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19th March 2017

Spring flowers

Believe it or not, this is the first Weekend Blog post I have published in 2017, and considering I posted them on a weekly basis for like 2 years, I think that’s pretty bad!

As they say, better late than never!

2017 has been an interesting year for me so far. It’s brought lots of challenges that I wasn’t prepared for, and I’ve felt quite anxious and stressed. As a result, I’ve found it hard to sit down and write personal posts, such as the Weekend Blog, for my blog.

But I’ve really missed writing these personal posts and I feel determined to get back into it. The longer I leave it the worse it will get.

Cryptic, deep sh*t over. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

On Monday I had a day off work to go to the orthodontist. In my “In twenty seventeen” post I mentioned I wanted to get new retainer braces made because I’ve had mine since I had my fixed braces off like 6 or 7 years ago, and they’ve become chipped, broken and just generally quite disgusting.

I found somewhere local that would make some replacements for me for £140 (I was originally quoted £300!) and I was over the moon with the service I received. All the staff were lovely which meant it was a rather pleasant experience. Even having impressions taken wasn’t as bad as I remembered. I popped back and picked them up on Thursday, and they’re just what I wanted. They’re a little tight at the moment which means my teeth hurt every morning when I take them out but I’m sure they’ll get looser with time.

It was back to work on Tuesday after a long weekend and I went swimming in the evening. I’m so glad I found the courage to start going swimming again because I absolutely love it. In fact, I crave it. It’s like therapy to me. I know it’s helping build the muscles around my hip, but more than anything it’s helping with my mental health. It’s a good job I’m not going swimming to lose weight though because I came home and ate two salted caramel hot cross buns (they’re my new food obsession!).

On Thursday I had my first ever appraisal at work. It was good to get some feedback on my work, and to know that my hard work is paying off and being recognised. It was all very positive. I’ve also been encouraged to look for courses that I can go on to improve my skills, so if you know of any good web development course is the North West do let me know! I’d love to improve my jQuery knowledge.

Yesterday, we did something kind of crazy/fun/exciting/nerve-racking. We went to view a house. I’m sort of keeping this on the low-down because we are just looking at the moment, and as we are first time buyers it’s a whole new experience for us, so we’re taking it very slowly. After all, we’re in no rush. Afterwards we went out for lunch in New Brighton.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Oh god. I feel bad that I hadn’t noticed the lack of weekend blog. But you were still blogging here and there so I knew for a fact that you hadn’t disappeared. Similarly I’ve also hit a bit of a slump in blogging about what’s been going on in life (my recent Georgie Gazette post was the first since January too). But I think it goes to show that other people probably don’t notice the time between blog posts as much as we do!

    I had my new retainer made slightly tighter to hold my teeth better. They had moved slightly, thanks to my other retainer being a hot mess. Glad you finally got yours replaced! I feel you on how gross your old ones got.

    Nick and I went to a house auction on the weekend. He has been to a few since he is working in the property space. But that was my first one. We have zero intentions of buying since a standard (not even that fancy, not even close to city or transport) house in Sydney costs nearly $1.5million. Ugh. We will definitely be renting!

    I don’t know of any physical courses but I recommend Wes Bos’s free JavaScript course at I have been learning quite a bit from it, and it is a little more challenging than jQuery since you’re not using a library, but it’s worth a shot! 🙂

    I have also found to be useful for some JavaScript related learning. Good luck 😄

    • Holly

      Haha, don’t worry at all!

      Because my old brace had become so loose my bottom two font teeth had started moving. It’s a pain that they won’t be perfectly straight again without more treatment but I’ve learned my lesson – get them replaced more regularly.

      I’d love to go to a property auction! We have a TV show in the UK called Homes Under the Hammer where people buy properties at auction and renovate them. I always thought if I had any space cash lying around I’d love to do this! Living in/near a city is so expensive. I could get more for my money if I was buying in Shropshire but I’d rather stay near Liverpool. It’s worth it.

      Thanks for the course recommendations! I’ll check them out.

  2. You started looking for houses!! That is so exciting. I think you are doing all the right things, you should be so proud of yourself. Viewing is important even if you don’t have the deposit or you are not ready to buy, as you can see what you can get for your money.
    Lovely to hear that you started swimming again, that must be great. xx

    • Holly

      Thank you! It’s very exciting! We’ve been looking since January but we’ve been waiting for the market to pick up and more houses to come on the market. It’s looking hopeful now.

  3. Amy

    I think it’s fine to pick up different things as and when you want to do them. I haven’t done any booklog posts since last year, because I wasn’t enjoying it, but I felt like doing one on Sunday. There’s no point forcing content!

    Glad getting your new retainer went well. Usually anything medical is so overpriced. I was told braces would help my teeth six years ago but the price was £3000. Never gonna happen!

    It’s great that you’re looking at houses now. That must be so much fun! I’m hoping to start at the end of this year, but it all depends on how the year goes. I’m trying not to have my heart set on any dates because you never know what’ll happen. Hopefully though!

    Glad to see the Weekend Blog back!

    • Holly

      So true!

      This is why I’ve been so determined to keep wearing my retainers! It would be so expensive (not to mention painful) to go through it all again.

      I’ve got my fingers crossed for you! After having to move last year I learned that setting dates is a bad idea.

  4. Cat

    Sorry to hear about the things that leave you anxious and stressed 🙁 Yay on the positive things though! That’s great that you had a good experience getting a new retainer and that you found a place that could do it for less money. I haven’t had mine changed since I got my braces off many, many years ago. This makes me wonder if I should do the same.

    I’m glad swimming has been helping you, both on your hip and for your mental health! I’ve been running because I feel like it helps my mental health too (plus, I want to stay fit and build up my stamina). There’s something therapeutic about doing exercises on your own that don’t require a lot of thinking. It helps clear my mind 🙂

    Congrats on the appraisal at work! That’s exciting that you’re looking at houses too. I think it’s ok to take it slowly. It’s a lot to take in and learn about the first time you do it. Good luck on the search though!

    • Holly

      My braces has been cracked for years before I decided to replace. Every time I wore them I wondered how much longer they’d stay in one piece! I’m glad I finally got them sorted now.

      I want to build up my stamina too. I’ve been getting into cycling on my exercise bike and it’s my stamina that stops me, not my hip haha!

      Thank you!

  5. Kya

    It’s really good that you were able to find a place that could do the retainer at a much cheaper price. It’s wonderful that the service was also really good. 🙂 Hopefully they do get looser soon.

    Awesome that you are enjoying the swimming so much and that your appraisal was so positive. 😀 I am sure you would be able to find something to help with the jQuery.

    That’s great you were able to view a house. It would be a big commitment. Hopefully you are able to find a really great house, for the right price. 😀

    • Holly

      Thank you! I’ve already noticed they’re easier to get on and off so I’ve started wearing them every other night now. 🙂

      It certainly is a big commitment!

  6. I had braces for about 3 1/2 to 4 years (somewhere in that ballpark). Got my retainer and man, it hurt. I ended up getting the clear ones and the metal one to wear at night. When I was cleared and told I didn’t have to wear anymore, my teeth shifted back. What a waste!

    • Holly

      I know a lot of people who were told that they didn’t need to wear them after their braces were removed. It seems mad knowing how much teeth move after braces are taken off.