Flying high, Flashing eyes

17th December 2013

I apologise in advance for the short blog post. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for writing. Also, I’ve not been doing anything exciting in the last couple of days.

Last week was another pants week for me. I ended up missing all but one of my lectures thanks to another spell of illness. I had to go to the drop in session at the doctors because I couldn’t get an appointment. I sat there for an hour and a half and even missed my name being called because the guy next to me asked me the time at the same time my name was called. I didn’t hear it so I ended up waiting even longer.

My appointment went well. There’s nothing seriously wrong with me. While I was there I asked for some more cream for acne. He gave me something new but unfortunately it is too strong and burns my skin. I’m back to using antibacterial soap again. One day my acne will disappear. One day!

I managed to finish off my Christmas shopping on Friday afternoon. I’m glad I didn’t leave it until the last minute because the shops are becoming too busy. People go crazy on the build up to Christmas.

Now, I’m back home in Shropshire for Christmas. Tyrone and I got the train back on Friday evening. It’s was lovely to see my parents and to have a catch up with them. I spent Saturday morning decorating the house for Christmas and then in the afternoon we went over to my uncle’s as it was his birthday. Since then I haven’t being doing anything at all. I’ve been so lazy, but it makes a nice change. I don’t have any of the responsibilities here that I have back at the flat.

I’ve brought my camera home but I’m using my mum’s laptop which doesn’t have a memory card reader so I can’t upload any pictures at the moment. I plan on uploading them when I get back to Liverpool. The week after I go back to Liverpool I’m going to Spain with university. I dreaded my last residential trip to the Lake District but I am really looking forward to it. I know there will be a walking involvedΒ  but my lecturers are all aware of my problem with my hip so hopefully I shouldn’t end up in too much pain.

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  1. Cat

    Sorry to hear that you were ill again! That’s good that nothing is seriously wrong though. I was using an acne cream that was kind of strong too. I had to use it very lightly and use it on and off before my face got used to it.

    Congrats on finishing your Christmas shopping! I’m still waiting on a few packages to arrive, and it’s kind of stressing me out that they’re not here yet πŸ™

    Sounds like things have been nice and relaxing πŸ™‚ I hope you have a good trip to Spain!

    • I’m just apply the acne cream very lightly to exact spots now. It still burns but they do seem to be clearing.

      I much prefer doing my Christmas shopping online but sometimes you don’t get the same deals and bonuses that you get in store, like points on your bonus cards.

  2. Jamie

    I hate it when people distract you from hearing your name and thus making you wait longer than your original appointment time. However, when I go to my doctors — they’re never on time. For instance, if I have an appointment at 2:000 I’m usually seen around 2:30 or sometimes 3:00! I don’t understand that really! I get so aggravated when I’m not seen at MY appointment time because others are hogging the doctors with their woe is me crap :P. Sorry little bit of an aggravation there.

    You’re very lucky to get to go to Spain! I have never really been outside of California. Maybe twice to Vegas, but that’s about it. My whole life revolved around California. Which sucks as I want to travel! But I do hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

    • My doctors are never on time either. I’ve just moved to a new doctors surgery and it’s just as bad as the old one! That’s why when I do get to see a doctor I make sure I tell them about *everything* that is wrong with me!

      I’ve been to Spain heaps of times but never to the South so I’m really excited.

  3. I hope you’re feeling better soon. It’s the time of year where everyone seems to get sick. It makes me wish for summer all the more.

    I had bad acne when I was younger and since I’m older it only seems to come around that time of the month or when I’m stressed – which has been the case as of late. Gotta love the holiday season!

    Congrats on having holiday shopping finished. I keep thinking I’m done, but then I see something and I end up buying it for someone. Thankfully today it was just dog treats and cat toys. The stores around here became crazy on Thanksgiving.

    Have a great trip to Spain!

    • I’m feeling 100% better now, thank you. πŸ™‚

      If acne is related to stress then I can understand completely why mine has been so bad recently. I’m always so stressed with something now I have my own flat to run. πŸ™

  4. Merry Christmas!

    I’m sorry to hear you are in a bit of pain. I hope that eases up! Nothing like walking when your body is saying no. Feel better!!!!

  5. Bhairavi

    Merry Christmas, Holly!

    I hope you are feeling better now after that illness!

    I’m suffering from acne too… and it’s looking disgusting as it is covering my forehead… *yuck!

    Well, I hope you have a great Christmas!

    • Merry Christmas to you too. πŸ™‚

      I’m feeling a lot better now thank you.

      Thank goodness for make up is what I say! I have them all around my chin and neck at the moment. πŸ™

  6. Liz

    I used to have really bad acne, and then I started washing my face with just warm/hot water, and it worked. I’d also take a hot water rag and lay it on my face. It felt so good. Not sure if it’s something worth trying or not. :p I have really sensitive skin and am allergic to a few ingredients in face wash, lotions and cosmetics that that are in all the products.

    A lot of people I know are getting sick. D; I think I’m getting sick. I held my baby brother for hours Saturday, and he had just gotten over being sick, but my sister and stepmom are sick. 😑 Grr. It’s good that you got to get into the doctor’s office, even though you had to wait a while.

    I hope Christmas goes well for you. πŸ™‚

    • I think I’ll have to try the hot water technique. I’ll give anything a go!

      I’m blaming winter for all this illness. My family have all been ill too.

  7. Sara

    Get well soon!

    I too have an acne problem. I’ve seen various dermatologists and I’ve been taking meds and applying creams since I was 13? It cleared up at one time, but when I stopped, it all came back again. I think you may have used the same cream as I did; I know that horrible burning feeling. Many people asked me to stop ‘scratching’ my spots – I told them that I never touched my face and that I had some internal problem.

    One of my doctors told me that acne will stop after 25. I think it calmed a little. I stopped taking meds because everyone was telling me that I needed a liver check before taking any more. I didn’t get one but once I stopped with the meds around 25, everything just went down.

    I got an explanation at the end that I was classified under having ‘extremely super-sensitive skin’, so anything near my skin will cause a rash…I was even told to stay out of the sun for long periods.

    I changed my facewash to ‘Simple’ and that really, really helped:
    (broken link)

    I also used ‘pinetar’, some green medicated soap before…and after I use make-up, I clean my face very thoroughly, and wash it 3 times just incase.

    Hope something there could help? πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much for your tips. πŸ™‚

      People who have never had acne don’t seem to understand that it is a disease and that’s why they assume that if you stop touching your face it will all disappear.

      If it does stop when you’re 25 then I’ve got another 5 years to go. I guess I can cope. It’s not even the appearance that upsets me anymore. They are incredibly painful. πŸ™

      I also use anti bacterial soap which just seem to help reduce the redness of them. My skin always feels softer after using it. I use to use a cleansing lotion made by Simple. I really like their products. πŸ™‚

  8. Sounds like you had fun! I finished my Christmas shopping around that time (that you posted this blog) too. Did you have a good Christmas?

    Bte, this is my blog matter post. I’m sorry if it is late. I haven’t had the time nor the motivation to do anything. I’ve finally got both back so here I am!!

    Glad to hear that there isn’t anything seriously wrong with you! I hope your acne clears up soon! (:

  9. Silver

    My brother used to have a really bad case of acne and one of the home remedies that we used that is really effective was to boil small bittergourd and drink it up (peppered with salt for taste). I’m having some issues with my hips and knees too so I can sort of relate? I hope things will look up for you. Awesome that you got your christmas stuff early because the malls are indeed scary close to christmas. (Now it’s sales again!) Happy holidays Holly.