idea what the characters have to do with the war. It’s a bit odd really, but I enjoyed it anyway.

      Honestly, sometimes I feel so grateful that I live in the city centre!

  2. brittanyssp

    I’ve never heard of this (American here!) but it sounds really interesting. I can understand how they would seem scary but they look amazing and actually seem to have quite a bit of personality. The girl and dog seem huge, can’t imagine what the grandma must have looked like!

    • Holly

      I’m gutted that I didn’t get to see the grandma. I imagine, judging by the pictures I’ve seen, that she must have been huge.

  3. So beautiful…! I wish we had something like this here. It all looks so amazing and intricate despite how big they are.

    It’s a shame about the public transport! In Australia, public transport is actually always recommended because they have extra services when there are special events, sometimes offering the service for free. It’s not great, but it’s better and easier than driving.

    • Holly

      I think Liverpool should have done something like that with the public transport. I think we got a lot more visitors than was expected so I just don’t think the city was prepared.

  4. So beautiful, at the same time, really sad 🙁

    • Holly

      It’s certainly sad to think about the war, but it really wasn’t obvious that the parade was linked to the centenary. People just love the puppets!

  5. Cat

    Whoaaa, those look so cool. The girl and dog are already so big. I’m amazed the grandma is even bigger! I would have loved to see the way these move!

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