25 things I learned in my first year of driving

12th September 2017

It’s been an entire year since I passed my driving test (first time, I might add), and I can’t begin to explain how much of a difference having a licence and owning a car has made to my life.

Today, to celebrate exactly a year to the date that I got my pink licence, I’ve compiled a list of 25 things that I’ve learned in my first year of driving and owning a car…

  1. The cost of car insurance is an absolute joke and I don’t know how they justify the price. Please pray mind is less than Β£2k this year.
  2. Actually, it’s expensive to run a car, full stop.
  3. Owning a car has made me so lazy….
  4. …but on the plus side, driving saves my legs which means less pain!
  5. You only truly learn to drive when you get out on the roads on your own.
  6. Nobody cares that I own an automatic car, or that I only have an automatic license. I don’t know why I worried so much.
  7. Owning a red car makes it easy to find in car parks. Even though I hate the colour red.
  8. If you have a small car people will take advantage of you i.e. cutting you up…
  9. …although don’t underestimate the size of a Suzuki Splash. I basically moved the entire contents of my house in mine. And rumour has it, you can fit a washing machine in the back with the seats down.
  10. If you get out on a motorway as soon as possible after passing your test, it will be easier. I actually prefer driving on the motorway over driving on normal roads.
  11. I miss having driving lessons. I don’t miss the cost, but I always enjoyed having a chat with my instructor.
  12. Owning a car makes me feel less isolated.
  13. I should have bought polarised sunglasses.
  14. I need a car that allows me to connect my phone to the speakers. Having a CD player is very limiting.
  15. People using their phones while driving (or applying makeup, reading magazines, using Face Time, clearing out handbags – I’ve seen all these things happen) makes my blood boil.
  16. You’re not suppose to stop in a yellow box at a junction, but nobody seems to know that.
  17. Another thing that people don’t seem to know if that if you are going straight over a roundabout you’re suppose to get into the left lane, unless specified otherwise. Quit cutting me up, and then beeping me as if I’m in the wrong!!
  18. Liverpool roads have more holes in them than a sieve, and they wear your tyres out quickly.
  19. Liverpool drivers are the worst drivers I have ever come across. I once watched as cars moved to let an ambulance through, only for another car to use this as an opportunity to cut through the traffic. HONEST TO GOD.
  20. I cannot beep anyone who has an Everton sticker in the back of their car, no matter how much of a dick they’ve been, because they’re basically family.
  21. People don’t think the rules of the road don’t apply in car parks. If there’s arrows pointing only in one direction it’s one way, so don’t give me a filthy look when I’m in the middle and you’re driving the wrong way down it.
  22. The staff at the Mersey tunnel tolls like to put the blame on you when your Fast Tag doesn’t work, even though 9 times out of 10 it’s their sensors that are broke…
  23. …and if you have to use cash to pay the toll, have an extra few 20p coins on hand for when the automatic machines decided to rob you…
  24. …and be prepared for the idiots who get in the Fast Tag lane without a Fast Tag, meaning you all have to reverse to let them out.
  25. I love driving. Like, I honestly enjoy it. It’s just other people that are the problem!

Do you drive? If so, what are you’re driving pet peeves? Have you learned any important lessons?!

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  1. Having a car can be amazing and a nightmare at the same time. When I see how much the public transport costs, for two people is cheaper to go with the car than bus/train. I think that is the best thing about owning a car.
    I’m a “copilot”, so life is easier for me. πŸ™‚

    • Holly

      Yes, public transport is so expensive! It used to cost Tyrone and I so much money when we went home to Shropshire on the train. And even then we’d have to get someone to pick us up from the station because we lived so far away from a train station! It’s so much easier to drive home now, and it takes like half the time.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I haven’t studied / learned how to drive yet. I’ve been wanting to over the years (since I was 18) but realised that I don’t really need it in my University years anyway so I’ve deferred to learning after I graduate and have a steady job to pay for the expenses because you’re right – IT’S SO EXPENSIVE.

    “You only truly learn to drive when you get out on the roads on your own.” This is so true! I’m a believer of this statement with other things so I can imagine that it is applicable to driving too. πŸ™‚

    I can imagine how getting to places is so much easier now. I’m currently only walking around Sheffield (it’s a killer omg with the hills) and taking public transport IF I really need to!

    Thanks for sharing this Holly! πŸ™‚

  3. OMG I can totally relate to number 24! I’ve seen this happen a couple of times and it’s really annoying! Whenever I’m driving with my boyfriend I’m super worried that this will happen to me while I’m behind the wheel, since I’m really bad at reversing ugh.

    I wish I could say I enjoy driving just as much as you do. I’ve had driving lessons, but unfortunately my teacher was really pissed at how slow I was to learn reverse parking and he was just like “Oh god I give up”, so I have driving phobia now, or should I say parking phobia XD Weird thing is, I can drive on the road just fine but I can’t go out without a companion because I cannot park to save my life. Haha!