Empfire in 2016 (plus reader survey results)

5th January 2016

Empfire in 2016 (plus reader survey results)

Happy 2016!

Last month I ran my first ever reader survey to find out what keeps my readers coming back to my blog and the type of posts you love and hate. I also wrote a little summary of Empfire in 2015 including my highlights and the lessons I learned that year.

Following on from both of these posts, I would like to talk a little bit more about what will be happening on Empfire in 2016. I have quite a few plans and ideas based on the results of the survey and based on my own thoughts and feelings, so hopefully I will be able to write some great posts in 2016.

Survey results…

There was a clear consensus on the type of posts you like reading, and much to my delight it was my personal posts. This is great news because before I launched the survey I was already planning on writing more personal posts this year, so it’s good to know that you like reading them as much as I love sharing them.

You also like my posts on travel, lifestyle, blogging, DIY (although I haven’t wrote any in a while) and Liverpool. This is also excellent news!

In terms of the type of posts you enjoy reading the least, some of you said you didn’t like my posts that featured tips, including tips relating to student life. That’s totally fine by me. I have realised that my “tips” may come across as being a little preachy, and instead of saying “you must do this…” I would rather just reflecting on the things that did or didn’t work for me.

In addition, some people said they didn’t like posts relating to blogging and coding, mainly because they were of no interest to them. I can completely understand this. Coding won’t be of interest to everyone, but as a web developer it’s something that I plan to continue writing about, mainly for personal reflection and development reasons.

It’s interesting because some people love it when I write about blogging, and some people aren’t interested at all. I think this is proof that you can’t please everyone and that most people will just pick and choose what they read on a blog. I know this because I do it myself; I only read what interests me.

However, it was great to get a real insight into what my readers enjoy and why they keep returning to my blog, so I am really grateful to anyone who took part in my survey. Thank you so much!

Changes to Empfire in 2016…

  •  Slight change of URL – At some point this year, empfire.co.uk will become my main domain rather than empfire.info. However, you will be able to access the blog using both .co.uk and .info.
  • Change of layout – Sometime in the spring there will be a new, super fancy layout here on the blog. I’m going to use all my new found development skills to make something special.
  • Change of focus – I’m going back to the old days and focusing more on personal posts. I will be blogging for personal development and personal reflection. But of course there will still be travel posts and posts about Liverpool!
  • A more relaxed posting schedule, sometimes – My aim is to feel less guilty on weeks when I just don’t feel like blogging.
  • No advertising – I’m removing my sidebar advertisements, including adverts provided by Google AdSense. Sponsored posts will also be few and far between, and I may stop writing them altogether. Let’s see.

I’m really excited for this new year, both in terms of my blog and my personal life, and I can’t wait to document my journey on the blog. I’m also taking part in a 365 Instagram so don’t forget to join me on there to get more insight into my life.

Do you have any plans for your blog in 2016?

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  1. Happy to hear about all these changes Holly! At the same time they don’t seem like much of a change. It looks like the majority thought what I thought too. I feel like my survey results are pretty much the same as yours, and the actions I’m going to take are pretty similar too. People preferred my personal posts and didn’t like my coding posts because they weren’t interested or didn’t understand it. But as a developer in the field I don’t see myself stopping writing about that kind of thing either. Especially since it’s something I love. I am happy to sprinkle it around a little less.

    I always look forward to your posts! Even though you think you don’t blog often, it’s good enough for me 😀

    • Holly

      Thank you! I was surprised to see that other people like my personal posts, but also delighted. It was really worth running a survey to get this feedback.

      I love your coding posts so I’m glad you have no plans of stopping. 🙂

  2. Susanne

    Your blog plans for 2016 sounds really interesting!! I actually liked your posts about blogging, because you have sound opinions about it – not those typical cliché “blogging rules”.
    I never filled out the questionnaire, but can only agree with those who didn’t like tips post. Mainly because there is an overdose of lists and tips on blogs these days and it just doesn’t interest me.
    I eventually started a photography blog and will continue with that during 2016. I guess the main blog goal for me now is to not ramble between blog platforms. It’s easier now when I’ve organised with my domains better.

    • Holly

      Thank you! I also hate the cliché blogging posts, which is the reason I started the “My thoughts on blogging…” series.

      There are a lot of tips posts out there, and there are only a handful of occasions where I’ve read one and found it useful. I’d rather reflect than preach.

      Good luck with your photography blog!

  3. I was curious what the results will be like and lots of people have different interests and voted differently. It’s obvious this will happen with a blog that doesn’t have a specific niche, it must be the same for my readers too 🙂 I started the 365 challenge too 🙂

  4. Cat

    Looking forward to the changes, especially the change of focus! Personal posts have always been my favorite because it makes me feel closer to the blogger. I can’t wait to see your new layout later too.

    I have mixed feelings on posts related to blogging. I think some are interesting, but it also feels… recursive? Reading a blog about blogging? I definitely agree that you can’t please everyone. I know that when I write gaming posts, many of my readers aren’t interested at all. However, games are a big part of my life, so I’m not going to stop!

    I think I also want to do more personal posts this year. Last year, I felt like I did too many posts in a series due to the different link-ups and my Project 52 recaps. I kind of miss just… rambling about my life.

    • Holly

      I also enjoy reading personal posts, but that’s just because I have a weird fascination with other poeple’s lives!

      Sometimes I like to talk about the things I see in the blogging world (well, mainly the things that I need to vent about!) but I really don’t see much point in me writing posts with blogging advice. The internet is already over saturated with blogging advice and I’ve always said that what works for one person won’t necessarily work for everyone else.

  5. Amy

    I’ve never done a reader survey before. I tend to post on a lot of different topics so it would be quite hard to keep everyone happy by changing anything.

    I love your personal posts and I also really enjoyed your student tips. Good luck for this year! I’m trying to blog more, so hopefully that goes well.

    • Holly

      I’m so glad you like them. 🙂 I enjoyed writing posts containing tips for students but I guess it’s an end of an era now I’m no longer a student.

      Thank you. 🙂

  6. Im looking forwartd to the change in layout, Holly!
    Your goals sound awesome!!
    I actually look for some coding tips in the blogosphere because it is difficult to keep a track of the massive changes that are happening in the web world. So blogs help in supplying some much needed knowledge!