Entrepreneur Workshop with Hiscox

19th May 2015

Entrepreneur Workshop

This Sunday I went over to Manchester to attend an entrepreneur workshop with Hiscox and Joe Blogs.

I decided to attend because I think learning about entrepreneurship and running a business is valuable whether you are planning on starting your own business or not. It’s definitely something I have been considering, but I really wanted to find out more.

I managed to find my way to Victoria Warehouse, where the event was being held, and when I arrived there was free tea/coffee and pastries waiting for us bloggers.

We had nearly an hour before the event started just to chat with other bloggers, which is probably my favourite part of any blogging event. I usual I was super shy but I soon got talking to Suzy, Emma and Lily Kate. We then headed up to the boardroom in this gorgeous building for the workshop.

First of all we were given an introduction to the workshop by Anick from The Start Up Academy at Hiscox on what an entrepreneur is and why people want to start their own business. It was clear that the main drive for starting your own business is the desire to not be making money for someone else, and the freedom that comes with this.

Next up we had a talk from Helen Nugent who is a freelance journalist and radio presenter who started up a blog called Northern Soul. She spoke about her decision to leave her life in London doing a job that she no longer enjoyed doing, and moved back up to Manchester to set up her blog.

I felt so inspired by her story and I realised just how much work you need to put into to start up your own business. Helen also provided us with some really useful tips of networking, the importance of manners, and the need to have an up-to-date LinkedIn account. After Helen’s chat we took a break for lunch.

Following lunch, Anick returned to continue his talk about setting up a business. He talked about 3 year plans, the different types of funding that are available, legal details, the importance of sales and social networking. Before we left we were all given goodie bags from Hiscox, which was a nice gesture.

Overall I found the workshop really informative and super inspiring. On the train home I got my notebook out and started scribbling down ideas that had come to mind of the course of the day. Who knows, one day I may actually get my own business up and running (that isn’t just an Etsy store!). Watch this space!

(Apologies for not getting more pictures.)

I attended this event for free courtesy of Joe Blogs and Hiscox and in return I have wrote this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting workshop.

  2. Hiscox are really getting on this blogging thing aren’t they? I’ve been invited to something by Hiscox tonight and actually I came to the decision that no, I’m not playing that game. This workshop does sound so interesting and it’s something I’d love to have attended, yet similarly I know of local businesses that offer these types of workshops and I’d much prefer to pay for theirs rather than a free one from a multi-national billion dollar company – I hope that what you learnt you can put into practice though, your shoes are pretty awesome 🙂

    • Holly

      Yeah, I’ve heard of a few events they’ve been running. I think it’s because they are collaborating with Joe Blogs.

      I get where you are coming from, and the opportunity to work with local business would be amazing (I try to support local Liverpool based business when ever I can), but I’ve not heard of any workshops like this in my area before, whether they are free or you have to pay.

      So I jumped at the chance, and the fact that all I had to do in return was share my experience on the blog seemed like a fair deal to me. Plus I just love blogging events because I love talking to like minded people in person. 🙂